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    Hi everyone!

    I’m Stuart, and along with Sara we set up Rest Less, just over a year ago. We set up the business based off personal family experience, with a strong desire to help people navigate what can be a hugely exciting, but also difficult transition point in life. We know we haven’t got everything right with the platform yet, but as a small team we’re working hard to improve it all the time and these forums are the latest resource that people have suggested they would find helpful.

    The last year has absolutely flown by, and we’ve really enjoyed building out the resources on Rest Less so we can help more people. We’re just about to pass the 100,000 registered member mark but the real reward has come from speaking to our members, and hearing on a personal level where we’ve managed to help people.

    We’d love you to introduce yourself, how long you’ve been following Rest Less and what you’d love to get from the community!

    Stuart, Sara and the Rest Less team……

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by l.litherland

      Hi there,

      My name is Linda and I am 52 and recently separated from my husband after a long marriage. I am still working full time and have commuted in to London for years so I am relishing being able to work from home full time during lockdown. I am tempted to ask my employer if I can continue permanently – we will see how that goes!

      I live in a village between Reading and Newbury, have two adult children (still at home) and a 6 month old Shihpoo called Rosie (lockdown decision!)

      Having got to this age, I a weary of the 9-5 and I don’t really want to have to go back to commuting. So, I am looking for ways to generate additional income and assets so that I can eventually achieve financial freedom!

      Stay safe everyone


    • Reply by Mavmanc

      Afternoon all. This is David from Manchester. I recently became available for work after working in an IT and Digital Leadership Role for an International Charity.

      Coinciding with Covid Lockdown has provided me an incredible opportunity to spend more time with my family. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it (good weather helps)😀

      I’m currently engaged in childcare whilst my better half is working from home a couple of days a week.

      Experimenting with YouTube and children’s storytelling.

      Encouraging other men my age to get a bit healthier physically and mentally – via instagram.

      Considering writing about Servant Leadership on the Medium writing platform.

      I truly believe that age is a treasure chest that fills up as we grow older. It’s meant for sharing to bring joy and wisdom to those who don’t have that much yet.



    • Reply by dn7890154

      Hi am David age 56 and deaf, live alone. Work in supermarket as a supervisor. I like to play bowls, do gardening and travel, reading and adults colouring in books plus travel.

    • Reply by gaillesley62

      Hello everyone iv just arrived here and im enjoying the many topics it covers im 58 and a semi retired nurse

    • Reply by john.sallywhite

      I’m John from Hedge End nr Southampton, hope you are all staying safe in this current situation we are all in ?

      Take care stay safe 👍🏻

    • Reply by c.walker309

      Hi 👋

      I am Camilla; Things that define      me (in no particular order) and make me who I am.

      I have life experiences & I am self aware. I am a great listener,  I am kind,  I am full time employed, I have just come through redundancy,  I am a grandma, I am a wife, I am a stepmother, I am a mother, I am a dog owner. I am a Libran I am  a wood snake. I am converted to electric bicycles. I am on HRT I have survived a diagnosis of DCIS. I lost my mum when I was 19, I survived my family falling apart, I am often full of self doubt. I am not always sure what to do. I am loved and I love all those around me and try my best to keep them close.

      If the anything I have shared resonates get in touch – & let’s have a chat.


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    • Reply by zoembarlow

      Hello I am called Zoe,  I am 51 years old, I work in a daycare centre and as a swimming teacher. Currently not at work for a number of reasons


      • Reply by c.walker309

        Hi Zoe lovely to e-meet you

        how are you surviving lockdown?? Will you be able to start swimming lessons again soon??

    • Reply by amc6419

      Hi, I’m 55 and working full time for the NHS in the north east. I joined recently, it looks like an interesting site. I look forward to reading a variety of posts.

      • Reply by c.walker309

        Hello 👋

        How are you How are you coping with CV19 are things settling down for you now?

        we have been clapping fir the NHS every Thursday since mid March you must know the whole nation is in awe of all frontline workers. Could share insight on what we can do to continue this support and acknowledgement?

    • Reply by sallyashford.glos

      Good morning everyone,

      My name is Sally and I’m 58. I’m very lucky to be retired after spending my life working in every known field to man, from Fitness Instructor to Hotel Receptionist, believe me I have seen it all and met them all. My last job was working with the elderly in a supported housing setting which I loved but the office politics and lack of funding meant the job had changed so much and the care and compassion side no longer seemed to be there from management. My husband, who is a lot older than me, got fed up of me bringing work home and said, ‘that’s it, you’re going to retire’. I didn’t argue and I’m loving it. I have so many interests and so many plans for retirement and I have 5 adorable Grandchildren. Looking forward to finding out more about this site and contributing. Stay safe everyone.

    • Reply by ejunet

      Hello, my name is Ellen and I recently had my 67th birthday. I am still working full-time as an Administrator for the NHS and have worked throughout the Corona crisis. I would absolutely love to retire and do something creative but I still have financial commitments and offspring to support. I would like to hear from anyone who has had experience of Lifetime mortgages as, from what I have heard,  this could be a way to achieve my target.


    • Reply by yascrawf61

      Hi I’m Yas (Yasmin) called both!
      Im 58 and living in Winchester. I have had a career in the sciences and medical industry  but became ill in 2011, was unable to run my business any more. I felt well enough to do a 2year online Masters in Photography 2017 from Falmouth University, and changed my career this way. It’s been really hard on my family too but they have been right behind me in a new venture. I was nominated for Science Photographer of the year 2019 and just starting to exhibit and sell My images. I absolutely love it, it became part of my recovery process and probably will continue to be. Being creative is fabulous after an illness.

      http://www.yascrawford.com IG:yascrawfordphotography.
      If anyone needs any support in the photography area I would be happy to help.
      I also love reading, lots of different books and papers.
      I’ve enjoyed reading some of your stories and look forward to chatting some more!

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      • Reply by Elena
          Amazing pictures! I admire your work
    • Reply by coppinpj


      I’m a widowed mother with four adult children living in Chichester. I have worked in the worlds of theatre casting and actors agenting and then took over my husbands construction business. I am now taking a back seat and want to explore other exciting and varied activities and interests. Wonder who else is in my area in a similar situation keen to share ideas.



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    • Reply by prestonsal

      Hi, I’m sharon 59, engaged and looking forward to a 3rd marriage in 2022. Former teaching assistant, invalided out in 2014 by hip and spinal problems.  Recently turned my hand to jewellery making and have  begun a little business out of it some bespoke pieces made and regular items always for sale. Also a national trust volunteer. Thanks. Xx

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    • Reply by steven.k.palmer


      I’m Steve . Im 61 and living on the south coast. I retired  6 years ago and spend my time reading, golfing, gardening, DIYing and travelling. I usually spend the winters in the Philippines where my wife and I are lucky to have a beach house. We have been to Palawan and Coron recently . I love snorkelling and scuba diving.

      Has anyone back packed around the Greek islands lately? Looking for some beautiful quiet islands to explore once this COVID 19 is over.



    • Reply by Gillian Green

      Hi everyone.


      My name is Gillian and  51 in 2 months time!

      Your website is great,  has everything!!

      I am currently a care worker in a care home.

      Stay safe everyone.

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