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    Hi everyone!

    I’m Stuart, and along with Sara we set up Rest Less, just over a year ago. We set up the business based off personal family experience, with a strong desire to help people navigate what can be a hugely exciting, but also difficult transition point in life. We know we haven’t got everything right with the platform yet, but as a small team we’re working hard to improve it all the time and these forums are the latest resource that people have suggested they would find helpful.

    The last year has absolutely flown by, and we’ve really enjoyed building out the resources on Rest Less so we can help more people. We’re just about to pass the 100,000 registered member mark but the real reward has come from speaking to our members, and hearing on a personal level where we’ve managed to help people.

    We’d love you to introduce yourself, how long you’ve been following Rest Less and what you’d love to get from the community!

    Stuart, Sara and the Rest Less team……

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by Geri

      Hi Everyone

      I’m Geraldene,  59 from Cheadle, Cheshire.

      I joined restless today, hopefully to connect with new people and build new friendships.

      I enjoy music, (all genres) theatre, walking, socialising, dining out, football (Man City) & lovely holidays

      thanks for reading x


    • Reply by pamelamartin

      I seem to have lost my membership and want to see my messages Pam

    • Reply by sallie.mealing

      Hi my name is Sallie, 57 soon to be 58 and live in Bridport, Dorset. Usual family arrangements husband , kids and grand kids, dog. Worked throughout COVID from home and slightly stir crazy and whole thing seems surreal.Really interesting site, loads of things to look into, thank you for the ideas. If you are near Bridport and would like to meet for coffee that would be great.

    • Reply by Rona286

      Hi I am Rona, live with my dog Murphy. Just turned 60 (but think I am 30) & have working mostly from home since lockdown. Planning retirement in a few years but scared for what the future holds & would like to explore Different PT work or voluntary work of some sort as well as learn new things.

    • Reply by SimonB

      Hello everyone, I have just joined the Rest Less community.  I live near Bristol and Bath and work from home.  I understand there is a Somerset group which I shall investigate.  Otherwise my profile says what my interests are.  I look forward to finding out more about you all.

    • Reply by Sarahmobile

      Hi, I’m Sarah, an active 56 who is married, mum to one and Grammy to one gorgeous little boy. I work part time as a teacher in a local primary school and care for my grandson 2 days a week so life is pretty busy. I like to read and miss being able to go to a book group although one of my friends is a keen reader too and we enjoy chatting about what we read. I’m a keen (and my husband says I’m good) cook and enjoy getting into the kitchen to try out new recipes. I like travelling although came to it late, only getting a passport in 2010. But visits to Australia, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and Austria have made up for it. We are hoping to cruise the river Douro through a Portugal for our silver wedding anniversary next year – fingers crossed that we will be back to some semblance of normality by then. I’m keen to make new friends both online and in person if anyone local would like to chance a coffee sometime.

    • Reply by BridJames


      I’m James, 54, and live in Bridlington. I’m a keen amateur photographer and a rail enthusiast and would be glad to get to know likeminded people.

      I like poetry and have written a few, I like reading in general, mainly historic crime fiction but I alternate this with non-fiction. I like to get out reasonably often by bus or train but have so far felt deterred by doing so this year because of Covid19.

    • Reply by Colette

      Hi. I’m moving from Hertfordshire to Chichester hopefully in a couple of months time. I’m so looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying a new life. Any one got any advice for a 58 year old newcomer?

    • Reply by Martine-N

      Hi,  I am Martine, I am 56 and I live near Derby with my 18 year old son Matthew and my cat Tyson.
      I was made redundant earlier this year and this encouraged me to take the summer off and do some traveling but Covid-19 put a stop to those plans.  The whole virus situation has now made me realise that life is short and maybe I should just take early retirement.
      I’ve always had a busy career and I was worried about being bored.  This summer has made me focus on the things I really enjoy, ie: friends, cycling, gardening, cooking, etc and I’ve not been bored one minute.  However … with the bad weather just around the corner, I fear that winter is not going to be as pleasant, so I’m considering looking for a part time job or something to keep me occupied over winter and into the early spring.
      Is anyone else in a similar situation? Or any suggestions about part time jobs over winter?

    • Reply by ffionnaw

      Hello everyone,

      im Fiona, 62, just joined and on furlough from work ( yes, still!). But hey, ho.

      How’s everyone doing.

    • Reply by pegwr33

      Hello, I’m Paul. I spend a lot of my retired time volunteering mainly for the UK Men’s Shed Association as a Volunteer Ambassador as well as being Secretary of my local Shed.  For those that do not know, the Shed movement is now over 600 strong and are mainly small groups of (mainly) retired blokes plus the occasional lady who come together for companionship, camaraderie and a wish to benefit their local community.  My Shed has worked recently on the refurbishment of a derelict sensory garden with the aim of entering the garden in the “Britain in Bloom” competition.  I’m also a Trustee of my local Healthwatch and am the present Chair of my local Garden and Allotment Association. So more than enough to keep me busy.  Away from all this, my hobbies are mainline steam with a preference for the Great Western/BR Western Region and model railways in OO gauge.

    • Reply by chris

      Hi, I’m Chris, female, 62 years old and would love to chat to others as I am very lonely stuck in the house recovering from illness.  I live in Fife in Scotland and I am really struggling with each day.

    • Reply by Jules28

      Hi. I’m Julie (jules) I’m 56 and I live just over the border into North Wales. I was born in Hertfordshire and although I  have spent most of my life up north


      • Reply by Mary A

        Hi from Mary in Dumfries, Scotland. I’ve just joined this site and it looks really interesting. I’m into music, live concerts, theatre, cinema and eating out….. and chatting. 😄

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    • Reply by JM27

      Hello everyone I have just joined today and have enjoyed reading all your messages some of you live in some wonderful places I live in Sidcup Kent and not found anyone on here from around this area ? I am 79 yrs old and love traveling though been a little curtailed right now 😷

      I love walking and would to have a walking buddy in my area 🏃‍♂️

      • Reply by Redval

        Hi I am Val I live in Sidcup

        • Reply by JM27

          Hi Val great you live in Sidcup do you like walking ? I live just off the high street if you like we could arrange to meet ??

    • Reply by pmt151

      Hi, I recently joined Restless as it looked an interesting and diverse group. I’m still trying to navigate this site and find myself following a general chat but haven’t added any comments yet as I’ve not had anything worthwhile to add. I will introduce myself. I’m Trish and have lived in Nottingham for several years but not originally from this area. I’m 69 so I’ve been retired for some years. I’m finding the pandemic restrictive and all the uncertainty surrounding this situation difficult. Sadly my 93 year old mother died from covid 19 in April and still trying to sort out her estate as I’m her only next of kin. She lived in Norfolk so this has made things even more difficult to sort out. Are any of you coping with the death of a family member in similar circumstances?

      I look forward to getting to know people who are on this site and hope at some point to join in a group and become more actively involved. We shall see. All the best to you folks out there wherever you are.

      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi there Trish and welcome to the Rest Less Community – thank you for joining.

        I’m sorry to hear that your Mum passed away in April. I have some appreciation of being the only daughter, dealing with both the estate and the loss itself, as my Mum went very suddenly last June and didn’t live locally to me. The added complexity of lockdown, funeral and travel restrictions and the associated sadness and uncertainly would have been an extra emotional drain. I do hope you’re taking care of yourself and have plenty of support.

        I hope you enjoy looking around the site and joining in with conversations. In addition to the discussions around topics we’ve recently added new local groups, including one for Nottinghamshire, so feel free to start or join a conversation with members geographically close to you.

        Wishing you all the best. Helen

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