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DavidAddy Posted 11 months ago
To Share or Not To Share That Is The Question

Who likes Poetry. I know I do and I love to share
So please feel free and all feedback is welcome 🙂

Poem Our Daughters

I dream of our daughters every single day
What they will look like and what they will say

How they will study and how they will play
While away their time in such innocent ways

Aisha the eldest she has all of the fun
Runs rings around me and always sides with her mum

While Kawthar the youngest
She’s the innocent one
Mimics all of Aisha’s movements
But for her, it’s not fun

Out with their friends as they grow
At fifteen they think they are fifty
I laugh at them so
They grow so quick
Little ladies they are
I know in life they will go really far

Oh our daughters I give them such praise
I am so proud of all their achievements
They never cease to amaze

From early school days
To graduating from university
My beautiful daughters will always be with me

And again as I dream of our daughters
And time moves on
Our daughters will carry on having all of their fun

Then when I awake
And my dreams go away

It’s the memories of our daughters that will stay

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