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Writing your family history

I just had a reminder pop up FB about a book I published two years ago. I hadn’t quite realised how long ago it was. I’m not promoting it as such ( & please feel free to take down if this is not appropriate) I wanted to let you know that is probably one of the most rewarding projects I have ever undertaken in my life & continues to yield a few enquiries on-line from folk researching the same name/clan. The bulk of the research was done over a 30+ year period & much of it pre-internet. I had accumulated so much information together with a wealth of old pictures that I had inherited from my Uncles and Aunts who visited Ireland before the war (WW2). Now that I see so much activity on website like Ancestry etc, doing research by DNA, I am even more convinced that doing it my way, arguably the hard way, by actually travelling to the key locations in the West of Ireland was far more rewarding. Granted that this was with the aid of the information I had gleaned my immediate late family members we were indeed extremely fortunate to meet with extended family in Ireland and as it transpired the bulk of them had left Ireland for America in the 1920’s/30’s and we were also able to track them down subsequently and compiled a family tree of 7 generations from 1800’s to date. Having found out so much information I gave copies of my book to immediate local family members, on the basis that having found out so much it would be rather pointless not to share it with them! For those further afield I decided put it on Amazon to offset the costs of P&P & much to me surprise there have numerous sales in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia & Brazil!

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    • Edd King 9th September 2021 at 11:15 am

      Doing one’s family history takes on a life of its own. I inherited my mother’s research [again pre-internet] and I remember as a kid being dragged around various graveyards and BM&D depositories and viewing parish records. My brother and I are still working on it … we have a collection of over 700 postcards, four old address books, and many hundreds of photos and BMD certificates and pages of military history. I now have fourteen A4 sized folders and we have concluded that you have to stop somewhere. We too, spread overseas, into the States, Oz, NZ, Malaya and Africa. It’s all very interesting stuff and I have separate files for each of my three kids and I hope later in life they will continue to add to their own files and be grateful for what their grandmother started many years ago. So, by all means keep up the research … and for beginners … prepare to be overwhelmed by the work load! But keep at it, as it really is a fascinating subject to research. And be prepared for a few surprises. Edd King