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  • Unemployed due to redundancy

    Hi Everyone. Just need some advice if anyone can help. I have just this week been made redundant for the second time in 8 months. I desperately want to get back to a full time job but i am 64 and anyone who says ageism does not exist when it comes to employment must be living on Mars !! Have applied for loads of jobs over the past couple of months as I suspected this last redundancy was coming.

    It looks very much like I will have to register for Unemployment benefit for the first time in my working life. Can anyone tell me how i do this please. ?

    Sorry to rant on  but this is very hard for me. (as I am sure it is for others of you out there in a similar position)

    Posted by hazel.mills24
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    • Reply by Lesley

      I dont know where you are based or what type of work you want but Sainsburys were looking for staff and Pret a Manger at Nugents Estate Orpington, kent

    • Reply by jo6

      Hello Hazel,

      Don’t delay your application for job seekers allowance. They can get a bit narky if you leave it a few weeks – they did with me – apparently it’s because your NI contributions lapse, so I’d do it ASAP if I were you. It’s easy to apply on line.

      I totally agree with you about ageism, it’s absolutely rife – especially within recruitment agencies. They use other terms but it’s still not on.

      Good luck with your search, where are you based and what are you looking for?

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Hazel. So sorry to hear this – it must be a very frustrating and challenging time.

      We have lots of resources on the Rest Less website. First, we have a whole section on Redundancy, which incorporates your job hunting, finances and inspiring stories. In our Money Section, you’ll find a whole area dedicated to Government Benefits.

      On the Community Forum, we have a Jobs and Careers section, where there have been a few discussions about redundancy, so it might be worth checking out some of those conversations and posting your question there, too.

      I do hope you find the support and resources you need and go on to find something you love.


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