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  • Your favourite all time situation Comedy Programme?

    With out a shadow of a doubt, it as to be Only Fools and Horses. Superbly written by John Sullivan and acted by David Jason, Nick Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield and Leonard Pearce .The main characters were also backed up by supporting actors. Who could forget Denzil, Boycie , Marlene, Mike ((pub landlord) Sid (Cafe Owner) Slater, Mickey Pearce and of course not forgetting the Ladies in Del’s and Rodney’s lives Raquel and Cassandra. I think they only thing which spoiled the series was the specials, which appeared after Del and Rodney became Millionaires, that’s were the show should have finished

    Posted by CAAS
    • Reply by Sue2803

      Well I have never seen Dinner Ladies or Reggie Perrin but was thinking about a comedy series to try. Laughter is so good for us. I always enjoyed Fools & Horses, Faulty Towers and what about Absolutely Fabulous and Gavin & Stacey? I h as d never seen that watched it at beginning of lockdown and enjoyed thoroughly

      • Reply by Gardener52

        Yes Gavin and Stacey ..brilliant we went to Barry island..weird super fan thing ! Although they left us hanging at the end of last one .
        Dinner ladies is a must ..oh the lovely Victoria wood enormous loss ..acorn antiques still can’t watch the soup scene without howling with laughter !! ? You must see that if you haven’t.
        She did a brilliant little film – Housewife 49 I think it was called .

    • Reply by Fluff

      ‘Spaced’. Sinon Pegg – character driven. 🙂

    • Reply by Alive

      Read draw
      Restaurant at the end of the universe
      The IT crowd

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Ah yes. I forgot about The IT Crowd. Brilliant!

        • Reply by Alive

          My best episode of The IT Crowd. Fire 🔥 in the sea 🌊 world

        • Reply by SelsdonLion

          So many great episodes! Don’t think I have a particular favourite but having worked in IT, the idea of putting the IT department in the basement with a manager who didn’t know anything about IT always made me laugh.

      • Reply by Andy Paddles

        Red Dwarf – sooooo funny! Smeg head!

    • Reply by Andy Paddles

      What about Black Adder – especially Black Adder Goes Forth – Baldricks cunning plans and Hugh Laurie as the Perpetually dim witted side kick!

      More recently The Detectorists – Toby Jones and McKenzie Crook, portraying the absolute geeky, childlike obsessions of men and their hobbies!

      Or, Man Down – Greg Davies must be one of the best comedians currently!

      • Reply by Carol.L

        Err..I thought MP would be top of your list Andy! 😁. Agree with your choice of the Detectorists , great series!

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Well MP – I didn’t really think that needed bringing to the table Carol!

          The theme tune to Detectorists is utterly brilliant as well!


        • Reply by Carol.L

          Phew! thought you were defecting for a second but should have known better. 😂

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Yes I liked The Detectorists. Quite a gentle comedy

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Gentle yes, but so insightful!

        • Reply by SelsdonLion

          Yes. Took me a few episodes to get into it but soon grew to love it.

      • Reply by Alive

        Yes Black Adder & Black Adder Goes Forth

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Comic genius from start to finish – however the very last scene of Goes Forth could not but fail to bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

          Dulce et decorum est…

        • Reply by AdrianSF

          A couple of my favourites are Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, brilliantly written and acted.

      • Reply by Gill B

        I enjoyed Black Adder but didn’t watch them all – after 9.00 and bed time (and Mr Bean actually)

        Detectorists I started to watch and then forgot it. Will get it on catch up.

        Never seen Man Down .. at least I dont’ think so.

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          All a good watch, however you should focus on your MP homework Gill – you never know when Josie might spring a quiz on you!

        • Reply by Gill B

          I have survived the holy grail but that really wasn’t for me. However I do realise now that my teenage boyfriend and his mate were avid fans and forever quoting them. In particular the Knights of Ni (?!).. they kept on and on but I had no idea what they were talking about – which of course made them laugh even harder. Its possible of course that I kept saying the word ‘it’ too .. so that was why it was so funny!! That brought back memories!

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          I do think Gill that to fully enjoy MP you have to give free reign to your inner child or probably teenager! And not wholly of course I do wonder if it appeals more to the male SoH than the female – maybe there’s a difference, maybe there isn’t? I’m sure that I read somewhere that most men find Laurel & Hardy funny, whilst they tend to leave a lot of women cold.

        • Reply by Gill B

          Well who knows. Josie loves MP as I think do a couple of the other ladies. Maybe I need to bring out my inner teenage boy to watch it! lol I remember the ministry of silly walks and that was funny, so I’m sure some sketches will make me laugh unexpectedly! lol

          I did watch L&H as a child, so I must have liked them, but I don’t remember laughing at them.

      • Reply by Marica

        Now you are talking with Black Adder and Red Dwarf , I still enjoy watching the reruns

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Me too! Stephen Fry is excellent in most things – Jeeves and Wooster – because of that series I went on to read lots of PG Wodehouse!

      • Reply by wolvesinwales

        Ah yes how did i forget Man Down !

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          If you have Netflix – Greg Davis – stand up show had me crying with laughter!

        • Reply by wolvesinwales

          Yes Andy also his appearances on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, available on Youtube , his Chris Eubank impression and the banter around it is hilarious no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Taskmaster – I’ll say no more!

        • Reply by wolvesinwales

          I have only seen trailers for Taskmaster and wasn’t drawn in I will have a proper look now 👍

    • Reply by Dreamyboy

      Blackadder, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses before it ran out of steam in the later series.

    • Reply by Heva 01

      Vicar of Dibley is up there! Love it! Xx

      • Reply by Gill B


    • Reply by CAAS

      Reading the list of programmes on here, shows the Brilliant Comedy we used to have on our TV Screens. I’d like to add, Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, Sir Humphrey’s tongue twisters were something to listen to, if you could keep up with him. And of course every bodies favourite Green Grocer, one Albert Arkwright. “Granville, fe.. fe, fe Fetch your cloth.” What a shame he didn’t marry Nurse Gladys and maybe Granville could have married the Milk Woman,

    • Reply by Chris S

      The Young Ones – captured the mood of its time perfectly. Dad’s Army and Rising Damp share the runners up spot

    • Reply by Moonrocks43

      Agree Only Fools & Horses with Gavin & Stacey in 2nd position. Loved the young ones and bottom too. No great sitcoms or comedies like there used to be .. shame

    • Reply by wolvesinwales

      Ah yes Gavin and Stacey had everything.
      Father Ted was also very funny.

    • Reply by Killeeny

      Steptoe and son – so good and the likely lads

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Ah yes, another 2 classics!

      • Reply by Irenebill

        I was wondering when Porridge woud get a mention. Now I’m looking out for Steptoe and Son. So many brilliant comedy series we have seen.

    • Reply by Annella

      In this century got to be Big Bang Theory.


    • Reply by Archer62

      1. Only fools and horses
      2. Dinner ladys
      3. Father Ted

    • Reply by Andy Paddles

      Was Auf Wiedersehen, Pet a sit com?

      If it’s within brief then surely it must be a contender?

      • Reply by CAAS

        I think it was classed as a Comedy Drama. Not a true situation Comedy, but brilliant entertainment, never the less.

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          I think I’d agree with your assessment on both counts CASS! 👍

      • Reply by wolvesinwales

        Yes if Auf Wiedersehen is allowed i will throw in Boys from the Blackstuff.

        • Reply by Andy Paddles

          Well then I’ll see your Blackstuff and raise you a Scully!

    • Reply by devman825

      Definitely Only fools and Horses, no matter how many times I watch it, Del gets me triggered and poor Dave always in trouble. Uncle Albert sinking ships..classic

      My dad died when we couldn’t remember his blood type. As he died, he kept insisting for us to “be positive,”.

    • Reply by PhilB

      Dad’s Army. Watched them all dozens of times and still laugh out loud.

      • Reply by CAAS

        I hope don’t Panic, when you watch ’em.

    • Reply by ON THE BUSES official fan club

      Well no points for guessing what mine is lol
      Kind regards
      ON THE BUSES official fan club
      Now in our 22nd year
      Facebook now over 20,000 members
      Nostalgia never goes out of fashion

      • Reply by CAAS

        Go on. get that bus out.
        I Hate You Butler!!

    • Reply by Magnolia19

      Has to be Rising Damp for me Leonard Rossiters expressions were just genius ! I thought he was very underrated as a comedic actor

    • Reply by Keeleklogger

      Blackadder and the young ones are my top favourites, but for sheer lunacy it has to be Monty Python. Never could take to only fools and horses for some reason

      • Reply by CAAS

        I’m a Massive Python fan, but they were a Comedy Show, not a situation comedy

        • Reply by Christopher Leslie

          Still a big fan of python

      • Reply by Christopher Leslie

        I enjoyed only fools but the Beeb repeated them so often I went off them. David Jason is probably my favorate living comedy actor

    • Reply by Margaret B

      The Detectorists was funny, as were all the older ones Monty Python, Only Food & Horses. One Foot in the Grave Keeping up Appearances, Dinner Ladies, Fawlty Towers, Yes Minister and many more!

    • Reply by LornaK

      That scene where Del went to rest his elbow on the hatch on the bar – ha ha ha ha ha

    • Reply by Christopher Leslie

      Very difficult, dad’s army and any sit com with David Jason and his mentor Ronnie Barker

    • Reply by NYC to UK

      This is too much like favourite child territory! My favourite British one is Fawlty Towers and my favourite American one is the Golden Girls

    • Reply by Golden54

      For me it has to be Blackadder. Series 2 with Queenie and Nursey

    • Reply by Noel29

      One Foot in the Grave.Pure genius.David Fenwick,a superb writer.

    • Reply by Polly123

      WHat about Hyacincth Bouquet, and Butterflies? Loved them!
      Or am i really showing my age?

    • Reply by Sue2803

      Some great comments here and ideas for some catch ups I need to find on Netflix
      Thank you everybody 😊🙏

    • Reply by Colin in Kent

      Way too many great ones that I’ve enjoyed over the years. In terms of ‘old series’ I loved Porridge, Rising Damp, Reggie Perrin, Dads Army, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, The Young Ones. For more modern ones Father Ted, IT Crowd, Green Wing, Catastrophe, Peep Show, Back, anything by Gervais (The Office, Extras, After Life, but probably his best remains Derek), Detectorists and This Country. The last two are probably the cream of the modern crop as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure there are a huge number of others. Some great US ones as well such as the magnificent Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community, and the the American version of The Office, which is fantastic.

    • Reply by Aqualady51

      Going to throw in some US faves, MASH, Cheers, Frasier. Have to say not a great fan of Only Fools (strike me down), loved Ab Fab, anything Victoria Wood created, The Office, Blackadder, Peep Show, Lead Balloon (love Jack Dee) and for pure silliness, Gime, Gime, Gime!

    • Reply by Globetrotter15

      Over the years these been so many eg.
      Hill Street Blues.
      Magic Roundabout.
      Spitting Image (1st time out).
      Beverly Hillbillies.
      Only Fools & Horses.
      Blue Peter with Valerie Singleton.
      Robinson Cruso.
      Tomorrow’s World.
      Whiskers World.
      Bunny Hill, Dick Emery,
      Dave Allen, Morecombe & wise.
      Even Coronation Street back in the days of Mike Baldwin.
      Top of the Pops.
      Rochford Files.
      Man about the house.
      Doc Martin.
      Line of Duty.
      You can go on & on.
      There are so many more.
      What brill progs can you think of?

      • Reply by CAAS

        I think you missed the point of my question. I asked for your favourite Situation Comedy programme, not favourite programme.