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  • TRAVEL INSURANCE. I’m renewing my travel insurance. As long distance travel is likely to be out of the question this year, reducing the amount of cover I need will save me some money. Maybe pay for a meal out somewhere nice. Just saying….it might be worth considering.

    Posted by Winston Ingram
    • Reply by Sonny1234

      It’s a good idea but I live in hope for a beach on a Greek Island , never say never !!!

      • Reply by Winston Ingram

        Absolutely understand. I was thinking more of long distance travel world wide. Good luck with the beach in Greece. I could do with some of that.

        • Reply by Seasider

          I have tickets for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to see my son and family, hoping to go!! Fingers crossed.

    • Reply by NannyJ

      I am hoping to hit long haul later this year. We have had to move it twice once last year and again last week. Be wary of travel insurance change.
      We went to change the dates again and they wanted to charge a further £140 on top of the £130 originally paid, saying it was because it was over 12 months from original. We challenged it today as we got a quote from same company same dates and came up at £90.
      We received £67.50 refund for cancelling and same insurance policy for dames date for £90.27.
      Happy days😀😀😀

    • Reply by wolvesinwales

      I have a Nationwide Building Society Flexplus account that for a £13 monthly fee includes Travel Insurance, Gadget insurance and Breakdown cover.

    • Reply by Sue V

      Most tour companies offer insurance so buy it as you nerd it would be my answer