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  • Working in new jobs at age 62 and getting stressed and intolerant

    I still need to work to pay the bills, but I seem to have turned very intolerant and outspoken.  I do not wish to be like this.  What is the matter with me?  Does anyone have similar feelings?

    Posted by yvonnebidwell
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    • Reply by capri888

      Dear All, anyone at any age should be able to express how they feel freely without feeling that it is wrong to do so. There is a way of doing that that is effective and assertive  That is the hardest part for me. If you do it calmly without blaming or judging others it’s fine to be true to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with feeling confident enough to express how you feel about something; healthy in fact ! Good luck with your new endeavours

    • Reply by landmmundy

      I’m almost 62 and understand what you’re saying. However, I changed my role within the civil service at 59 out of desperation with other people and learnt it wasn’t me, it was the circumstance I had been in. Now I’ve a job Where I makeameanjngful and valued contribution the intolerance has gone away. I understand change isn’t easy and can be scary, but if you feel fed up with your lot, it’s surely worth a try.

    • Reply by malc2701

      I also find trying to do anything by phone going from one recorded message to the next, really frustrating. You type in lots of info, which is asked for again as soon as someone eventually picks up. Grrr

    • Reply by davidriddell925

      And I thought it was just me! I feel more and more like Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave every day, but like Victor I always feel that it’s everyone else who is mad, and I’m the sane one! If they ever do another series of Grumpy Old Men I’d jump at the chance to be on it! My biggest bugbears include people walking along streets with their faces buried in their phones, cyclists on pavements or jumping red lights, people who don’t listen (“a tea with milk please” “do you want milk with your tea?”), and self-service machines! I could add a few hundred more to my list!

    • Reply by j-m-r

      Hello, yes I have noticed that I am more outspoken.  I wonder if it is a part of aging?   I never thought I would be one to voice my opinions as I have always been quite reserved and a listener.  Suddenly, I am commenting all over the place.  I also am not comfortable with this as I remember thinking I would never get like that.  I am trying to reign it in and be more aware of what I am saying.  It is almost like going full circle.

      • Reply by yvonnebidwell

        I guess we can just keep trying, but in my case I seem to have no stop and think ability.  I will keep making the effort.

    • Reply by malc2701

      Yes. I now am trying to work for myself as a self employed tutor. Schools made no sense after awhile so needed to leave.

      • Reply by yvonnebidwell

        Thanks so much for replying, good luck with the new career.  I did actually work in schools and found the kids so challenging and rude.  LOL

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