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    I am a university lecturer in nursing and plan to retire at the end of this year-to take up my new career as a mobile Personal Trainer, specializing in the over 50’s.

    My inquiry is:
    I also plan to stop paying a high monthly rent and buy a ‘Tiny House’ (tinyecohomesuk.com), so that I can simplify/downsize and live more eco-friendly. The problem is I need to find a site somewhere in Suffolk where I could site it (preferably with utilities that I can connect to). I would be happy to pay any planning fees and a monthly or annual site rental fee. I have been advised to ‘put the word out’ in as many forums as I can-hence this post!

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this


    Posted by runner49uk
    • Reply by Sunnydays ๐ŸŒž

      Good luck with this David. I really hope the site youโ€™re looking for. It sounds like the ideal retirement plan.



    • Reply by Lara

      I’m following this with much interest David, I’m absolutely ready to go tiny, also seeking suitable space.

    • Reply by marina

      Wow thatโ€™s so fascinating. I have looked at some eco houses on YouTube. Good luck with it !