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  • Tired of possessions?

    I seem to have reached the age of not wanting to be surrounded by trinkets and non useful things, it maybe from cleaning out my dad’s flat when he died, but I feel weighed down by it all, unfortunately my husband doesn’t like to let things go! So new lamp to me means old lamp goes to the charity, husband likes to keep it! So I seek stuff out when he is not looking 😉😂😂

    Posted by ddibblet
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    • Reply by vaughanpauline

      I’ve never wanted to be surrounded by clutter. The exception was books but they went when I left my husband. I’d nowhere to go at that stage so could only take what I needed immediately.

      Now my aim is to move abroad as soon as I can so I’m living in a flat with very basics of furniture and other possessions.

      I’m not missing anything and think I’ll continue like this if I ever settle anywhere

    • Reply by Val Whitehouse

      Yes my husband is similar.  He would say  hes not but an example was a side table that his mother gave us while she was alive, she was minimalist and got rid of anything she anything she had no need for.  But my husband says ‘ mom gave us that’ my response is ‘ it wasnt  a heir loom. She got rid of it because she had no use for it and neither do we’  needless to say you have to shimmy sideways through his shed😉

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