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  • what has everyone been up to while on lockdown?

    we decorated the whole house, once i finished moving radiators etc i had some time for my own activities so i’ve been a bit busy in the workshop, made a number of planter stands and a new bird feeder

    Posted by Jason Murray
    • Reply by PeaceLily

      Very impressive. I’ve done the coach to 5K, three online courses (yet to finish) and worked throughout as I work in education. Oh  and started playing chess again, which I find a very good mindful activity.

    • Reply by mel

      Your garden looks really great – the planter stands are a fantastic idea. We’ve also been doing lots of home improvements – loads of painting and decorating inside and trying to get the garden sorted out too. I reckon after this year most people’s homes will never have looked better!

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      Hi.  I have been working throughout the lockdowns.  I am a carer in the community in Blackpool.  X

    • Reply by SueAC

      Working!! Redeployed to ITU during the first lockdown – a life changing experience Back in the operating theatre now – for now Please be safe & sensible you DONT want to be in ITU 👍