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  • What is the greatest invention of the last 1,000 years?

    Posted by Fluff
    • Reply by VFP

      I’d say the internet is up there among the greatest.

      • Reply by Gill B

        There are so many really aren’t there… but internet else we wouldn’t be doing this, and Id have to have a book shelf for encyclopaedias!!

    • Reply by Colin in Kent

      The Printing Press.

    • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

      The discovery and development of penicillin.

      • Reply by Sean9667

        I came here to say that 😃
        Without antibiotics many of the subsequent inventions wouldn’t have happened.

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          Well Sean, just goes to show great minds think a like 😀

      • Reply by Fluff

        I was thinking along the same lines but more general with Anaestetic.

        • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

          The three of us are definitely on the same wave length

    • Reply by TnCake

      Steam engine 🤔

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      • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

        Really, could we not live without it or maybe use it more responsibly.

      • Reply by min

        jakb, plastic is amazing – the question is, “what can’t you do with plastic”!

    • Reply by Mary A

      Vaccination is way up there! Thank you SO much Edward Jenner! 💉

    • Reply by LeighS

      The computer and I am saying this as one who, when she first had to use one couldn’t see the need. Now I couldn’t live without it!

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        Perhaps out a century lol

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    • Reply by Fluff

      I am an admirer of Mr Tesla. 🙂

    • Reply by WhattheDickens

      Not the most glamorous, but I’d have to suggest water treatment and drainage…so that we might all enjoy clean, fresh drinking water, and tackle so much disease

    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      Central heating would be high on my list 🙂

    • Reply by Renoir64

      If I was being frivolous then dishwasher. In Reality Edwin Jenner developing a vaccine for Smallpox which eradicated the disease eventually and led to further vaccines for other disease.

    • Reply by Fluffy

      budgie smugglers – loincloths would be a bit much in ibiza 😀

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    • Reply by RobC

      Without a doubt the Printing Press.

      I would also argue for its time Harrison’s Sea Clock H4 which allowed Longitude to be quickly and efficiently calculated at sea was a huge leap forward.

    • Reply by Nan Smith

      Glasses, I’d be lost without them.

    • Reply by violet

      How we can live longer to a ripe old age sue

    • Reply by Stevie C

      From ‘the Wheel’ to the ‘Printing Press’ to ‘the Internet’………. Not forgetting the ‘Compass’

    • Reply by Nan Smith

      Toilet paper. Its got to be up there. I could live without the internet, phones and electricity, but Toilet paper, na!
      50 B.C.
      The Chinese first made paper with short lengths of bamboo and then later added cotton linen rags which were soaked in water and pounded into swollen pulp. This was then formed into sheets and dried.
      During rationing, newspaper was recycled as toilet paper.
      1930: Northern Toilet Paper is hailed as ’splinter-free’
      1950: Schools supplied a one sheet shiny toilet tissue that was more like greaseproof paper called Izal.
      1954: Northern introduces coloured toilet tissue.
      1968: Charmin appears in a TV advert.

      The facts above are extracts from The Toilet Paper Encyclopaedia – A complete history.
      Fascinating reading I’m sure you’ll agree.

    • Reply by NYC to UK

      This is like choosing one’s favourite child.
      A dead draw between Affordable air travel which allows my family and I to visit each other from opposite sides of the ocean,
      the internet and modern medicine.

    • Reply by Tennis Son

      Antibiotics because they have saved so many lives.