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    Hi all, this thread has been set up at the request of some of our Facebook members.  We hope it can be a great place for over 50s entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas and also services.



    Posted by aislinggray
    • Reply by philbranigan

      I don’t actually have a business but I’m thinking about it. As a programmer all my life I have designed and built apps, software and websites for so many diverse corporations. I feel like it’s time now to branch out into doing something for myself. I have been doing a lot of research and it seems that most people can create an online business platform for themselves very cheaply and easily. My speciality is privacy and security so if anyone wants any help with configurations, settings and general advice on installing components, modules Etc. just let me know. My great strength is troubleshooting. I explore and find out how computer code works and I correct errors and work on improvements. The most popular platform at the moment is WordPress so I’m concentrating on that first. Get in touch if you need a hand.

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    • Reply by runner49uk

      Hi everyone

      I’m David and I am so pleased there is a forum like this-especially as I am about to embark on a new career at the beginning of 2021!

      First of all a little background if I may: I will be 69 next month and have spent most of my working life in the service of others in stable (often uniformed) careers such as: 9 years in the Army, 2 years in the NHS Ambulance Service, 5 years as a Registered Nurse, and the last 20 years as a university lecturer in nursing (at 2 different universities). I went part time in June then decided to retire fully at the end of this year from my lecturer post (a bit scary after all this time but I did feel a massive weight lifting off my shoulders!). I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2017-though apart from family I haven’t trained anyone for fees yet! I will start my own business in January though I am moving from Essex in October (when I can find a nice place to rent in Suffolk-maybe in Woodbridge/Aldeburgh or a nice village in a country area-I just want to live somewhere pretty and inspiring!), so I won’t know where my client base will be until then! I am fully aware that it will take time to build my business but I am so looking forward to it (albeit nervous!) as I am the stage where I feel life has so much more to offer and if I can help others to enjoy their life more fully by using my services then that’s all I ask. I will provide my website address below so you can have a look and let me know what you think? I look forward to hearing/reading about other entrepreneurs and like minded people on this site who have decided to follow their dreams-whatever they are!



      Thanks for taking the time to read this

      Best wishes


      • Reply by ljsteward

        Hi David,
        I enjoyed reading your story.  I also looked up your site.  I can relate to much of your background and determination now to offer back to the world.  I live in the U.S. but learned about this site and signed up quickly.  I will turn 77 in September and I’m here because I reinvented myself as a Transition Life Coach to support those who feel it’s time for them to reinvent themselves.  I served as a medic with the Marine infantry and ended up becoming wounded in the Vietnam war.  A few more things we have in common.  I just wanted to say I’m impressed with what you’re doing.  Like you, I’m doing my best to inspire people as well that age doesn’t matter.  If you have something to offer, let the world know and feel proud your making an important contribution that especially now is greatly welcomed.

        • Reply by runner49uk


          Many thanks for your encouraging response to my post-very much appreciated. Best wishes to you, and in your reinvented life helping others to do the same!

    • Reply by bill.connerty

      We are looking for agents or private people who could be interested in sending us clients who would like to buy a retiremnt or holiday

      property in Spain on the Costa Blanca and Murcia .

      We pay good commissions. We have been established over 25 years and all the property legal paperwork is checked by the company Solicitor.

      Pleas contact [email protected]. 0034609619419



    • Reply by lindacdone

      Hi Guys

      I am compiling a book of poems and anecdotes laughing at my 50s. I am working with an illustrator and I have quotes from some ladies I follow on Instagram who I hope will help me with marketing. I am going to go down the ebook route via amazon initially but would like to ask if anyone has any experience self publishing via an agent. What was your experience and costs etc? I had tracked a lady – Lynne? for help before but this site doesn’t let me search for past comments so I can’t find it.


    • Reply by deejay.ross.dr


      I am  currently off work with work related stress and I am considering working for myself as found it much better working from home.

      The problem is I do not know which path to go down. I have taught business, accounts, maths and english.  I have worked as an administrator and bookkeeper.  I am a qualified Reiki Master and really enjoy helping friends and family including pets but have never used this in business. I really enjoy this type of work as it is stress free.

      I am also quite a crafter.

      I am the only bread winner and need to do something  for my last years that isnot stressful as stress has lead to my voice loss for 2.5 years.


      I would appreciate any guidance and thoughts.

      I cannot carry on with the life I have as it will end up killing me so need to do something.


      • Reply by janeon64

        I’ve been self employed most of my life a hairdresser and had concessions with my own range of handbags made in Shenzhen until 3 years ago.Im currently a landlord and have started drop shipping through lockdown and this is a low risk business.I use hustle got real drop shippers and use their automated software and sell on eBay and will go onto Amazon and you can do the global programmes and sell on other sites. All you need is a laptop. HGR starts at £19 per month to sell 300 products and the more you sell it goes up. I’m 55 so my plan is to substitute a pension and travel some months.


      • Reply by ljsteward

        Hello Dee,

        I found a free podcast you may appreciate.  The title is, “How to Handle Stress as an Entrepreneur.”  Here is the link:


      • Reply by ljsteward

        Hey Dee, I say you have all the right experience to make anything you start successful.  What stood out to me is your qualification as a Reiki Master.  I could sense your passion with that one.  Frankly, I wasn’t familiar with that so I did a little research and here is something that showed up on Udemy.com


        You have your credentials however for a reduced price of $17.00 this course could give you some good ideas about how to launch such a business. Their tag line is: Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world.

        If that is something you love to do, I would give that option some priority.  Good luck and let us know what direction you take.

      • Reply by ljsteward

        Dee, let me highly recommend the free resource Jerry Marshall is offering in the message below.  His workbook called “Mind Your Own Business” will answer the many questions you have about which path to go down step by step.  I downloaded it and highly endorse it.  Good luck.

    • Reply by jerry.c.a.marshall

      I love setting up businesses, so much so that I wrote a step by step workbook to help people know what business (or social enterprise) is right for them and whether it’s viable. It’s free, at http://www.mindyourownbusiness.uk/resources . There are also free templates and a link to 13 podcasts covering the series, which went out over lockdown.

      I especially value ‘impact businesses’, i.e. for profit businesses with social purposes. In 2012 I set up a tech company in Bethlehem, Palestine, to create jobs and skills that would survive lockdown (!), model integrity and gender equality and create relationships across the divide. We now have 140 staff but aiming for 1000. http://www.transcend.ps

      • Reply by jerry.c.a.marshall

        Take a look at section 2.1 at the free workbook here https://mindyourownbusiness.uk/resources/ and / or see the podcast on what business is right for you to start. I can be contacted through the website if that helps. All the best!

        • Reply by Parvs

          Hi Jerry I am going to check this website out as I know what I want to do just getting to the point I am making it happen is what I am struggling with… so hoping this sparks my brain somewhat… lol thank you for sharing.

        • Reply by jerry.c.a.marshall

          Great, hope it helps. I’m considering running a Zoom group in the new year to help people make it happen. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]

      • Reply by ljsteward

        Wow Jerry, you knocked it out of the park with your tech company and I salute you for offering such attractive resources for free.  I’m going to take you up on that!

        • Reply by jerry.c.a.marshall

          Thank you so much! All the best.

        • Reply by ljsteward

          Hi Jerry.  I just wanted you to know I have your wonderful “Mind Your Own Business” program now and must say it is so comprehensive I’m immensely impressed and this is coming from an experienced Transition Life Coach.  For anyone reading this, if you’re looking for a road map about starting a business, take a look at this free resource Jerry is offering at http://www.mindyourownbusiness.uk/resources .  You will benefit greatly by taking advantage of this important work.  We need more people in this world like Jerry!

        • Reply by jerry.c.a.marshall

          Thank you for your encouragement! Clearly I owe you a pint!!

    • Reply by gerry.vincent


      Very interesting thread. I’m currently helping my husband (ex BBC broadcast producer and university lecturer) pivot and set up a podcasting and media training company. He would love to teach journalism/lecture again but opportunities are very limited currently.
      With his understanding of storytelling, programme-making and audio packages, podcasting seemed an obvious alternative and something he could continue during lockdown as well as (one day) combine with teaching. He also has a fascination for oral history which podcasting lends itself to well. I’m a marketing professional so developing a website for him was my priority. I have to say, he’s learning the commercial (reality) side as he goes along!

      • Reply by marina

        That sounds amazing. I think podcasting and video lives are the way forward! Please add the link to his business 🙂

    • Reply by sami2003

      Hi to everyone.

      My name is Sami at the age of 63 and have been living in London for 25 years. My job was a Student Coach and run through the project was called Erasmus, dealing with students who willing to study and make research in the EU and worldwide.

      I am currently interested in Sustainability of human and nature projects. And have already joined many groups and activities here in the UK and in Turkey.

      The group that I  have been as a member, situated in Yalova, Turkey, at the shore of Marmara Sea, close to Istanbul, they have their camp and accomodation in the country site and all members of the group would welcome you to join into their work and become friend of the group members, even though they would like to invite and meet up with you in their place.

      As they have workshops in agricultural practices, they also have many courses and activities in arts; music and school’s subjects.

      Should any member of the site interested in contact, share ideas and give some suggestions regarding sustainability, Communicate in English Language and visiting their camps, I would be happy to hear from you.

      Best Regards.


      [email protected]

    • Reply by ljsteward

      Hello everyone,

      I am in this category as well although I’m feeling guilty in that I live in South Carolina, U.S.A.  However, being online does it make any difference?  A friend in England told me about this site and I have been blown away by what is offered here.  I am 76 and have started an online community to support those in retirement who want to continue earning an income.  My purpose being here is to appreciate how professional structured this site is serving the 50+ community and join conversations to add any value I can. My biggest coaching challenge is finding ways to work around Corvid-19 for those who want to start a business now or land a job when so many are unemployed and isolated.  We have never experienced anything like this.

      • Reply by Sue-Anne

        I love that you started a community at 76. It’s really all about attitude. You can be old at 25 if that’s the way you choose to look at life. What’s the name of your online community in the States? I’m sure there are loads of niche businesses worth starting now even with COVID. Look at how online communications and sales have thrived. And PPE manufacturing. And restaurants which quickly adapted to deliver.  I even know hairdressers who delivered home dye sets with instructions and set up home hair-maintenance videos! I hope SisterStay will also blossom as people start to question what’s really important to them…

        • Reply by ljsteward

          I appreciate your comments and support Sue-Anne.  My online community name is http://www.reinventu.coach.  It may not be accessible yet as I just changed the name and it needs time to take effect.  As a Transition Life Coach, I am focusing on the process of helping people in retirement and want to work, those leaving the military and those who are not happy with their current work – reinvent themselves for a better future.

          I like your comments about the type of new services that are popping up during this new normal.  Hairdressers delivering home dye sets with hair-maintenance videos – now that’s a home run!!  I’m cheering for SisterStay too.

    • Reply by fairbarn

      Hi all,

      Im 58 years old and have had my own business for twenty two years. We produce carriers bags of all types and we also produce all types of packaging boxes from folding cartons to high end presentation boxes.

      If I can be of help or offer advice to anyone please let me know.

      kind regards


    • Reply by Sue-Anne

      What a lovely idea to allow entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs to connect like this and exchange stories and suggestions.  I think a lot of people reach a stage in their 50s and 60s where, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm still to give, they decide to set up a business of their own.  Maybe they’ve always dreamed of it or maybe they’ve just come to realise it’s not such a crazy idea after all. Whatever the reason, it’s to be admired and encouraged. It is never too late.

      I am in my mid-fifties and just about to wave off the last of my children to university (or at least I was before Covid!) Of course I’ve seen the empty nest looming for some time and knew I needed to start thinking about a new direction for me. I wanted to create something both fun and useful, so knowing how many older women struggle to find travel companions, decided to set up a homestay community for females over 50. It’s been a hugely steep learning curve – working out how to adapt a marketplace website, figuring out how to verify everyone, learning how to get the message out on social media and through relevant websites – but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. The hours are long and I am now doing it alone after having started with a partner, but I feel like I am making my mark and doing something creative and entrepreneurial which I have always wanted to do. Best of all, I wake up every day genuinely excited about “going to work”.  So many older women want to be adventurous, traveling and exploring new places, but find it difficult to do so on their own. It’s great to be able to offer something safe, easy and affordable for them … and for me!

      Yes, COVID has thrown us a curve ball, but I think once lockdown lifts, a lot of people’s travel habits will change. There will likely be a lot less air travel, at least in the short term, and perhaps a move towards more sustainable travel in general. By building a network of friendly women willing to open their homes in each country, members can choose whether to venture abroad or whether to just enjoy a series of regular mini-breaks a little closer to home.

      • Reply by ljsteward

        Hello Sue-Anne

        I can relate to so many things you mentioned –  “It’s never too late.”; “It’s been a hugely steep learning curve” and “I am making my mark and doing something creative and entrepreneurial which I have always wanted to do. Best of all, I wake up every day genuinely excited about “going to work.”

        I have truly found my tribe here. It’s great to rub elbows with so many of you rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done!  This September I turn 77.  I don’t think about how long I can keep going – I don’t even want to forecast.  All I know is that this challenge has got me so engaged, I’m certain I will plug away for a long time.

        You do have a great idea.  It will be interesting to learn more about it and give you some promotion over here in the States.

      • Reply by marina

        Hi Sue Anne , please tell us the link for your business it sounds a great idea !

        • Reply by Sue-Anne

          It’s called SisterStay. http://www.sisterstay.com


        • Reply by marina

          Many Thanks Sue-Anne I will check it out

      • Reply by teri-mitchell

        Hi Sue-Anne,

        Your Home Stay business sounds a fabulous idea. I’d be really interested to learn more as I love to travel and always keen to find places to stay where I’d not feel out of place on my own.

      • Reply by lindacdone

        Is the idea to find a travel companion or offer a place to stay?


        • Reply by Sue-Anne

          You can sign up as Guest only or a Host (in which case, youd be both).  Once you’re a member of the community, you can also look for travel companions. It’s a one-stop shop for older women who want to explore more and make the most of life.

        • Reply by lindacdone

          Great idea.

      • Reply by ginamann13

        Hi Sue-Anne

        What a wonderful idea!  Quite often us women are left alone as we get older and having this option available is great.  I would love to help promote it for you.  Are you active on FaceBook or LinkedIn?  those are the two platforms I use most and would love to connect and help.  I am also in quite a few great support groups for women in business which I think you would fine very helpful.


    • Reply by tsmsilvers


      I am Terry. I am a sole trader and do historical tours of London. Do contact me if u fancy a bespoke tour!

    • Reply by darrentear


      I am a Car Broker in North Yorkshire. I focus on sourcing your new or used car at the very best price from my network of over 70 dealerships. All used cars are Approved Used meaning they have a full Service History and all the checks before going on sale. I advise and negotiate the very best finance package for you as I am an Appointed Representative of the FCA. I can also sell your used vehicle for you to my network of buyers with no fuss.

      My services are free to you as I am paid introduction fees by the trade. I look forward to not selling you a car but helping you buy one.

      Many thanks


    • Reply by cazzyboo

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Carol, a former Deputy Head Teacher. I’ve worked in education for most of my life, and added to this with an M.Ed. in Psychology and counselling and mediation training as so many young people were suffering from mental health problems.
      Nowadays in looking at health and well-being at the other end of the spectrum- I have a training programme called Retirement for Punks (c) and deliver to local authorities and businesses on Safeguarding in the Workplace, Resilience and a variety of other areas. None of these ideas make a great deal of money, but not a bad ‘side-hustle’!

      • Reply by lindacdone

        I think the time for this business is now. You have the skills to go into a business and offer a training package which not only looks at team building but also ensures the co have the tools to monitor wellbeing and physcological safety.

        It’s very current and should be worth a handsome fee?