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    • Has anyone retrained in their 50s? I’m interested to know how you got on in...
      ljsteward 24th February 2021 at 11:33 pm

      You know what Buntybaylis, I couldn’t agree more!

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 29th March 2021 at 5:05 pm

      Michael Squire,

      I’m curious what type of home based business did you start? As a contributing career coach here and someone who also works from home, I’m a big advocate for people in this group to seriously consider applying their considerable life experience to launching some type of home based business.

      It would interesting to learn about your journey to do just that.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 8th April 2021 at 5:48 pm

      Hengist, bravo you’re doing something I encourage everyone in this group to explore. Members here have a lot of experience I’m sure. With a little effort, that experience like Hengist shares can turn into a productive new way to earn an income from the comfort of your home. There are many more benefits that Hengist didn’t mention including saving money from driving to work, never having a boss say your fired, and ultimately making unlimited income depending on how the business is developed and expanded.

      I’m glad you shared your experience Hengist. I am encouraging all those I mentor to seriously consider all the great benefits of taking full control and at minimum, explore ways you can do something you love and make money doing it from home.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 10th June 2021 at 1:55 pm

      Hey Michael, I had to smile regarding your last comment. My wife and I share a home office although I didn’t relate to the point you made until I reflected a little more … I must agree – I do relate to that! Ha! Good point.

    • Time To Put Away Childish Things?
      ljsteward 10th June 2021 at 7:38 pm

      I agree to – It doesn’t matter what other people think about your interests.

      My side passion is simulated auto racing on my computer. Maybe somewhat Walter Mitty but it keeps me young at heart and stimulates my brain.

    • After taking early retirement five years ago at 55 due to health issues i have...
      ljsteward 10th June 2021 at 9:33 pm

      Congratulations on getting the interview! I know this can be awkward or uncomfortable being online as well as not having any practice for some time. Make sure your tech set up is correct so you will come across as best as possible. Test your video and sound quality before hand and make sure your background is as clutter free as possible. Remember to project your voice and smile often as you do your best to be yourself. Be prepared to ask your own questions as appropriate and focus on the position being discussed. Ask about the key elements of the job and the challenges involved. Do your best to address how your background fits the role described. For feedback, you can ask if your background and experience sounds like what they are looking for. That will give you a chance to reposition yourself if necessary. Read up on the standard interview questions normally asked such as what salary level are you seeking, etc. so you can answer with confidence and not get thrown off balance. Keep in mind, this is the first step. To ultimately get an offer, you typically need to have numerous interviews. While waiting to hear back, continue to do your homework and see if you can find someone at the company via some research that you could contact via a network approach to learn more about the position and the company. Actually, if you could do that in advance of this interview, that would be the best way to prepare yourself.

      Good luck. Report back about your experience to help other people prepare.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 13th July 2021 at 5:16 pm

      Hi David
      Really good to hear from you. We seem to have much in common and I am interested to have a discussion with you. I do firmly believe in the value of small team support groups and I am building that approach into my main coaching program. I look forward to discussing this further.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 23rd November 2021 at 6:16 pm

      To both Pga and Bananas, the process to navigate from where you are today to what you would like to do next requires a lot of evaluation, reflection, research, assessment and decision making. Not easy to provide a simple answer. What is easy to answer is that “WFH” means “Work From Home”.

      Working from home is one of the easiest approaches to start your own small business doing something you love to do and can share with others online.

      My point as a Transition Coach is to make people in this group aware of the benefits of taking full control of your transition to continue earning an income by avoiding the difficulty of fighting ageism in your job search by instead start a small business from the comfort of your home. The benefits of doing this? You avoid being rejected. Once established, your income potential is unlimited. You are your own boss and can finally do things your way. No one will fire you. You can continue growing your business for as long as you want or are capable.

      What are the drawbacks? It takes time to get set up. It requires figuring out who you want to serve. Not everyone is willing to take the risk and not everyone can manage this process effectively on their own.

      A very simply idea for example is someone who has a hobby of oil painting that they enjoy and have a lot of experience of creating beautiful results. They set up an office at home. They launch a YouTube channel called “Learn How to Oil Paint”. They develop a following of interested people. Then to move their followers forward, they offer a “starter kit” that includes the bushes, oils, canvas, etc. needed to produce the paintings for a reasonable price. If their followers liked what they have learned, chances are they will be willing to make the purchase and take the next step.

      Saying all this, I think for me to be more effective in offering good support, I need to do the same – start a YouTube channel about how those 50+ like myself and those in this group can take their experience and pursue various options to continue earning an income without the need to find another job.

      In the meantime, I encourage everyone with this interest to start looking at all the information online via Google, Facebook, Websites, books on Amazon, etc. that provide the useful information I am referring to.

      Last point, if you have further questions about something you are considering, please post it and I will do my best to provide further support.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 27th November 2021 at 1:12 am

      In response to questions from Lee lee and Bananas – you both ask common questions that develop at the intersection of making a transition from work you’ve done to finding a new way to continue earning an income. By the way, WFH stands for Work From Home which solves a lot of issues such as not having to drive to work, spend money on gas, enjoy the comfort of setting your own work hours, and numerous other advantages.

      For both of you, take a close look at all the experience you have accumulated over the years including hobbies, traveling, special interests and things you always wanted to do but could never find the time.

      What I try to uncover from those I mentor is something in your background that serves as a purpose that has such a strong interest you could do what it takes to convert it into a new way to serve others and make money doing it.

      For Lee lee, it may mean converting your delivery job that is physically stressing you into serving the pharmacy as a customer delivery phone rep where you coordinate delivery requests to the shipping department or something like that. You need to start thinking outside the box of what you did before.

      For Bananas, you have an extensive background in the hospitality field. There are so many aspects of different directions you could take by staying related to this field but serve a completely new role in terms of something you would enjoy. Or, look at all the developing new trends related to hospitality and possibly find a new approach to bring your experience to one of those trends. I suggest doing searches on Google with terms like “new trends in hospitality”, “work from home jobs for a hospitality expert”, or some combination like that to bring up a lot of expected but potentially useful information to explore.

      Of course, you don’t have to stick with hospitality but way walk away from all the experience versus taking a new direction within the field? That background is such a wide platform, your experience of 30 years I’m sure would support you in moving towards a completely different field.

      So the basic advice is to further consider what you could do differently in the field you have experience with first and also evaluate your professional skills such as customer service, sales, marketing, technology, etc. and base your career transition on doing more of those skills you are good at.

      It’s better to understand what you could possibly offer others and find those connections to create an opportunity rather than fight the competition to answer a help wanted ad and wait for the phone to ring.

    • Over 70 and working full time?
      ljsteward 2nd December 2021 at 5:18 pm

      You can add me to this list. I turned 78 in September and still working full time now as a Transition Life Coach as well as managing a home improvement contracting service on the side. I experience a few aches and pains but I’ve never been more enthused or motivated to pursue my purpose in life as I am experiencing now.

      I am active in the Jobs & Careers groups here to support those in the same category as myself. I strongly believe in the benefits of our age group to draw on their extensive experience to consider starting a small business from the comfort of their home. Why? Because it eliminates the struggle to fight ageism and rejection in the job marketplace not to mention all the convenience working from home provides. Plus you control what you do the way you want to do it. And, maybe best of all, if you do it right, your income potential is truly unlimited!

      I feel everyone who has accumulated the experience of working over 70 has a lot to offer if they are healthy and motivated to keep giving back. In fact, I believe to be actively involved in something that you are passionate about will keep you sharp and add years to your life.

    • https://ageing-better.org.uk/publications/flexible-working-older-workers-evaluation-pilot-projects?utm_source=Ageing+Bet
      ljsteward 19th December 2021 at 7:35 pm

      Sorry for the confusion to access this link. If you simply copy the link and right click to select “go to the link.”

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 19th December 2021 at 7:43 pm

      (copy this link, then right click “go to” to open the link)

      I highly recommend the “Redundancy Podcast” if you haven’t found this podcast before. It’s all about the challenges of finding and staying in employment as an older worker.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 5th February 2022 at 3:05 pm

      Good for you and your wife and congratulations! I’m sensing you two had your share of challenges to get this far and worked through the learning curve to do it.

      Truly congratulations! Most important you have put yourself on the wide world map. Listen and learn from those who show up. Your future customers will lead you forward as they will indicate their satisfaction with what you are doing and also request other areas of support they will want from you. Build a relationship with them by communicating your appreciation and providing as much support as possible. Don’t worry about quantity as much as the quality of those showing up. Also, expect that changes will be required as you move forward but that will be in response to making improvements to serve your customers better.

      Best of luck. I’m so glad you posted to let others know there is a way to make things happen. Please keep us posted.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 5th February 2022 at 2:54 pm

      First of all congratulations Nadeajo – you took the first step towards moving towards your goal, you posted here to announce your intension’s. Now start doing some research. This site will help:


      I simply placed a search on Google asking for website creating information and was flooded with information. As you turn to an entrepreneurial path, you need to become resourceful and creative about finding ways to move forward.

      I will admit for me to learn about how to start an online coaching practice has been a steep learning curve. In fact, you need to continue to learn every day. That is part of the challenge and yet, it is stimulating and satisfying to realize what you can do with what you have learned from your effort.

      Embrace the effort your journey will present. The end result will be so wonderful and rewarding you will be saying to yourself, “why didn’t I do this much sooner.”

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 5th February 2022 at 2:26 pm

      Hi Ann – What can help with your interest in doing what you love and earning money doing it, is to track the activity of online writers you like to discover as much as possible about how they show up and promote what they do. I’m not suggesting you copy their work but study what they post and see how they may be making money by offering a writing class or whatever. My wife has an online business as a writer and editor for various websites mostly high end products like jewelry, fashion, diamond rings, autos, etc. There are plenty of writing services online such as:



      Take a look at those and search for more information via Google regarding “how to start an online writing business.” The most important thing is that you have identified a skill you enjoy. Now your challenge is how to put it to work.

      My last thought is to contact writers you find online and ask for any ideas they can suggest about how they got started. Other writers understand it took an effort for them to get established and they will respect that you are trying to do the same. Most important, you are moving towards something that can serve you well as a home based service business. Don’t give up. Find ways to make it work and understand it will take a continued effort but the results will be worth making your dream come true.

      Keep posting here to let us know how you are doing.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 26th January 2022 at 4:58 pm

      That is such a great idea Barbara. Helping entrepreneurs and satellite workers and generating income for the pension fund. You’re doing good – keep it up!

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 26th January 2022 at 4:56 pm

      Thanks for posting this Moonflower. I’m impressed with people like you who are finding ways to move forward with all the challenges out there. Your idea to develop a travel vlog is a great idea. Do something you love and make money doing it. That’s what it’s all about. Good luck to you.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 20th December 2021 at 2:08 pm

      Hello Godric, I’m not sure what offer you are referring to. Can you remind me of the details? I am willing to help everyone in this forum one way or another so let’s explore your situation and start searching for the answers you’re looking for. Just give me more details please.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 20th December 2021 at 1:58 pm

      I hear your frustration loud and clear. To stay in a situation as you described is not good for your health. Your options however seem limited but there may be more hope than you suggest. You seem to have a strong background that non-profits would welcome. The silver lining may be a short stint working in a non-profit could payoff in terms of making good contact with those who could connect you to other job opportunities nearby that you could quickly move to. You deserve to enjoy the work you do and if not, find a way to move towards a better situation. Think about all the experience you have and all the skills you can provide other companies to broaden your effort. In your contact approach be careful not to be too negative about your current situation versus your intention to do more of the work you want to do. Be as flexible as possible to change you current situation even if it means you may have to make a series of moves to get to a better place.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 13th December 2021 at 2:10 am

      Hi Susan – good to hear of your interest to start your own business by working from home. In the beginning of a new home based business I believe you can keep your initial plan as simple as possible, after all chances are you are not seeking a lot of seed money. Use your plan to define your idea and capture the main elements without bothering with all the financial elements yet. Here is a link to a resource I’m sure you will find very helpful:


      Let us know how you’re doing as you get further along. Look for as much advice as you can and keep asking questions.


    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 6th December 2021 at 6:05 pm

      Hello Andy,
      Thanks for taking the time to tell me about what you are experiencing. It’s been a steep climb for you and yet you persist in finding a way to improve your situation. I’m very impressed with everything you tried to turn your situation around. I am glad you see working from home as a good next step.

      You are right, it is convenient and can save you money. The challenge is finding something you can do that you are good at and would enjoy doing while making money. The best tool to turn to at this point is the Internet to uncover how to go about this.

      If you can take advantage of the technical challenge of uncovering information, the you will be on your way. Think hard about something you do well and other people would want to know more about.

      I’m not saying this is easy or will happen overnight but it does represent a viable way for you to change your situation. The big opportunity it allows by the way, is that you won’t have to deal with the ageism factor. People who start their own business from home are respected for their ability and experience with no concern about their age.

      Use Google to search for information about this subject and you will find others doing what you want to do. Look them up and study how they are making it work. Be encouraged that there is a way to turn everything around. You can do this if you stay as determined as you are. Don’t give up. Instead, dig a little deeper, do your research and tell us what you are discovering. I’m hopeful that there are others in this forum who will have more ideas for you.

      I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 2nd December 2021 at 4:03 pm

      Mike – I can feel your frustration! I will talk fact as well. There is no magic bullet or easy answer to your board question. I’m active in this forum as a career transition coach to offer advice and support as best as I can. To be effective as a coach I need a lot of information about your background, current interests and abilities, prefered options of the type of work you want to do, how much income you are seeking, and so much more. I find it difficult to offer good advice without that background information.

      The most logical idea I have for you is to explore those businesses in the seaside resort where you live (arguably jobs are thin) I understand. However, every company has issues and needs to hire when things change. Ideally, if you could demonstrate a way to help them with what you can offer, you may be able to CREATE an opportunity. It may not be the most ideal next step but a chance to get back to work and use that platform to continue your longer term search.

      If you could share more information it would help me and others here to add their comments of support. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 10th October 2021 at 4:59 am

      Hello Rovarch – I am impressed with how much effort you are applying to your new journey of discovery. You have ideas and you are pursuing them. Much of what you have tried hasn’t worked out but don’t give up. You have a lot to offer. Your hobby of collecting antiques certainly has potential. I say that because you have a strong interest and some experience in that.

      What I suggest is to study how those businesses online are making it work. You don’t have to create a new wheel, just present your idea in some new way that you believe in but copy their approach if it appears to be working well.

      I suggest you even connect with them to ask for their advice. Or ask if there is an organization they can suggest and anything else that would be helpful to get your idea up and running. Once you get that type of momentum rolling, possibilities will start to appear and make things happen.

      Keep this group up-to-date on your progress. I bet there are people somewhere here on RestLess who love antiques and could provide more suggestions.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 13th September 2021 at 5:36 pm

      Hi Frody. I like your statement about still having a passion to help people. As you have worked in nursing it shows evidence this is important to you. It’s hard to suggest any specific type of work from home ideas without more information but I want to add that if you have the determination to stick with your journey to find something you would love to do – I’m betting when you find it, your depression will disappear.

      Let your dreams be more powerful than your fears. Read articles and books about the process of reinventing yourself. Look for role models that you admire and learn how they got to where they are. Most important, look inside yourself in terms of your strong interests and passions. You seem to have a lot of experience to draw from. There is a way. Don’t give up. Let us know how you’re doing.

    • Who is interested in or has started exploring ways to work from home instead of...
      ljsteward 13th July 2021 at 5:41 pm

      Hello Kateyone,
      I appreciated your candid comments. However, based on your interest to show up in this group and follow the comments from all, I am betting you have much more to offer than you realize. When I meet as a coach with someone like you who has an interest but isn’t sure how to put a plan into action, I spend a lot of time asking about interests, hobbies, things you enjoy doing the most. When those experiences are evaluated, you may be surprised at all the practical options that can be developed. Where you go from there depends on what your life goals are and how determined you are to make something happen.

      The fact remains that people in this group are looking for ways to continue earning an income. There are two basic choices: find an ideal job or start a business just the way you want it to be. Starting a small business from home I believe is a good choice for many in this group compared to the struggle of answering help wanted ads and hoping you will get a phone call.

      For example, say someone has a hobby of oil painting. They have a lot of experience and enjoy their painting so much that they decide to teach others how to get started and even make money selling their work. This hobbyist can launch a simply website and maybe a blog to start attracting followers.

      Then they put together a workshop online for a reasonable fee to start teaching members how to get started and over time, take them to higher and higher levels of expertise.

      The real magic of this approach is that the hobbyist owns their little business, absolutely loves his work, enjoys working from the comfort of his home and over time can earn a decent living by generating multiple income streams.

      There is much more to discuss about the benefits of starting something on your own but I encourage you and others reading this to explore this subject in more detail to better understand all the benefits and further decide if it is a direction you should take or not.

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 30th March 2021 at 1:46 am

      Yes, all that makes sense Simondhall. Doing important self assessment, doing your homework, booking courses, taking action and being creative all adds up to making things happen. Thanks for responding and sharing some good wisdom with this group. Keep us informed.

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 29th March 2021 at 5:46 pm

      This is in response to key comments from Metroman and Deborah.

      You two are certainly on the right track by engaging in the job search process so actively. Reading practical “how to find work after 50” type books is certainly helpful and today you will find many. Also getting active with Google will answer a lot of questions of course.

      In my career management work I make sure people first spend time assessing their strongest skills and interests. Then do some good research to track those skills and interest clusters as they show up in tracking information about companies and people related to those interests.

      That effort should uncover a companies doing the type of work you would love to do or it may highlight someone doing that work who would then become a good person to contact for an “informal discussion.”

      And as Wolfy mentioned below, information interviews are a great if you do it correctly. I call it strategic networking. That means there is a specific purpose behind your information search. You are reaching out not because you found a job opening. Instead, you are contacting someone because you are tracking a special interest you have and your search turned up their company or their name.

      It then become logical why you are contacting them. Your interest is to learn more about the work they do and get some idea about growth aspects or special challenges they are facing and so much more. If no potential opening in the near future seems to be developing, then at minimum you can ask for another contact they know doing the same work so you can continue to learn more about what other companies are doing in the field your interested in.

      It is true that the majority of job opportunities are discovered via this approach. It is called the “hidden job market” because these opportunities have not yet been officially published. Keep in mind companies are always experiencing change. Someone leaves, gets fired, retires, etc. Or, the company is now ready to start adding people but have not made the decision to spend the money for advertising or assigning a recruiter.

      If you happen to show up and show your strong interest in the work they are doing, you may discover through your questioning that they just happen to have an opening or they like what you can offer and, believe it or not, it is common enough that they may bring you in even without an opening if they discover you could help them with a challenge they are facing.

      So, put as much effort as you can on the “informational interviewing” side of the process. One way or another, that effort stands a better chance of making something good happen.

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 29th March 2021 at 5:09 pm

      Really good to hear how you have navigated all those career opportunities Simon. It’s clear many here are typing so hard and yet coming up short. Do you have any tips about how you have uncovered these jobs as the lockdown interfered so much?

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 29th March 2021 at 4:58 pm

      Hi Beritasty,
      I loved hearing all about your activity for someone in your position – mother of 8, 21 grand children, and foster mother to many more! My goodness, what an inspiration for this group. And your message is clear. I completely agree with your conclusions – age is not the matter, it’s all about the mind.

    • Anyone making/thinking of making a complete career change after 50?
      ljsteward 5th March 2021 at 6:33 am

      You do have a beautiful site Cath9. I agree with Sueg. Well done … you captured the right mood by those appealing photos and your message has such a positive affect.

      Everyone should take a look at what Cath9 created by her taking control, figuring out what she wanted to do and then she figured out how to create her site and offered a very attractive message for people to treat themselves to something wonderful she developed. I can’t say it any better than you did Cath9 – “I love what I do and do what I love.”

      Seriously folks – she doing what she loves and can make good money doing it. She doesn’t have to worry about her age. She doesn’t have to prepare for interviews, she is probably working from the comfort of her home!

      Considering the challenges of ageism, Covid, and high unemployment, there is such an uphill climb to find a job these days, I say start looking harder at the path Cath9 took.

      Look at her website to fully appreciate the beautiful new life she has created for herself. This is possible for all of you. (Not exactly what she is presenting but starting something on your own.)

      I truly believe everyone here has something special they can offer others. At least you should start looking at the creative approaches others are taking and seriously consider if you could say … teach a hobby you enjoy by working from the comfort of your home while they pay a reasonable price to learn how paint with oils or whatever, and enjoy that hobby as well.

      You know, there is still another boot that will be dropped on us and that is the economic mess that hasn’t fully unfolded yet. All I can say is it’s time to think outside of the box, get creative, find a role model doing something you would love to do and copy what they do. Look around your local area for problems that need to be fixed and offer your support to fix them. Get something temporary until things get better.

      I just want to encourage you that getting another job is not the only path forward.