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  • Your favourite form of exercise atm ….

    Posted by Dc forever
    • Reply by Optimistic

      Walking my dog it gets me out and about and a chance to speak to people

    • Reply by KayDanceStyleSparkle

      Dance is known to be one of the best ways to improve and maintain both physical and emotional health. Learning to dance is learning a skill for life.

      We have a few places left in our “rest less” community Wednesday afternoon (15:00 start) class. You do not need a partner nor lots of space. You do not need to have attended a dance or an exercise class before. Easy to follow, short routines based on beautiful dance styles from all over the world. We are a fabulous mix of ages, shapes, sizes and abilities ….. and that’s just the way we love it!

      If you would like to know more, I am at

      [email protected]

      Kay 😊

      – Lifetime Awarding Organisation
      Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction
      Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Older Adults
      (Qualifications and Credit Framework)

      – Qualified instructor and Associate Member of SOSA Dance Fitness®
      – Qualified instructor and Associate Member of Seated SOSA Dance Fitness®

      – Medallist in Ballroom, Latin-American and Salsa dance
      – Extensive competition experience in Latin-American dance

      – National Osteoporosis Society
      Fracture Prevention Practitioner Advanced accredited
      Fracture Prevention Practitioner Foundation accredited

      – Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals UK

      – Enhanced DBS

    • Reply by LeighS

      Walking and learning to dance. I even trick myself into believing housework is good exercise 🙂

      • Reply by MHH555

        Hi, do you do classes at any other times or days please?

    • Reply by Summersun65

      Walking and gardening when its a little warmer.

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    • Reply by Flower power

      I too walk my dog, and I have an allotment which I slope off to , I enjoy the fresh air and tranquility. Always something to do!

    • Reply by Hainsybabes

      There are lots of short workouts on you tube. I try and do a 10min upper body first thing, then during the day a 10 min standing abs and a 10 min lower body. That’s a 30min full body workout. If I don’t manage it all no problem there’s always tomorrow.

    • Reply by redman

      walking , alotment when its warmer, yoga if i have a class working charity shop when its open and riding bike when its warm, but not much at moment, like to get back to swimming. but lost confidence in 2014, only hang onto wall

    • Reply by j1200

      Just discovered Jenny McClendon on youtube. Easy to do a mixture of exercises for the home.

    • Reply by Socialistgranny74

      I am enjoying YouTube for seniors – yoga, dance and chairobics., plus daily walking

    • Reply by Philly

      Walking is my favourite exercise but limited at the at the moment. Got a spin gadget from Avon when I was a rep. Stand on it and twist for 100 turns each morning. Then hold my tummy in for a count of. 100 my daily exercise.

    • Reply by Philly

      Also love dancing and fitsteps. Again can’t do missing these so much along with all dance friends.

    • Reply by Josie Josie

      Walking round the lanes were I live and some Qigong Yoga

    • Reply by MHH555

      I love Zumba, and signed up to Beachbody. I go for a walk everyday. Just started couch to 5k with my daughter. Used to be very fit, going to the gym regularly but I let it slide last year with lockdown. Tough getting it back

    • Reply by CazH

      I go for a walk everyday and am also loving the workouts on my Apple fitness app which I try to do one of each day.

    • Reply by Trendy Wendy

      I was enjoying running until arthritis in my knees put a stop to it. Any other arthritis sufferers found a form of exercise that doesn’t cause flare ups and painful joints?

    • Reply by paxton1974

      Walking 5 or 10 k a day