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  • Welcome to our over 50s entrepreneurs

    Hi all, this thread has been set up at the request of some of our Facebook members.  We hope it can be a great place for over 50s entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas and also services.



    Posted by aislinggray
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    • Reply by Sue-Anne

      What a lovely idea to allow entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs to connect like this and exchange stories and suggestions.  I think a lot of people reach a stage in their 50s and 60s where, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm still to give, they decide to set up a business of their own.  Maybe they’ve always dreamed of it or maybe they’ve just come to realise it’s not such a crazy idea after all. Whatever the reason, it’s to be admired and encouraged. It is never too late.

      I am in my mid-fifties and just about to wave off the last of my children to university (or at least I was before Covid!) Of course I’ve seen the empty nest looming for some time and knew I needed to start thinking about a new direction for me. I wanted to create something both fun and useful, so knowing how many older women struggle to find travel companions, decided to set up a homestay community for females over 50. It’s been a hugely steep learning curve – working out how to adapt a marketplace website, figuring out how to verify everyone, learning how to get the message out on social media and through relevant websites – but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. The hours are long and I am now doing it alone after having started with a partner, but I feel like I am making my mark and doing something creative and entrepreneurial which I have always wanted to do. Best of all, I wake up every day genuinely excited about “going to work”.  So many older women want to be adventurous, traveling and exploring new places, but find it difficult to do so on their own. It’s great to be able to offer something safe, easy and affordable for them … and for me!

      Yes, COVID has thrown us a curve ball, but I think once lockdown lifts, a lot of people’s travel habits will change. There will likely be a lot less air travel, at least in the short term, and perhaps a move towards more sustainable travel in general. By building a network of friendly women willing to open their homes in each country, members can choose whether to venture abroad or whether to just enjoy a series of regular mini-breaks a little closer to home.

    • Reply by tsmsilvers


      I am Terry. I am a sole trader and do historical tours of London. Do contact me if u fancy a bespoke tour!

    • Reply by darrentear


      I am a Car Broker in North Yorkshire. I focus on sourcing your new or used car at the very best price from my network of over 70 dealerships. All used cars are Approved Used meaning they have a full Service History and all the checks before going on sale. I advise and negotiate the very best finance package for you as I am an Appointed Representative of the FCA. I can also sell your used vehicle for you to my network of buyers with no fuss.

      My services are free to you as I am paid introduction fees by the trade. I look forward to not selling you a car but helping you buy one.

      Many thanks


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    • Reply by cazzyboo

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Carol, a former Deputy Head Teacher. I’ve worked in education for most of my life, and added to this with an M.Ed. in Psychology and counselling and mediation training as so many young people were suffering from mental health problems.
      Nowadays in looking at health and well-being at the other end of the spectrum- I have a training programme called Retirement for Punks (c) and deliver to local authorities and businesses on Safeguarding in the Workplace, Resilience and a variety of other areas. None of these ideas make a great deal of money, but not a bad ‘side-hustle’!

      • Reply by joanna.bookgirl

        Hi Carol. I love the name of your business and such a rewarding field too. You mentioned not making much money. I wondered if you would be interested in something you could do alongside your training courses that could bring in a bit of cash without taking up too much time? If you’d like to see what I’m doing I’d be happy to show you with no expectation/obligation. Email me at [email protected].


    • Reply by sarah0

      Hi I’m Sarah,

      I’m on my third career now at 56. I am a homoeopath which I came to via a long and windy road including international sales, then corporate innovation consultant / trainer, and finally after a third degree, this time a BSc in Homeopathy, a homoeopath – which I have been loving for eight years now. My specialty is treating and coaching women going through menopause. I love what I do and lockdown has encouraged me to start doing webinars. I spent 15 years as a corporate trainer and it’s so good to get back to it, even though I miss doing it the old-fashioned, face-to-face way. I’m doing webinars on learning to self-prescribe homeopathic medicines at the moment but am considering converting my corporate talks on menopause into webinar format. But I’m unsure of what the interest level would be. I guess this is a good place to ask. Anybody here feel they’d be interested in learning about natural approaches to managing menopause ?

      • Reply by capri888

        Yes definitely

      • Reply by angeles2466


        As someone who believes that all things natural are best  , the holistic approach to menopause sounds brilliant .

        I look forward to receiving some feed back from you.  🙂



    • Reply by Michele Eckford

      I am keen to be involved in encouraging ladies 50s+ on health & fitness self management.   Body/mind needs attention during menopause & post menopausal stages and there are so many of us out there who don’t know enough. The internet does help but there are too many schools of thought.  How can I start?  Retiring does not appeal to me.   I am a skilled and active women ready to get going, but where do I start?

      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Michele, it sounds as though you and Sarah (below) might have a topic interest in common.

        I wasn’t sure from your question whether it was the starting a business aspect that you were unsure of where to start with, or the topic of health and fitness pre- and post- menopause? If it’s the latter, personal experience and interest areas are a great start to an enquiry. Think about the things you wish you’d known, the game changers in your own journey, the people who’ve influenced you and the tools and resources that have helped you or close friends. Start with curiosity, rather than a specific outcome, in the early stages and the services that are in demand will, most likely, appear out of the research. Find a problem or need and fix or fulfill it.

        As far as how to start a business, a great place to start is with the end in mind, as that will determine many, many decisions. Why do you want your own business? Is it for financial freedom or time freedom? Is it to be the author of your own destiny or because you don’t want an ‘office job’? Do you see yourself growing to hire others? How do you think you’ll find clients? Do you want to work with people in person? Will you retail products? Or are you a sharer of information?

        There are so many great resources out there – Future Learn have a multi-module course “Starting a Business” which is currently FREE on our courses page, to name just one option.

        Wishing you lots of luck.

    • Reply by chrisstephenson7

      Hi my names Christine i had to give up my business last year due to health problems, I am one of the waspi women so cant get my pension till 66 and though it would be difficult getting a job at my age they all seem to want the younger ones plus i have problems sitting or standing for too long so i though i would try and get something thats not physical ie online i alsoo cant claim anything because of my partnerso dont get anything from anywhere. So i took a selling on Amazon course,  through alison.com and just as i have just completed the course then of course the corona virus hit and Amazon are not taking anything in their wharehouse now. plus ive been told to stay in due to underlying health problems. i dont want to give up but it seems as though my timing is wrong for everything. i know most people are in the same boat at thee moment. ive been self employed a lot in my life and also worked for other people 3 or 4 jobs at a time. i just dont know where to go from here now. ive applied for work at the dwp and hope that come off and i get it,just have to wait at the moment. if anyone has any ideas. i would like to be self employed again online if possible then if im in pain i can do it in my own time and make up the hours when im not in pain. If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it. And i wish that you all stay safe and well during this terrible time we ar all going through at the moment


      • Reply by joanna.bookgirl

        Hi Christine.  I started a little part time business just a few weeks prior to lock down.  Fortunately the business can be conducted completely online so the whole UK is my marketplace, although once the world opens up again it will be nice to be face to face with people nearby sometimes.  I’m happy to show you what I’m doing if you’re interested.  It is something you can do full time, part time or just some of the time.  No stock to purchase, no targets, no hard sell.  You are completely your own boss.  The company has been around for 20+ years and has a really supportive, family ethos.


        • Reply by justasklynna

          Hi Joanna

          I’m in a similar position to Christine, though thankfully, without the health problems. I’d be interested in learning more about what you’re doing. Please come back to me at [email protected].



      • Reply by Sarah Harper

        Hi Christine. I was forced to give up work due to a health condition 4 years ago. On the days I feel ok I wanted something to do that made me feel good, and would bring in some income. I was introduced to Tropic skincare last year. Its cruelty free and vegan friendly so I loved it straightaway. Then I tried the products and they have made such a difference to my skin and my confidence. I loved it that much I became an ambassador and started selling it this year. We have kept going through Covid 19 doing virtual Pampers and on line training. The support is amazing and I can do as much or as little as I want depending how I feel. You make it work for you. I am happy to tell you more about it. Not sure how to private message or if I can give my details but my email is [email protected]

        Sarah x





        • Reply by l.litherland

          Hi Sarah,

          I would also be interested in learning more about the tropic range and potentially becoming an ambassador. Please message me at [email protected].

          Many thanks


        • Reply by justasklynna

          Hi Sarah

          I’m also interested in selling your skincare products. Please get in touch at [email protected]



        • Reply by chisha249

          Hi Sarah, I would be interested in finding out more about becoming an ambassador for Tropic skincare as they sound like excellent products. Are you able to email me some information on [email protected]



      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Welcome to the entrepreneurs group, Christine. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time of it recently, it sounds frustrating.

        As you say, though, we have to wait at the moment and stay open to all possibilities. Not always easy but using this time to continue researching your on-line product range, improving your knowledge of digital marketing, experimenting with new forms of communication, will all stand you in great stead when things start to move again.

        Wishing you all the best.

    • Reply by karen50franklin

      Hi All

      I’ve got a desire to change career direction and work for myself, currently a resource manager. I have a huge interest in fitness and health and love cooking. I wanted to start a meal prep service for people who don’t have time to cook but want to have something healthy to fit around their lifestyle. I was thinking of starting low key and targeting locals …. any suggestions on how to start would be great.
      Thanks Karen

      • Reply by Michele Eckford

        I’m interested to follow your journey.   I’ve always learnt the most from reading about how others manage life.  And I feel being apart of a network of like minded people has strength.  My situation now being in my 60s is not knowing what to do with my skills & energy which I have a lot of.  Retiring also does not appeal to me.  I am keen to be involved in encouraging health & fitness self management, especially to those in the 50s + age group.

      • Reply by lindacdone

        Hi Karen

        I have been fascinated by the growth in this market.

        We are a family of foodies with store cupboards full of healthy snacks and thought it was hilarious when our daughter ordered her Graze box. (It’s packets of seeds and nuts )Didn’t think it would catch on. Then through work I came across kettle bells kitchen a brilliant concept creating bespoke meals for people training. Now it’s massive so do your research.

        I think if I was thinking of entering this market I would experiment with target audiences? I suspect our age group are less likely to buy box meals but perhaps if I had a single elderly parent it might be a way of helping them maintain independence and avoid waste. Just a thought.



      • Reply by Helen Burns

        Hi Karen

        It’s a great time to start doing research while you’re still employed. I personally don’t have experience setting up a food prep business but the sorts of things that spring to mind include some of the practical aspects, before you get too far along particularly local council permits and licencing and specialist training or certification for food preparation. Whilst we have lots of great business-related and entrepreneurship courses that will help with everything from design to book keeping, we don’t stretch to food hygiene or culinary arts (yet!)

        Wishing you lots of luck and encouragement from this community.

        Helen at Team Rest Less

    • Reply by Steve Cooper

      Hi all.

      I must have missed this forum being set up, but a very welcome and useful one hopefully.

      As Magdalen says, the landscape today, to when this was first discussed over on FB has altered beyond recognition, but there will be opportunities appearing, and of course, the world understands better now that work does not mean office and that what actually keeps the wheels turning, are the SME, not the “bail me out” conglomerates. Will be interesting to see what develops on here in the weeks to come.

      Cheers and take care of all you know – oh and don’t visit Cornwall – Yet 🙂


    • Reply by opennarrative

      Good morning,

      My name is Lorraine and I’m based in Sheffield UK

      Thank you for setting up this group.

      I run my own little publishing business where I create and publish books (journals and diaries) and games that promote self-care and communication. My business is online and as Magdelena mentioned in a previous comment, having an online business does not mean that people are buying.

      Last year I decided to invest in national and local exhibitions and pop up events for 2020. Last week I was devastated as these cancelled and I spent a couple of very emotional days worrying and stressing.

      This, like everything else, passed. I am now concentrating on doing what needs to be done and taking things one day at a time. I work form home anyway so I’m not feeling the stresses that home working is bringing for some.

      The good news is that the air quality around the world is improving.


      Keep safe and keep well.


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      • Reply by Michelle Rodger

        Hi folks, I’ve just joined and wanted to say hi.  Anne I read your post, and I was taken with your offer to help should someone need it.  What a beautiful gesture given your current circumstances.  A lesson to start my day in gratitude and humility.  Thank you x

    • Reply by Anne Buckingham(Pau)

      Good morning everyone!

      Life is made up of so many precious experiences, some good, some bad. My life has led me from working for Barclays Bank to Travel, to Management, good old Galleon Wine, and to successfully running my own cab firm and food outlet; train station kiosk. However, life is never so rosy or clear cut, as we are now all experiencing with Covid 19. In January 2017  a month after her 21st birthday my daughter was diagnosed with stage four terminal bowel cancer. Work and life as we know it ceased to exist and our lives became a new mission sourcing information drugs and vitamins as we refused to accept her 6 months life expectancy. Today she still battles on and we await news of surgery. After closing the business’s my husband and I decided to keep our Taxi licenses and work to fit in with our daughter’s endless hospital appointements. We learnt to adapt financially, however, now our cabs will have to be parked. We now all face times of complete financial uncertainty so time to put our thinking hats on. Happy to help if I can.

      • Reply by Sue-Anne

        Anne, you and your husband are doing amazing things for your daughter. It must be incredibly tough. I hope she is able to have her operation soon.

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      • Reply by vinevenci2016

        Wow Anne, it comes to show how resourceful and adaptable we can be in the face of adversity. x

      • Reply by sarah0

        Wow Anne how devastating!!! I can’t imagine anything more painful or difficult and yet here you are offering help to others. Thank you for sharing.

    • Reply by droylecatering

      Thank you for letting me join this forum.

      My name is David Royle, I’m an experienced chef  in both Hotel’s and Hospital catering, I’ve also had experience in outside catering.

      I have asked some of my local councillors and community leaders for their thoughts and opinions about contingency plans for a CPU (kitchen) for food to be distributed to vulnerable members of the community who may be in isolation.

      I live in Lincoln, I was wondering if any plans or similar proposals have be suggested in other areas of the country?

      Basic needs of people will require    addressing in the next weeks and months.

      Food for thought!



      • Reply by aislinggray

        Hi @droylecatering – wow what a wonderful idea.  I haven’t come across this idea yet but I think it’s brilliant – well done.  Let us know if it ends up happening.

    • Reply by bill.connerty

      Hi ,

      I am Bill , I have a real estate business on the costa blanca in Spain. We have been established over 25 years.the market has dried up because of the coronavirus.Does anybody have ideas to market the bargain properties we have.


      • Reply by nikkigoddard3

        Hi Bill, I lived on the Costa Blanca for 5 years and have been back in the UK for 2 years now. I am currently running my own business but would love to get into the Spanish property market. Do you have a website where I can contact you privately?
        Regards, Nikki

      • Reply by aislinggray

        Hi @bill.connerty, it might be worth contacting some of the national property journalists in the UK.  There are some who regularly write about international property who might be interested in details of price drops.

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        • Reply by bill.connerty

          Hi Aisling ,

          Many thanks for you great idea .

          Wishing you all the best in the future

          Best regards

          Bill Connerty

          Best regards

          Bill Connerty

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi both, welcome!


      @magdalena – it’s so difficult for self-employed people out there.  I am noticing in my own network that it is forcing people to think in an even more entrepreneurial way.  For example, at the end of tomorrow, there are thousands of parents who are going to be at their wits end (I’m one of them!) and I’m seeing lots of businesses offer online videos/tutorials to stimulate children whilst they are off school/being home schooled.  I wonder with your language skills if this might be something you can offer?  In terms of making money from it, I’m seeing a range of different approaches – some people are asking for donations, others are charging and will then supply a private link to the video session.

      I appreciate this is really different to your day job but there is definitely a need that can be tapped into…

      Hope it gives you some food for thought and perhaps others on the group will have more ideas for you too 🙂

      • Reply by keithstewart


        Enjoy the time. To reflect. Also to do nothing.

        What will people want in the future as lockdowns end across the world and how can you fit that?

        Are there other avenues with your skills – teaching a language online?


      • Reply by sarah.kentish

        Online Language lessons

    • Reply by magdalena.pasnikowska

      Hi Everyone! Lovely to be able to participate in this forum. The rules of the game have changed massively since two or three weeks ago. Even though I run a completely online business, nobody will pay for translations when they are wondering how to pay their bills… Everything seems to have ground to a halt. Is there anything we can do about it, or should we just lie back and enjoy this enforced leisure time?

      • Reply by joanna.bookgirl

        Hi Magdalena.  I’m sorry to hear your online enterprise is suffering.  I would be very happy to show you what I am doing with absolutely no obligation.  I started a little part time business just a few weeks prior to lock down as I was looking for something that would allow me to go part time in my main job without filling up the time I would get at home.  How ironic that I am now permanently at home!  It is British based and has been around for over 20 years and actually booms in times of recession due to the unique nature of what we do.  It offers clever ways to save money with the option to make money at the same time.  Fortunately the business can be conducted completely online so the whole UK is my marketplace, although once the world opens up again it will be nice to be face to face with people nearby sometimes.  It’s something you can do full time, part time or just some of the time.  No stock to purchase, no targets, no hard sell.  You are completely your own boss.

        Feel free to WhatsApp or text me on 07515151886 if you would like to hear more.


        • Reply by l.litherland

          Hi Jo,

          I would be interested in finding out more about your part time business. Perhaps you could send me some more information at [email protected].



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