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  • We’re everyone from how are u all

    Posted by Tess 55
    • Reply by ringo

      every well thank you bored with staying in

    • Reply by Ellie w

      Hi, good thanks, can’t wait to get out in the garden again 🌲🌳🌺🥀

    • Reply by Colin in Kent

      Hi Tess, I’m on the north Kent / London border, quite literally have suburbs one side of the A road and countryside the other. I’m doing well, although it’s my wife whose the proper gardener. We are both very lucky to have jobs that we’ve been able to do remotely, which has seen us through lockdown.

    • Reply by Josie Bootaholic Welsh Sloth

      Hi I am in Windy West Wales. Love gardening. In the process of making a fantasy garden. Something I always wanted to do and never got round to till we came here 2 years ago. Work in progress.

      • Reply by Judes

        Can I ask, what is a fantasy garden?

        • Reply by Josie Bootaholic Welsh Sloth

          Not your usual garden. There are stick sculptures, bright colours, hidden corners, secret things hidden. A history of this house over the years in bits of pottery etc found in the garden. It will eventually be set in mortar to make a plaque. There are archways into the fantasy garden. All kinds of different plants. Whispering grasses. The imagination is just allowed to run wild. No grass to mow, wild flowers everywhere. Truly magical. To sum it all up a place for my art and imagination. The first three photos was how it first started to take shape. The middle three are the work in progress. The last three are how it looked last summer. It is hard to describe. My youngest granddaughter asked me what was fantasy and magical about it, she is in her 20’s, she went out there and walked around and sat in it and came back in and said yes I get it now truly magical. Big improvement from a large patch of grass covered in dog poo and a hedge filled with rubbish. That is what we got when we moved in just over two years ago.

        • Reply by loislane

          Sounds and looks wonderful

      • Reply by loislane

        Ooh yes, what does it entail? Mine is a jungle, I don’t know where to start, or what tools I need.

        • Reply by Josie Bootaholic Welsh Sloth

          What ever your imagination wants it to be. It has taken a lot of digging and removing of the grass, oh and the dog poo from the previous owners. Will be slow going from now on due to HA. I will be directing and overseeing and Dave will have to do the heavy work. Not cost me a lot really. The tree branches are from Daves garden and the many wine bottles for border markers are from my friends and neighbours. Drift wood from our local beaches.
          Just start with a small area and work from there.

        • Reply by loislane

          I see, so a lot of imagination and natural resources, sounds great

        • Reply by Josie Bootaholic Welsh Sloth

          That is basically it. Unless you want something more formal. Ya know nice little lawn and some flower borders. That was the garden at my last house. Very lovely but way too tame for me.

    • Reply by Judes

      Love the sweet peas. I’m moving to a new house soon with a garden to organise. Not huge but needs everything doing.

      • Reply by Josie Bootaholic Welsh Sloth

        Just have fun and let your imagination go and it will eveolve. When I first started I read an article about a lady who just grows what she likes. She said if it grows great if not I just try something else. She had photos of her garden and it was spectacular. All the best with your new peoject. Hope you have good soil.

    • Reply by Roberts

      Hi very well thanks just got my compost bags ,ready for my hanging baskets

    • Reply by Gardener52

      Roll on spring