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  • Which historical era do you find most interesting? Mine is the Victorian.


    Posted by BridJames
    • Reply by AdrianSF

      Why Victoria?
      Lack of proper sanitation until late on would have put me off.

    • Reply by AdrianSF

      Although there are lots of historic times that I’d be fascinated to visit, there are 2 that I would have loved to try. Firstly, the American wild west. Just getting to the east coast and finding out just how bloody hard it was heading west, into the unknown, and settling down, in a house you built, ate food you hunted, and survived by your own wit, grit and determination.
      Secondly, this is somewhat unusual, but I’m very serious. I would love to live in the future, as seen in Star Trek, it’s very much the wild west exploration of the unknown but in the future. Our world, finally at peace with one another and reaching out to other cultures. I’m so sad that I’m going to be pushing up the daisies before I can roam the galaxy.
      Ah well, maybe in my next life ?

    • Reply by ClaireP

      Prehistory for me, especially bronze/Iron Age

      • Reply by Colin in Kent

        My favourite era as well!

    • Reply by Daisychain

      More recently, I feel quite enthralled about the Anglo Saxons as we know relatively little about them but are learning more from archaeology all the time. I don’t know if anyone saw The Dig, a film about the Sutton Hoo burial mound. I wasn’t that impressed but the topic was so interesting.

      • Reply by Colin in Kent

        I agree the Saxon era is very interesting, particularly the earlier centuries and the process by which Romano-Celtic Britain became Saxon England. Still very much to be found out about it.

        • Reply by Daisychain

          From dna I believe most of my ancestors originated in Saxon lands as there is no Celtic, Roman or Viking ancestry. Having said that there is a tiny bit of Welsh. I’d very much like to learn some Anglo-Saxon. I’d love to hear Beowulf spoken in as near as possible to authentic language.

        • Reply by Colin in Kent

          Saxon DNA is very much a minority in this country, Roman and Viking even more so, so that’s something to be proud of. It’s my favourite period.

          Here’s the opening to Beowulf in Old English

        • Reply by Daisychain

          Thank you so much. I’ll have a look tomorrow.
          I’m a descendant of the Lyst family of Suffolk/Norfolk originally
          from Saxony or so they told me. They had their paternal dna tested to reach this conclusion.
          What part of Kent?

        • Reply by Colin in Kent

          That’s fascinating. It must be very interesting to be able to trace your lineage like that.

          I’m in north Kent, just on the edge of London suburbia. Nearby is a Saxon earthwork, Faesten Dic, thought to have been constructed in the 5th or 6th centuries as a defence. Also not far from where Vortimer fought and lost the Battle of Crecganford (now Crayford), and the British abandoned Kent, which became the first Saxon kingdom. So a lot of history around what is now a very sedate area!

    • Reply by Hilary Florence

      I am very much drawn to the seventeenth century for some reason!

      • Reply by Marica

        I adore the Charles 1st period so that falls into the same category Hilary. Something about it. If there are past lives, I was there I think!

        • Reply by Hilary Florence

          I would have been one of the rich ladies in the court though, not a peasant … 😂

        • Reply by Marica

          Oh but of course, I so agree, we were probably the fine ladies who were the kings’ courtiers. Or else I may have been the jester!!

      • Reply by Fluffy

        are you having a renaissance ? 😀

    • Reply by skb

      I recently read a book called ‘How to be a Victorian’ by Ruth Goodman, which was fascinating. I also finished ‘The time travelers guide to Medieval England’, and almost done with’… Elizabethan England’, both by Ian Mortimer. I like these eras because they are helping me understand the world of my ancestors. The later generations immigrated to Canada, and left little history. Due to the information of a DNA test, and doing a family tree with what little info I had, I have learned so much.

    • Reply by Marica

      Whilst I loved the Stuart period, no I also loved our first world war and the roaring 20’s , so many interesting things happened and the war was so sad

    • Reply by Yvonne marie

      I like the victorian era would love to have been born then the daughter of the household not the skivey in the kitchen

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      18th Century High Society. The privledged lot!

    • Reply by Glampingran

      Medieval for me…

    • Reply by Jayne55

      The Tudors I find that time very fascinating

    • Reply by GeorgieOak

      Used to enjoy Victorians at school. Remember watching the ‘How We Used To Live’ programs.

    • Reply by E-man

      Yes , the Victorians were great explorers ,Innovators , adventurers , romantics … but fast forward to ” Cider with Rosie ” Laurie Lee , ” A Child’s Christmas in Wales ” Dylan Thomas .” A Herefordshire Christmas ” David Green , “A Worcestershire Christmas ” David Green .and so on…
      After all that I have half a shelf full of books on the” Battle of Britain ” the pilots , ,tactics , ordinary people’s accounts of life then ,the aircraft ,control systems
      ( I was in the RAF and HMG air traffic control .)

    • Reply by jakb

      I’ve arrived late to this thread so won’t be reading 80 posts!

      Not sure I have a favourite.

      I would have loved to have sailed to the New World of America.

      A whole continent with hardly anyone or anything on it.

      Wild life (food) in abundance wide open spaces opportunities galore and no government!

      I’d have taken my chance against the natives and disease and lawlessness.

      Couple of horses and a wagon (camper van) would have suited me fine till I found somewhere to settle.

      Many believed they had rediscovered paradise and I can well understand that.

      Didn’t of course take them long to mess it up.

      The end of Georgian times and into the Victorian period I also find fascinating. Thousands of years of sailing by wind wood and oars land transport being animal or human and more or less everyone living in rural communities close to nature.

      Suddenly an explosion of scientific discovery that must have been the fastest pace of change ever.

      Nothing seemed to stop these people.

      A mountain in the way no problem go round it or through it.

      A valley in the way build a viaduct of immense proportions.

      The railway arriving in your town must have been seriously exciting.

      You’ve never seen a train but you’ve heard stories.

      The lines start arriving and this huge iron monster breathing steam and smoke and fire arrived going faster than anyone thought possible.

      Steam trains are impressive looking now imagine what they must have looked like back then!

      Unfortunately the satanic mills were everywhere and not just textiles but chemical and steel and mines going deeper than ever before.

      The rural life was over for the majority and we lose touch with living with the planet and instead live on it.

      The telephone radio electric light… moving images for entertainment and eventually… we fly.

      Thousands of years hardly changing very much in the lives of people then bang what a time to be alive!

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      Tudors. People weren’t treated right but there was so much scandal

    • Reply by Jane2021

      I absolutely agree. I’m interested in the psychology of Queen Victoria and how it affected her enormous brood. I’m intrigued by her imperiousness as Queen and her diffidence as a woman.

    • Reply by Stuart51

      Mine, definately the days of Robert the Bruce.

    • Reply by MontyCarlo

      Mine’s Georgian – I can’t get enough of the architecture and the amazing inventions!

    • Reply by Fluff

      Sometimes, I feel as though I do not belong to this period in time, Do like the Georgian period.

    • Reply by Rat

      It’s Victorian for me too. If i had my time over again I would have liked to be a Social Historian. Such an interesting time with so many changes especially for women. If only there was a time machine. I would definitely sign up. However the social divides were much greater in Victorian times. Fine if you were from a privileged background but not so good otherwise

    • Reply by Stuegie

      Hi, I also love anything from the Victorian era, buildings, bridges, photos. My favourite is anything to do with Isambard Kingdom Brunel, his bridges, tunnels and railway infrastructure is just amazing. The Roman city builders also fascinate me.

      • Reply by BridJames

        I recently got around to reading the bookazine about Brunel with that as the title by Robin Jones. There is a more recent one called Brunel and his rivals which may be an updated version. It’s worth reading though and there are plenty of colour photos and illustrations to support the interesting text.

        Even more recently I read a fascinating history of the GWR. The book is called The Great Western at Swindon Works. I was lucky enough to see it in The Works for £4.99 a few years back but if you look on Amazon or an online discount bookseller you might find it for a similar price. RRP £29.99

    • Reply by Gardener52

      For me 30s-40s I like the clothing the music anything related to the war and that era nostalgia..artist of that time, furniture,architecture…

    • Reply by Mobbsy

      Certainly Victorian, The Wars of the Roses, The English Civil War and The Reformation. But the Second World War is probably the one I go for first

    • Reply by Nick Tilling

      Georgian for me – provided I’d got the money! I fancy being an Indolent clergyman – nice living provided by the aristocracy, a curate to do all the work, spend my time eating and drinking – however, just in case you think I’m taking my duties lightly, I would make a point of reading Fordyce’s Sermons to impressionable young ladies, like the Bennett girls.

    • Reply by Fluffy

      would have to be medieval for me , would love to run into battle in full armour with a mighty broadsword 😀

    • Reply by SEAHORSE60

      Me too, I love anything Victorian.

    • Reply by Cullbaggie

      Victorian engineering fascinates me, from building to structures.

    • Reply by Gary K

      Viking into Dark Ages

      • Reply by Colin in Kent

        Very interesting as to what was happening throughout Britain in those eras.

    • Reply by jakb

      According to my school days we’d be living in the Jetsons days by now of moving pavements antigravity cars no work just endless leisure times.
      We look pretty close to it in many ways but you know what, I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

    • Reply by Sheltie

      I love the Victoria era as so much changed then however i am getting interested in Tudor times as well