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      Hello Hazel,

      Don’t delay your application for job seekers allowance. They can get a bit narky if you leave it a few weeks – they did with me – apparently it’s because your NI contributions lapse, so I’d do it ASAP if I were you. It’s easy to apply on line.

      I totally agree with you about ageism, it’s absolutely rife – especially within recruitment agencies. They use other terms but it’s still not on.

      Good luck with your search, where are you based and what are you looking for?

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      Maybe I’m just an uneducated philistine, but I started reading A Catcher in the Rye simply because it’s claimed to be a classic which everyone should read.

      I did study English Lit. at school and got a decent pass, but I got around two thirds of the way through this and gave up. It smacked to me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as I have never read such a pointless load of drivel in my life.

      Was there actually a plot? If there was I never found it.

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      Hi Clare,

      I’ve been considering proof-reading too.

      Have you made any progress? I’d be interested to know how you are getting on.

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      I’ve only just joined the forum and came across your post from last December.

      I was interested to see you enjoy water aerobics – I’ve been teaching it for the past 23 years. Well, I was until Covid-19 kicked us all out of the pool!

      Have your classes started up again? The club I teach at is allowing swimming, but no Aqua classes as yet. It’s very frustrating as I can’t do much weight bearing exercise due to knee problems.

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      Not quite, just a couple more weeks!


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      We now live in a throw-away society and I feel the older we get the more dispensable we become.

      I am almost 60 and have been out of work for 11 months, apart from a couple of short term temporary roles. As soon as agencies work out your age (and some do still demand a date of birth) they make all the right noises but they’re not interested – even when it comes to jobs which match your experience exactly. On one occasion, when I queried why I hadn’t been put forward for a post I’d seen advertised, I was told I “don’t meet the demographic for that particular client.” If that’s not telling me I’m too old, I don’t now what is.

      Despite applying for virtually every job within my capabilities, since Covid-19 started, I have had one dire Skype interview and one letter of rejection. I can’t see it getting any better and quite frankly it’s soul destroying.

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      Today’s suggested a job as a Salaried GP!

      You’re right – time to ditch them all.


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      How awful! It’s bad enough losing her without going through all that too.

      We have had all of our cremated at Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium in High Halden (near Ashford). It’s not cheap, but they provide an individual service and they really are so caring. You might like to consider that option if it happens again – and I sincerely hope it won’t.

      Many vets are now only using big corporate crematoriums unless you ask to take your little one home and make your own arrangements, but Cherry Tree are submitting plans to build an end of life facility, where they can help your pet on their way in a quiet peaceful environment with no next appointment breathing down your neck as you say goodbye. It’s just what the area needs, so I really hope it is approved.

      I can’t recommend them highly enough.