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    Hi everyone!

    I’m Stuart, and along with Sara we set up Rest Less, just over a year ago. We set up the business based off personal family experience, with a strong desire to help people navigate what can be a hugely exciting, but also difficult transition point in life. We know we haven’t got everything right with the platform yet, but as a small team we’re working hard to improve it all the time and these forums are the latest resource that people have suggested they would find helpful.

    The last year has absolutely flown by, and we’ve really enjoyed building out the resources on Rest Less so we can help more people. We’re just about to pass the 100,000 registered member mark but the real reward has come from speaking to our members, and hearing on a personal level where we’ve managed to help people.

    We’d love you to introduce yourself, how long you’ve been following Rest Less and what you’d love to get from the community!

    Stuart, Sara and the Rest Less team……

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by barrowwraith

      An explanation first barrowwraith comes from The Lord of the Rings they live under tumuli I come from a farm in Cornwall that had one in our home pasture.

      Am Jim Jordan and in less than two months I shall be 65 I have been unemployed for 8 years, but not idle, have done voluntary work and was awarded a BA Hons Degree in Business & Management 10 days before lock down. Have developed COPD so have been shielding. In the past I have been a field salesman a landlord and a production manager, have a dry quirky sense of humor that most millennial’s miss. Another thing that has taken me by surprise is my use of English that uses a pretty wide vocabulary, and find I have to explain words like expedient, alacrity and demographic, have others found they need to consider what they are saying to ensure your message is understood. I am frantically applying for jobs but having very limited success and was aghast to find the number of applications posts are receiving 268 applications for a sales & admin job!

      am trying hard to stay positive but despondency and the Black Dog are snapping at my heels

      Found a useful piece of advise and recommend to all particularly if like me you are feeling guilty when reaching out to others, examine you current position and consider how many elements there are over which you had no control, it will surprise you.


    • Reply by artymouse

      Hi everyone, my name is Michelle although I am known as Mouse by many. I’m 63 next week and I’ve been divorced for many years now. I have two daughters and one son all in their thirties. I also have four grandchildren between the ages of 8weeks and 9 years. I like to read, watch films and make jewellery. I’m looking forward to making some knew friends here.

    • Reply by n.campbell57

      Hi everyone, my name is michelle and I live in a little village called Nether Kellet in the north west my age is 63 and have my own hairdressing business I have been widowed 11years now! I am looking forward to meeting people on this site and having a good chat.

    • Reply by DermotF

      Hello everyone.

      Stumbled across Restless by chance so thought why not have a look. Basic info, 57, live on the Wirral, separated and living on my own, with one of my daughters staying over when she wants.

      Physically fairly active, work for myself and also keep bees, which is a new thing for me! Most of all I need to improve my social life!

    • Reply by jo.bodley

      Hi! I just turned 58. Once I turned 50, I participated in a programme called PRIME which stands for, Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise.Its like The Prince’s Trust but for over 50s, with courses about the ins and outs of going into busines for yourself.I found it helpful- main thing I got out of it being, take time to research your market. If your business idea involves the internet, theres a very good company deals with online marketing etc called Target Internet.

      I’m a freelance knit and crochet designer these days, its more of a hobby than a business, that’s been my choice.

      I’ve got some free patterns and design ideas on my blog, for any crocheters out there.If you want to learn from scratch, youtube videos are your best bet (thats how I learned, in 2010)


    • Reply by alisonshewry

      Hi my husband and son and I are new to somerset from Kent forty years so hopefully can meet new people soon alison

    • Reply by CherylK

      Hi, I’m Cheryl and I just moved from the U.S. to England. I am thrilled to be here!  As a widow of eight years, I’ve been exploring my options. My first move was from Minnesota to Arizona to leave those bitterly cold winters behind. That was a good move.  I love Arizona in the winter…not so much in the summer!  I spent last summer visiting my daughter here in England.  After returning home it occurred to me that the UK was exactly where I wanted to be so here I am!

      My daughter works for NHS and currently we live in Chester. But we’ve just bought a house in Oswestry and will be moving there the end of September.  I just discovered this terrific site and am looking forward to exploring all things Rest Less offers.

    • Reply by sharong63

      Hi there, I’m Sharon 56 & live in Hampshire. I stumbled onto this site today, it’s great. I have a second chance of life, having survived cancer. So the plan is, to live life to the full & and enjoy each moment. I’m really proud of my 2 amazing grown up twin boys. You know when, despite everything, they are really good boys. Well in front of me. 😉 i’ve downsized recently, so my time has been taken up clearing & sorting, very therapeutic. I’m hoping to get back into work soon, Covid delayed that plan. So looking forward to connecting with you guys & exploring this site.

    • Reply by andrewtreadaway

      Hi my names Andrew I’m 62 and quite active. I retired a year ago from lecturing at a FE college and do miss the routine. I keep quite busy and my wife and I are about to down size. I have two children who have both left home. I did join a local group for retired people but I think the average age was 80 so felt a bit out of place. Not sure how I discovered this site but I do think it will be helpful in coming to terms with a new life in Yorkshire.

    • Reply by Chrissy

      Hiya, My name is Chris.Im 59 and I live in Warwickshire. I’m on furlough still. I’ve no idea when I’ll be back at work. I have been keeping busy making masks, cooking. I’m a crafter, so making things too. I’m married with 3 Daughters all in their 20’s. I’m looking forward to going on holiday to Scotland in a couple of weeks. I should have been going on an American road trip with all my family, then to Las Vegas for my youngest daughters wedding. All cancelled. Hopefully next year.

    • Reply by Shacklock

      Hi All. I am Geoff, 67 and hate being 67, would rather be 37!!! So, true, I have not come to terms with increasing age. I have always had an active life which has been focused on the outdoors, adventure and team. My life has been spent in wild and remote places and predominantly on the sea. I am an Instructor and Examiner for the Royal Yachting Association in fact I am about to travel south to Examine some Yacht Master Candidates.

      I went to Edinburgh University studied Outdoor Education and explored how nature and wild places could positively impact the lives of those families and individuals who are finding shall we say, ‘life difficult’.

      I am not sure how this site will apply to my life but I am really keen to find out.

      Please get in touch, it would be great to make contact


    • Reply by Terri

      Hi I’m Terri and 58

      I’m a specialist nurse at my local hospital in Surrey and stumbled across this site by accident. I’m a dog lover and have three basset hounds which take up some of my time when off work.
      I don’t do any voluntary work at present but would like to if an opening came along where I would be useful in a variety of fields but particularly working with animals.
      I would also be interested in coming into contact with anyone who participated in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, nature projects and gardening.

    • Reply by richardcatt48

      Hi I’m Richard 61 from Bradford. Not born here originally from Kent. Presently furloughed and return to work not looking promising I’m afraid. I live with my partner Julie and my dog Charley who has been a godsend. I’ve always worked long hours and have a serious lack of friends as my up and down life has taken me to many places since my wife went off with my brother nearly 20 years ago. I have 3 lovely children and a granddaughter all of whom I love to bits. But they live some way away. Anyone in my area feel free to message me and we’ll have a chat. 😀


    • Reply by marylo1970

      Hi there, I’m Mary and I live in Christchurch, Dorset with my 2 18 and 16 year old sons.  I’m divorced but I’ve been in a relationship for nearly 3 years.  I am currently working as an office manager for a very small maintenance company within the luxury retail sector.  We have very high profile clients in London but we are struggling at the moment as the work is very thin on the ground.  So I’m extremely bored. After having quite a difficult few years with divorce, house repossession and bringing up two teenage sons on my own the lockdown and having been on furlough, gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life and what I want out of it and I realised that I’m not being fulfilled professionally and even financially.  I realise that I DO deserve to be happy! I absolutely loved being at home too.  My boys are more independent now and may even fly the nest in the next few years, so I will probably become more redundant at home.  So I am seeking more outside of my home life as a mum now.  I need more job satisfaction these days rather than just a payslip! Glad I’ve found this place today on my google search for something different!

    • Reply by Sue

      Hi I’m Sue and I live in Cumbria my husband had a stroke four years ago and things have been hard.

      I enjoy walking with (the love of my life) my dog Alfie, looking after my grandchildren, reading, swimming  and travelling when I get the chance.

      I have big plans when all these restrictions are over to see more of everything. Is there anyone from my part of the world?🐕

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