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    Hi everyone!

    I’m Stuart, and along with Sara we set up Rest Less, just over a year ago. We set up the business based off personal family experience, with a strong desire to help people navigate what can be a hugely exciting, but also difficult transition point in life. We know we haven’t got everything right with the platform yet, but as a small team we’re working hard to improve it all the time and these forums are the latest resource that people have suggested they would find helpful.

    The last year has absolutely flown by, and we’ve really enjoyed building out the resources on Rest Less so we can help more people. We’re just about to pass the 100,000 registered member mark but the real reward has come from speaking to our members, and hearing on a personal level where we’ve managed to help people.

    We’d love you to introduce yourself, how long you’ve been following Rest Less and what you’d love to get from the community!

    Stuart, Sara and the Rest Less team……

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by julie_lyon

      Hello everyone!  I’m Julie, currently living in Orkney.  We moved here last year, thinking it would be permanent.  You know that saying, ‘you never miss your water til your well runs dry’?  Well, that happened to us!  We soon realised how homesick we are for Truro, where we moved from.  Our aim now is to move back there, which is proving more of a challenge than relocating to Orkney. I retired from teaching to move up here, but am now working as an A&E clerk in the local hospital. At least I was until Covid struck!  Now I’m shielding due to health issues, as I’m not allowed in to work. I’m really looking forward to going back as I love my new job.  It’s something I hope to be able to do when we move back home.

    • Reply by facebookdww

      Hi Team, the site is a cracking effort – well done all. Suggestion box: the ability to edit your post after you submitted it – a modern day essential in forums. I also like Liz.p’s suggestion of adding in regional/nearest city information as maybe an Opt-In choice?



    • Reply by janet.rachman

      Hi all – thank you for letting me join your community! I’m Janet, 57 years of age and married with 2 boys. I moved from Stockport to Glasgow 32 years ago. I was in the fortunate position to give up my career in sales to be a full time mum. I started working again in 2014. Up until lockdown I was working with dentists in various areas including organising workshops and courses, recruitment and editing an online dental magazine. If you have been unfortunate to suffer toothache recently, you will know that the dental industry is closed for business! I have no idea what will happen in the near future, do not qualify for furlough and find myself looking for inspiration for what to do next. This community seems the ideal place to share ideas, thoughts and advice. I hope that I can also make helpful contributions too.

    • Reply by allen.jill53

      Hi my name is Jill., I am a qualified nurse RGN. Just joining this today I am 59.

    • Reply by Michele Eckford

      Hi there.  I live in West Sussex and have been a member for 6 months now.  Finding your group was amazing.  My answer.   I felt a strong need for a similar group in my local area and before Shutdown I was in the process of building a community, but on own was difficult. The majority of responses told me that they were in no need of such as they were doing OK.

      So, thanks a million.  I find there is a wonderful strength  in coming together, communicating and sharing with others in the same boat.  I also look forward to contributing to this community.  Now that the Shutdown is easing, what actions can we as mature people do?



      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Michele

        We’re so glad that you found us and that we’re making a difference. You echo many of the thoughts we have about continuing to build community and I’d love to have a chat to you about your ideas. You might also be interested in becoming a Rest Less Pioneer – the link for further information on that initiative is here.

        You’re also welcome to seed a post on the Community and see who might share your thoughts and ideas for post shutdown progress.


    • Reply by Carole

      Hi, my name is Carole. I have joined the group today. I am 58 this year and live near Durham. I work full time and enjoy my job. I have joined the site as it looks really good and is a great idea!

      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Great to have you join the conversation, Carole and glad to hear you’re enjoying the site and content.


    • Reply by andycrawfordac1

      Hi everyone! I’m Andrew 64 from the Stockport area. I’m a self employed Physiotherapist and work from a small Clinic in my home.  I’m part time now after 39 years in Private Practice and I’m looking forward to taking up new interests.

      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Andrew. Welcome to the Rest Less Community, lovely that you’ve found us.

        39 years in private practice is no mean feat and you will have weathered many ups and downs so I am sure you’ll have some sage wisdom to add to the conversations as we head into another period of significant change.

        No doubt you’ll be heading straight to our courses page, if you’re thinking of taking up new interests. The choice is extensive, so see what attracts your attention.



        • Reply by andycrawfordac1

          Thanks Helen, I’ll definitely be looking at the courses section! 👍🏼

    • Reply by taniadodd2015

      Hi my name is Tania.  Recently moved to St Helens from Jersey 3  days before lockdown. Have had a difficult couple of years. My mother had sepsis and died 2 years ago took 12 months to get brother out of the house to be able to sell. 8 months ago husband had an attack and triple bypass followed by pneumonia and tia. Just not sure how move forward. Need to find employment but do want be on treadmill anymore need enjoy life.


      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Tania

        Thank you for introducing yourself. It really does sound as though it’s been a tough few years for you and your family, I’m sorry to hear that.

        It does, however, feel as though you’d like to move on from those recent experiences and hopefully Rest Less can help in some small way.

        Firstly, you’ll notice that this is a very caring community forum, where people share and offer support wherever they can.

        Secondly, the website has a vast range of really useful, practical content. If you’re at a crossroads, I’ll direct you first to our jobs & careers section. So much more than a job board, we have articles on career changes, ‘how to’ guides for a wide range of different jobs, tips on applying for jobs including updating your CV and interview techniques and, one of my personal favourites, personal stories of people who have taken a leap later in life.

        After that, you mind find yourself looking to do some retraining or upskills and our courses section has over 50,000 active, on-line course available.

        And finally, our lifestyle section might be a good place to browse as we have lots of great information on everything from mindfulness to sleep, cycling to recipes an so much more.

        Mostly, we hope though, that being part of the Rest Less community, you’ll feel supported.


    • Reply by sylvlovesbooks

      Hi my name is Sylvia. I am 58 years old and am a foster carer and have been for the past 2 and a half years.  I also am relief worker at a complex needs school but havent been doing that for the past 8 months due to having a parent and child placement with us. That is now ended and we only have a 10 year old boy long term….. well as long term as the authorities allow as uncertainty still re his future. I love having him here and love what we do. I feel it is great to be able to have a young person live in our house with us.. He might not think so.

      I also volunteer.. well did the training for HOme STart and then we went into lockdown so not been introduced to a family to support yet.

      Life is slow and quiet in the NOrfolk village where we live but it is safe and pretty.  I am hoping to connect with like minded 50 something year olds. I love studying still and have done a lot of online courses. I have an interest in therapuetic studies such as Cognitive Behaviour and Emotional Freedom and also I am Reiki trained and also INdian Head Massage trained. I have a keen interest in wellbeing especially in relation to mental health.


      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Sylvia and welcome. It sounds as though your life is pretty full, even if your village is sleepy!

        Mental health and self-care are definitely going to be high on many people’s agendas as we move forward and out of lockdown, so it sounds as though your skills might be in high demand.


    • Reply by slimshadier69

      Hi I’m Alex, 50 from Kent. Have had a recent wake up call which made me open my eyes, but now I feel myself standing(or sitting still) and I don’t know what it is I can do that will keep me focused. Does anyone know of any courses which have a variety of different career paths to try. Many thanks

    • Reply by charlenemccaigue

      Hi I’m Charlene I’m 50 from near Belfast very recently widowed after almost 27 yearss  So lifee is a tiny bit strange just now

      • Reply by christine.twigg

        Hi Charlene

        I am so sorry for your loss. It must have been very difficult for you. I hope the Rest Less community will be able to help you move forward in some way.



    • Reply by lindsey_anderson

      Hi I’m Lindsey (62) and just came across Rest Less, so new to the site.  Love how it is full of useful stuff and advice!

      I work in local government in Housing Support and currently working from home.  As my children have now flown the nest, am considering also doing some volunteering work and nice to see you have a link on here; full of useful tips. Thanks.

    • Reply by steve4

      Hi, I’m Steve, 60 and self employed as a web and graphic designer. I love my work but finding it difficult to find a steady stream of work these days. I’ll never retire as such as I like to keep busy and my next dream project is to build my own kit car – look out for news on that in the coming months (or years, more likely!)

      I joined the forum to meet and chat with like-minded and similar aged people, so looking forward to see how that goes.



    • Reply by jackie.gonzalez04

      Hi I’m Jackie. I’m a psychotherapist and one furlough in lockdown. Tough at first now I’m enjoying it. But trying to decide what to do next if I change my direction – which I’ve been thinking about for a while I admit. I’m missing my social life, music, theatre friends, travel but most of all the cinema. I love films and it’s just not the  same watching at home. I know I’m fortunate to have a good home and family, I’m separated but on good terms with my everyone.  60ish pretty healthy just trying t tv o figure out the next life stage.

    • Reply by paulgcockell

      Hi all, my name is Paul. Can someone tell me what happened?  One min I’m 30 and the next I’m taking early retirement from Vauxhall Motors.  I worked there for two weeks shy of thirty nine years.  Am a very active person.  Love cycling, both road and mtb.  Regular at the gym, classes mainly.  I run, walk, play squash.  Am here hopefully to pick people’s brains and get advice.  I didn’t really want to retire as I do enjoy being active.  I took a local job, five minutes down the road, which I thought was perfect.  Permanent 6-2 and just loading shelves.  No pressure, unlike my position in Vauxhalls.  The thing is, and I hope I don’t sound conceited here, I think I have a little more about me than just stacking boxes.  I want a job where I am using my grey matter and, if possible, am active.  But I haven’t got much idea as to go about finding jobs.  Thirty nine years in the same place sort of institutionalised me.  I’m even considering maybe going to college or doing uni course.  In what subject?  I honestly don’t know.  I don’t want to just sit around.  Can anyone give me any advice on any of the above.  What college/uni course would benefit me? Again, I honestly don’t know.  I’m no Stephen Hawkings but I’m far from stupid.

      • Reply by facebookdww

        Hi Paul, what was your role at Vauxhall? It might help if you say what you did? Engineering, management, sales, office, legal etc?



        • Reply by paulgcockell

          Good morning David, thank you. Silly me for not stating that. Well over the 39 years I pretty much did everything, from paint spraying to MIG welding. I ultimately finished up in the Supply chain Dept, initially a FLT driver. I was then team leader on the andon system. I got transferred,  kicking and screaming as it was against my wishes, to the Kanban Dept.  Where I became the min-max team leader. I actually loved this job. I had to read pick sheets put in by delivery drivers and then checked stock levels on a computer to ensure we had the correct amount of stock. The job included lots and lots of walking, which endeared me to it as I was using my brain but also being very active. I was very good at the highly stressful job. In fact I thrived on the stress. My superiors knew they could leave the section and the job would get done. I then got promoted to the Follow group where my job was mainly to do counts on all parts that came to the factory. But it also entailed me doing counts on parts where stock levels weren’t correct. Again this entailed lots of brain power and walking because the majority of the stock losses had been delivered but just mis-located. I always saw each stock loss as a personal challenge and was quite proud of myself when I located the lost stock. You wouldn’t believe where people could mislocate the likes of car engines to a box of screws. All parts are as equally important as the next.

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