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  • What is the best way to downsize….60 + with 2 Mothers needing support.

    We don’t want to do to our children what our mothers’ have to us.  They both continue in their own houses and don’t want to change that. I am carer for my Mum locally, Mother in Law has her own house and has help 4 hours journey away.  Our house is a good sized 3 bed semi suitable for a family with only the 2 of us here now.  We aim to downsize, possibly to a house in a retirement complex – idea is to be prepared for older age.  We don’t want to have to maintain a property with large garden any more.  We still have to maintain our mother’s properties…. We want to get rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ which is holding us back.

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      Downsizing isn’t easy but you are right that it can be liberating getting rid of all things that you feel are holding you back. This article might be worth a read Five questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about downsizing. Wishing you the very best of luck with your move.

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      I downsized a couple of years back for a different reason (my husband died suddenly, age 53), but like you I didn’t want to be a burden to my kids (my FIL lives with me, which is very uncomfortable) and I knew I wouldn’t able to maintain our big house on my own. I was lucky in that the house was worth a lot of money so I could basically get rid of everything and start again. The British Heart Foundation came with a removal lorry and took away almost all my furniture and I just bought new. I kept a few personal things, like pictures we’d bought and photos of lovely holidays as a couple and as a family, but everything else went. My husband had a double garage filled with loads of tools and these were all donated to the charity, Tools with Mission. I now live in a much smaller, brand new, easily maintained home and, prior to lockdown, was enjoying travelling and seeing the world without worrying about the house falling down around my ears. It helps that I’m not a sentimental person. Stuff is just stuff, what’s important are memories and you keep those no matter where you live.

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      Sounds like you know the first step. Giant CULL of your ‘stuff’.  Either you do it, or your inheritors do it by driving a truck up and taking it all to the tip or to charity shops.  Some can be sold on FB, or ebay. Good luck!