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  • With the last year creating so little activity is there anyone within the group interested in helping with organising activities including trips and events?

    There is an abundance of shows/Theatre opening in July. Historical buildings including Blenheim Palace organising events from May-June.
    More ideas to put into real events so please message me if interested.

    Posted by stephscott17
    • Reply by Amandapanda

      I love theatre too and have so missed that plus travel, pubs, hotels etc lol. I run my own historical costume hire business and obviously it took a nose dive last March and have missed the connection between my customers and the events etc they hire the costumes for such as the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, Goodwood, Medieval banquets etc. I have often looked for groups to join for travel, meeting up but there doesn’t seem to be anything like that locally – the only one I found was for the under 40s only !

    • Reply by Angeldelighted

      Have tons of ideas, used to be on 2 sports & Social Committed for two different large firms. Trouble only is am on retirement pension only. Makes life a bit tricky. Where are you. I can give you a few ideas, if you are interested If so, please message me direct, that way it keeps your fans guessing and more interested. Bless you, lovely post you put on. Angeldelighted.

    • Reply by FlorenceA

      Where are you based ?