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  • Where the 70’s really the decade Fashion forgot? Can you remember what you wore in the 70’s

    I had a pair of Bright Yellow flared jeans, A pair of Brown Denim flared jeans, with Cream pockets with a Cream Shirt with Brown collar and cuffs. I thought I looked like the Bees Knees. What was I thinking? A flowered shirt with the cuffs turned up and a matching Kipper Tie. And No I chose all this clothing, without being on Drugs.

    Posted by CAAS
    • Reply by LeighS

      Yes I can remember what I wore in the 70’s. Actually I try to forget what I wore! How can I put it, a lot of the time I was in school uniform which looking back was actually better than the clothes I wore away from school, lol

    • Reply by Gill B

      Like Leigh! I was mainly in school uniform too!! Other than that, lace to toe, worn out, dirty white tennis ‘shoes’ (as they were called), flared jeans or corduroys, a patterned tea shirt or smock top (that I made) or cheesecloth top (purchased) – or a halter necked top for a disco and handmade maxi skirt.

    • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

      Yes 70s was partly school uniform but how we girls tried to adapt our uniforms!

      We substituted the awful blue school shirts with cotton ones with denim ones with large founded collars.

      The navy blue pleated, knee length skirts we substituted with A line ones in the same colour and turned them up as far as we dare at the waist.

      Sensible flat shoes we replaced with wedges.

      Leather satchels were left at home and we took cotton shopper bags with motifs on the front or even, daringly, pop idols pictures (David Cassidy or Donny Osmond?).

      And boring Gaberdine macks got lost meaning we had to wear our ‘best’ coats or Parkas.

      Outside of school it was cord trousers (even in the middle of summer) with patches that we had ironed on, these were more pop stars names, Teddy bears, cute animals or American flags.

      The above were worn with denim jackets again with more ironed on patches.

      Towards the end of the 70s I remember long floaty, skirts and dresses with lace on the hem. A much nicer fashion stage I think.

      I wish I had some of those clothes now as I could make a fortune selling them as vintage or retro!

      • Reply by loislane

        Me too, I was given fashionable clothes by my sister…brown suede mini skirt, tasseled brown suede long waistcoat to go with it…they are worth a fortune now

    • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

      Skirts so short that they barely covered the bottom. Or at the opposite extreme so long they touched the floor. Hot pants and thigh high boots. Usually worn with a long maxi coat over the top. Even if I do say so myself I had a cracking figure. I was a teeny tiny barely size 8. Oh and flowers in my hair, painted on my face and body. Yes I was a flower child.

      • Reply by loislane

        Aw Josie, you looked amazing

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          Thank you Lois, the photo on the boat was taken in Devon I was on my honeymoon.

        • Reply by loislane

          Wonderful memories then!!😀

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          Oh I have some amazing memories of the late 60’s early seventies. I was there and I do remember them, I know people say that if you remember those times then you were not there. I got married in 1972 and my daughter was born in in 1974 and my son in 1976

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          That should say by the boat

      • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

        Fantastic pictures Josie

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          Thank you Pauline. Just a instamatic camera, remember those ?

        • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

          Lol yes I do. The kids baby phonos were taken on one. Lol

    • Reply by loislane

      School uniform mainly, culottes, striped brown and cream shirt with a small round collar, wedges with ties up to the ankles.
      Crinkles crepe skirt with beaded belt…could go on

    • Reply by Ian1964

      I can remember being at primary school and wanting a pair of yellow socks- think the band mud had a pair on and I must have thought they looked cool

      School uniform is the main memory- short pants come rain or shine. Not like these soft ‘arsed’ now a days:)

      I do recall the bay city roller look the girls had. No boy could admit to liking the bay city rollers let alone dress like them.

    • Reply by bri62c

      My favourite trousers in the early ’70s were a pair of light grey high-waisted baggy flares – three-button waistband, I think. I remember a couple of natty paisley shirts too, which were among the late sixties hand-me-downs from my uncle. As the decade progressed, it was simple jeans and t-shirts. Dunlop trainers too. I had a white pair and a black pair – all I needed 😏

    • Reply by Aqualady51

      As a child in the 70s all I recall is wearing brown clothes in various shades and styles. I’ve never worn brown since, not even a brown pair of shoes (yuck) 😂

    • Reply by CAAS

      Just a quick joke for all you fashion lovers out there.
      There was this Brummie, who was really into 1970’s fashion. He went to his local Vintage Clothing shop. He bought himself a flowed shirt a Purple velvet jacket with wide lapels, a pair of matching purple flared trousers and a pair of black platformed boots. He looked in a mirror and he couldn’t make out something was missing from his outfit. An assistant said “Would you like a Kipper Tie?”
      “Yes please two sugars” replied the bloke.

    • Reply by devman825

      Bay City Rollers Tartan Pants and tartan T-Shirt with Doc Martins 🙂

      If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea… does that mean that one enjoys it?

    • Reply by Vixster

      Aside from the school uniform it was bin bags, ripped up shirts, safety pins, padlocks and any other weird stuff I could get my hands on as the village punk.

    • Reply by Lel

      Flared jeans, platform shoes, cheesecloth tops and bomber jackets!