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    Hi everyone!

    I’m Stuart, and along with Sara we set up Rest Less, just over a year ago. We set up the business based off personal family experience, with a strong desire to help people navigate what can be a hugely exciting, but also difficult transition point in life. We know we haven’t got everything right with the platform yet, but as a small team we’re working hard to improve it all the time and these forums are the latest resource that people have suggested they would find helpful.

    The last year has absolutely flown by, and we’ve really enjoyed building out the resources on Rest Less so we can help more people. We’re just about to pass the 100,000 registered member mark but the real reward has come from speaking to our members, and hearing on a personal level where we’ve managed to help people.

    We’d love you to introduce yourself, how long you’ve been following Rest Less and what you’d love to get from the community!

    Stuart, Sara and the Rest Less team……

    Posted by Stuart
    • Reply by elainelewis54

      Hi Stuart i am new to Rest Less, Local Business Owner, what does your company do would love to have a chat.
      Elaine, 07565197563, email, [email protected]
      I look forward to hearing from you

    • Reply by Vronnie

      Hi I’m Veronica, originally from London, but now settled in somerset, I work in my local town and joined on here a couple of days ago, would be nice to meet and chat to new people x

    • Reply by Newbie

      Hi I’m Julie, I recently retired at the age of 60. I think this group will help me find new interests.

    • Reply by Tony6358

      Hi I am Tony just retired and single looking for new friends

    • Reply by leo

      My name is Hilary connecting with others especially those local to me whilst relaxing at home until we can connect properly outside–hope for the future

    • Reply by JOlive1202

      Hi I’m John and took early retirement just as covid lockdowns started…great eh? Anyway the interest groups are great and it’s always good to see what pops up in my daily feed.
      Great idea this and for something that’s only been going for a year, well done 👏

    • Reply by Sassysarah.007

      I am Sarah. I live in Bath. Well done on setting up this site. I’m interested in meeting new people, as friends. I am in a relationship. I’m not interested in meeting a new partner. I am 53.

    • Reply by Gerard_Pi

      I’m Gerard, newly settled in the Paignton area. A photographer, radio control airplane builder & flyer and a Project Manager looking for opportunities.
      This platform is a great idea and I’m looking forward to getting involved in many things.

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Hi all. I’m Hayley, I’m 55 years young. Live near Bolton 🏭. Happy character 😊. Meditate🧘. Like to forage🌿. Like to walk 🚶‍♀️ especially barefoot 👣. I laugh and chat a lot 😂. Have a couple of cats 🐈🐈love all animals, all of life. Like to use emojis… Obviously. 👍

    • Reply by Wardster100

      I hi I’m Jamie new on here

    • Reply by Glamgran54

      Hi. I joined about 2 months ago. So informative and helpful. Great to be with like minded people of the same age. Looking forward to making new friends 🙂

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Helllooo 👋🏻 I am a newcomer to the restless crowd, 51 & 3/4 …. so far enjoying the experience … hermiting in the outbacks of Wiltshire interim, but hopefully relocating to bonny Scotland once this ‘plague’ is over … best wishes to all. Stay safe, stay zany! 🌺

    • Reply by HH 2021

      Hi everyone 👋 seems very friendly and a great site for .chatting and making new friends x

    • Reply by Tricia S

      Hi I’m Tricia I live in Witham Essex I joined a few days ago. Seems like a good site Lots of information. Thanks

    • Reply by Steve635

      Hi I’m new and just introducing myself. I live in Stockport and looking forward to meeting people with similar interests. I enjoy going to the gym, riding my mountain bike and walking in rural areas. Particularly like Lyme Park and Macclesfield Forrest as local convenient places.

    • Reply by Lynda Renham

      Hi, I’m Lynda. I’m an author, living in Oxfordshire. I have mentioned my books on the Book Group page. I did think of joining here under a different name but that seemed silly. I’m happy to discuss writing with anyone who wishes to. I live in a quiet village and when not writing am very addicted to crochet and knitting. I’m not sure how to get on to the local Oxfordshire group though. Or am I on it? Some help there would be appreciated. Thanks and look forward to getting to know people on here. Lynda

      • Reply by NeilB

        Hi Lynda, On the home page there is a link to Local groups and in there is a ‘find your local group’ option.
        Hope this helps.

    • Reply by Coast and Castles

      Hi..Im Di..I run the biggest and most active VW Camper and Bus group in the UK with a membership of 6,300..and Love organising Meets..weekends and Events.. :-).. I really Love exploring the Coastline..and hope to do lots more!

    • Reply by Maureen spiceisle

      Hello I’m Maureen from blackpool lancashore I would like to meet new positive people for days out.for lunch or dinner.just get know one another n get to gether and share different views n stuff.i don’t drive .

    • Reply by Christine aka Moonchild

      Hi, I’m Christine from the N. E. Scotland. Looks like a good group and I’m keen to make new friends. 👋

    • Reply by Kan

      Stuart and co thank you for such a fab group /resource. I came across Rest Less via FB and was curious so joined. I’m super impressed and have found your posting so helpful especially the recent focus on pensions. I’m 56 years old still employed but would love to take early retirement having had a moment of reflection on my life since covid and becoming a grandma for the first time. I lost my best friend 11 months ago and it made me realised truly that the big house , job and material things I have is no more a guarantee to waking up tomorrow and that I’d rather live in truth enjoy my life and be a better person. I’m in the process of relocating having downsize and joining this community I hope will afford me the company of other like minded persons who have either transited or thinking of retirement a change of life style acquiring new hobbies etc.

    • Reply by First time

      I’m new on
      Here a few days ago

    • Reply by Denny essex

      Hi Team my name is Dennis I retired two years ago got bored and started a small DIY business on Facebook local selling pages, haven’t looked back since, (apart from lockdown,) all my customers waited to have me back doing all their odd jobs and gardening, my hobbies are photography, gardening, walking (with camera) and cycling for fitness.
      Just joined Rest Less yesterday so some learning to navigate this site to come (any tips would be welcome).
      Just looking for like minded people to share interests with online or in person.
      Thanks D.

    • Reply by Maureen spiceisle

      Hy I’m new to this
      Just want to meet with people from any race or culture for walks.days out.i don’t drive so its difficult.i live in blackpool .

    • Reply by MariaStev

      My name is Maria and I’m hoping Restless can put me in touch with like minded people in and around the Stevenage area.

    • Reply by Alison W

      Hi I’m Alison, 56, single and in central Scotland
      About to move home and looking for a career change so a fab new chapter in my life is about to begin.
      There seems lots of resources and people on here that will be useful in all of this so hi everyone

      Love to travel – the outdoors and my mad pup

    • Reply by Miamay

      Hi miamay hear🙌

      I’m 60 lost my wonderful husband last year due to cancer😞. He was my absolute rock……. I’m looking for friendships real genuine people to talk to.

    • Reply by Lillybet

      Hi everyone now I am retired need to feel useful

    • Reply by TigerTiger

      Hello, I’ve just joined and recently turned the big 50! what an interesting and informative site. Lots of useful information. 👍🏼

    • Reply by AndrewC

      Hello, I’ve joined because I like the fact that this group is interactive. It is a nice change after being reactive for so long on job sites, which I find tiring and dispiriting. This is much better – lots of ideas and pathways for change!

    • Reply by Paula 1666

      Hi, one thing I’m struggling with is finding local groups can you point me in the right direction please