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  • What’s your fav music, band, artist to chill n relax to on a hot Sunday afternoon in the garden?

    Posted by Ian1964
    • Reply by Forestbather

      The Killers. Not cool. Don’t care.

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Nothing wrong with the killers;)

    • Reply by Michael Squire

      Magic the radio station, great tunes for so many people!

      • Reply by Parfittkatharine57-yahoo.com

        Radio two is very good too .

    • Reply by SH

      AC/DC and Black Sabbath first choice, however a bit of the Eighties and Motown goes down well

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Unfortunately my peace and quiet has been disturbed by a neighbour and friends to say their loud is an under statement.

      Oh well, sex pistols it is- see if they like my noise:)

      • Reply by Catwoman

        I always find a bit of Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed and or Ozzy does the trick when the neighbours are being loud 😆😆😆

        • Reply by Ian1964

          Fortunately normal peace and quiet was resumed shortly afterwards.

          I just don’t like ‘loud’ people and they had somebody round who the whole neighbourhood could hear.

        • Reply by Catwoman

          No I don’t like that either. I’m glad it’s all good now 🙂

    • Reply by Fluffy

      i love prog rock when the sun’s shining – genesis , yes , elp etc

    • Reply by vaughanpauline

      Johnny Walker on Radio 2, starts at 3pm and lots of 70 music with interesting conversation

    • Reply by George W

      Anything from Throbbing Gristle’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats album .

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Lost me there

        • Reply by George W

          Probably best not go there…definitely file under otherworldly weird but strangely wonderful if you can get by the initial shock .

    • Reply by Staying Alive

      Jill Scott
      The Sugarman
      Merry Clayton
      Dojo Cuts
      Ramsey Lewis
      Hannah Willams
      The Dynamics Whole Lotta love
      bobby McFerrin Thinking About Body
      Tooo big a list
      It’s Jazz baby 😂🤣

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Tumble weed just drifted past my eyes reading those names

    • Reply by Utterly bemused

      Sounds of the 70s on radio 2 just about covers it

    • Reply by A-J

      Bowie, always, whatever the weather or occasion, P!nk, Dione Warwick, Louis Armstrong, Dream Academy, Pulp, Gorillaz, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Stereophonics, Stereo MC’s, Thin Lizzy, Faithless – all goooood!!

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Had a bit of Plastic beach on today;)

        • Reply by A-J

          Sooo good!!

        • Reply by A-J

          Sooo good!!

    • Reply by kernowboy

      Summer music……Jack Johnson, Ocean Alley, Michael Franti

    • Reply by Deanne

      Joan Armatrading, Carole King, Joan Baez, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Otis Reading…..and adding to the wish list…..loads of chillin’ afternoons to kick back and enjoy listening to them and many others….😄

    • Reply by Vervain

      Classic FM

    • Reply by Duncan A

      Pink Floyd

    • Reply by Parfittkatharine57-yahoo.com

      I like most music , I like Robbie Williams

    • Reply by Donaldb8842

      Cafe Del Mar for me

    • Reply by Maddy W

      Anything by Rod Stewart, I’ve been a fan since I was 13!

    • Reply by Mrs Pebbles

      Smooth Radio

    • Reply by alanski

      For chilling out on a Sunday afternoon it has to be Pink Floyd

    • Reply by Maddy W

      Just wish I had a garden to chill n relax in on a hot Sunday afternoon!

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Yeah we just take the garden for granted and forget not everyone has one.

        Hopefully you live somewhere where you can find a spot to chill

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      Pink Floyd, Coldplay and chilled-out Ibiza trance. Perfect 👌

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Just need the sandpit and paddling pool and yr in Ibiza;)

    • Reply by Taylor

      Smooth radio, love it

    • Reply by Fantastigirl

      I’d listen to the birds. The tweetie ones. If I had to maybe Pictish Trail. Maybe Beta Band. Or ‘On The Chaise Long’ by Wet Leg (check it out if you’ve not heard it yet)

    • Reply by Lolalou26

      E l o …electric light orchestra x

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Used to like a bit of ElO when I was young