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  • Time To Put Away Childish Things?

    There’s a chap at the bottom of our street who runs a comic book shop along with retro toys of that genre.

    Standing outside chatting with the owner – (he was teaching his work experience Dalek about customer care) most of the customers coming along for a look were middle aged men.

    This ties in with many people I know of a similar age who are into things like dungeons and dragons, like to paint up the table top figures (apparently you must never call them toy soldiers!) Mostly men but one or two women.

    Since retirement I’ve renewed an interest in Airfix kits (Wingnut Wings 1st world war aircraft to be precise) – watching the You Tubes of other peoples models, again it’s mostly older blokes.

    So what do you think? Second childhood or simply that you’ve come to an age where it doesn’t mater what other people think about these mild foibles?

    Posted by Nick Tilling
    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      I think the latter. Life’s too short to be worrying about what other people think about your hobbies. Just do it!

    • Reply by Colin in Kent

      Well, to quote Tom Baker’s Doctor – ‘what’s the point of being an adult if you can’t be childish sometimes?’

      I probably fall into all those categories. I play dungeons and dragons Friday nights, collect action figures and am into gaming and boardgames. But I think there’s certainly a shift in the mindset that gaming isn’t for women – two of our group are, with another on the waiting list. Collecting figures is probably more male oriented, but even there there’s good representation in the facebook groups.

      Some of it goes alongside the cultural shift that’s happened, the ‘Rise of the Nerd’, since the 90s. Things that were once socially derided are now seen as mainstream, helped by various Hollywood actors admitting they play DnD. Felicia Day really boosted this with her youtube series The Guild, but also Stephen Colbert and Vin Diesel.

      My feeling is that I’ve never been interested or concerned about labelling of pastimes. My liking for dnd, or for compiling lists of Doctor Who stories, is no different from (to my mind) tedious bores who go on about the Premiership or their favourite players’ statistics, or golf, motor racing etc. It’s only cultural pressure that makes us believe it is, and that football is ‘cool’ and figure collecting or dnd is ‘uncool’. There’s no legitimacy for that, and yes, I guess whilst when I was young I might have kept quiet about it, I no longer care for the monstrous hegemony of the majority who want to tell me what and what isn’t acceptable for me to enjoy.

    • Reply by PhilB

      Why is any of that different to golf, skiing or any other pastime? It’s your life mate, live it however you like to, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

    • Reply by SteveBrooks

      No It’s not “childish things”. If you enjoy your Airfix then it has nothing to do with other people. I am at an age where I don’t care one bit if people judge me ( as long as I am not hurting others or their feelings). I generally do what I want. I did have a hobby of collecting 60’s and 70’s model cars a few years ago and I rediscovered my old favourite music but on vinyl. I do think that we relate to our past and the so called “better times”. I still have the teddy bear my Mum gave me when I was born (although I don’t sleep with it! I don’t think there is anything wrong with being sentimental. Do what you enjoy and don’t worry about other people’s negative judgements

    • Reply by Nick Tilling

      To be fair, no one has given me a hard time of it. However, I do recall a few years back the father of a friend, who wanted to build a kit of the aeroplane he flew in the war – but because he was a bank manager and was sensitive about the formality of his position, had to display the finished model in an airing cupboard where visitors to the house could not chance upon it. Now that is frame of mind that anyone should take steps to change

    • Reply by Fluffy

      no need to get rid of old favourites , they remind us of not necessarily happier , but certainly more care free times when we were young.
      i’ve still got my old spud gun somewhere 😀

    • Reply by loislane

      Just do what you want, doesn’t matter what others think, your life, your hobby.
      It’s ok to rediscover who we were. I love Star Trek, Dr Who, I still love the film’s, books, music I grew up with, who cares, now…where is my recorder…🤔

      • Reply by Fluffy

        OMG NO !!! not the recorder 🙁 lol

        • Reply by loislane

          Oh yes fluffy! English country garden coming right up…after I’ve practiced…once I’ve found it

        • Reply by Fluffy

          can i play along on my tin drum ? lol

        • Reply by loislane

          You certainly can, got a keyboard here too and a clarinet

        • Reply by Fluffy

          OMG we’ve got a band 😀

        • Reply by Glasgow Annie

          Thanks for the laugh just now and enjoy your band

        • Reply by VFP

          I’ll play the keyboard!

        • Reply by loislane

          Cool, Viv

        • Reply by Gill B

          I have a recorder too. In fact I have two!!

        • Reply by loislane

          See Min…

        • Reply by min

          How about a duet Lois? English Country Garden suits me! Over the years I’ve even picked up a few recorders in charity shops!

        • Reply by loislane

          Indeed, still looking though.

        • Reply by Fluffy

          we need a band name now , any suggestions ?

        • Reply by Staying Alive

          Well I used to sing in the school choir so could I join the band

          The name for a band how about. COOLS Z KATS 👍🏼

    • Reply by Catwoman

      If you enjoy it and it isn’t harming anyone or anything then crack on I say n sod the others

    • Reply by Catwoman

      Bagsy the clarinet 😃

      • Reply by loislane


        • Reply by Geoffrey

          Can I do the vocals, in the style of Frank?

        • Reply by loislane

          Got to love a bit of Frank Sinatra

    • Reply by Reverend Nick

      I must get out my mandolin – slice a cucumber at the same time!

      • Reply by loislane

        Indeed, that might work, add tonic

        • Reply by Catwoman

          What no gin?

        • Reply by loislane

          Okay…add gin…now look…🍸..sloshed

        • Reply by Catwoman

          🤣that’s the idea isn’t it? Though I prefer vodka or lager myself 😉

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Nothing wrong with it, loads of blokes have what we think are unusual hobbies where we think we have to justify.

      I did buy and collect Subbuteo teams although I’ve slowed down since divorcing.

      Whatever makes us happy;)

      • Reply by dtaylor5400

        Hi Ian. I’m David. Still got my subbuteo teams in a big box and pop laying surface, when me and my brother used to make up score books. Before kick off mum always asked if we wanted the pitch ironed so it was nice and flat, made us laugh then. Still does Ian🏐👋

        • Reply by Ian1964

          Surprising how many still have their teams and still have a game.

          Can’t beat the odd game once in a while.

          Last time I played was at a Subbuteo fair down at Henley. Sellers/buyers first then completion after it. Quite a few Italian guys came over for it

    • Reply by Hippi chick

      Don’t care what people think spend your time doing what you love and enjoy as long as legal and kind x

    • Reply by Shirlann

      What others are saying whatever makes you happy 😁I’m hoping never to‘ grow’ up 🙃

    • Reply by Margaret B

      If it keeps you busy and your mind alert, then there is nothing wrong with it.

    • Reply by Inky Ess

      I have always been rather determined not to conform to what others may think of as normal and never ever grow up! Now I’m at an age where I just don’t care, what people think, I will be myself. I collect dolls, teddies and am truly happy playing with my dolls house. My grandchildren love it that I’m a little eccentric about toys and anybody else’s opinion just doesn’t matter. Life is too short to worry, just live it and love it.

      • Reply by Nick Tilling

        Mrs Nick and I were interested in making a dolls house from scratch – except of course, that they must surely come alive at night! Love to be able to do one like Mulvaney & Rogers.

        • Reply by Inky Ess

          I like to think they do come alive… like the Borrowers live there 😂

      • Reply by Yellow

        I love the colour and style of your hair. Fabulous

        • Reply by Inky Ess

          Thank you so much, I change my hair colour to give me a boost… I have been blonde, pink, purple, peach, blue but my favourite is the pink 😊

    • Reply by Nick Tilling

      Just come back home from breakfast this morning – someone has left The Pogles Annual for 1972 outside the house – the algorithms this site generates are very effective!

    • Reply by Fuff

      Don’t think you should ever put childhood pleasures away. It’s easier as you get older though because it gets less important what others think

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      I have things from my past – they all hold happy memories – toys I had as a child and toys my children had when they were little.

      I have fridge magnets and pieces of jewelry from almost every place I’ve visited. Again it’s a happy memory of times in my life 😊

    • Reply by Staying Alive

      And this is not all of them 😂 how many do you see ?

    • Reply by Staying Alive

      Each one was given to me all have a special memory 💕 love them

    • Reply by ljsteward

      I agree to – It doesn’t matter what other people think about your interests.

      My side passion is simulated auto racing on my computer. Maybe somewhat Walter Mitty but it keeps me young at heart and stimulates my brain.

    • Reply by dtaylor5400

      Hi all, still got my vinyl records and albums, played some other week, mainly play CDs now.
      Still got my Chelsea scrapbooks of cuttings and photos of players.
      Still Chelsea fan of 50 years. Since I was 12🏐🏐💞

    • Reply by Gill B

      I think taking up any interest that is absorbing and restful, is a great idea. It doesn’t matter what others think. It doesn’t matter whether it is something none of your friends are interested in, I think it’s more important for mental well-being to have something to do in your spare time. Pleased that you have found something you enjoy!

    • Reply by OutdoorPete

      Do what you want to do. If you enjoy it go for it.

    • Reply by Jjay1971

      I spent most of my life not doing the things I loved so that I would fit in. But now I just dont care, because I’m finally doing what is good for me and I am so happy. I make fantasy sculptures like dragons, faeries, monsters etc and I dont actually care what people think, because I’m being authentic to myself. What a dull life doing anything less! Look at America, they have about 5o+ conventions for the sort of things you’re into! It’s your life, live it your way, and enjoy 😉

    • Reply by White Feathers

      Do more of what makes you happy I say, life’s way too short and precious too…. Oh and do it with a smile on your face, love in your heart and with the confidence of a 5 year old wearing a Batman t-shirt 😂😂😂

    • Reply by Mikey

      Most people allow society to define them . For instance we are told from early on that to be successful you must do well at school, get a job, get married and kids, get a mortgage, the car you drive somehow tells others your “doing alright”. Years later you might realise wheres your life gone.
      Having a job that brings fulfilment and family are great but you understand what Im saying? Do what brings fulfilment.

    • Reply by ButterflySlave

      Play on Nick.

      As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, do what you will and whatever interests you, do what brings you joy.

      Live’s a journey and we have evolved into who we are now.

      Sometimes it’s nice to reconnect with who we once were.

    • Reply by Primrose

      I believe that growing older isn’t a choice but growing up is! I agree with the idea that other people’s opinions matter less as we grow older. Life is indeed too short. As for me…I work in a Primary School. Need I say more?!

    • Reply by CaptainColin

      I’m 63, and I am constantly told my my wife to grow up. I watch lots of science fiction on Netflix, and I enjoy cartoons like Tom and Jerry. I don’t care. I have lived my life and know what I like. I don’t have long to live, so I will carry on with what I enjoy.

      That sounds a bit serious. I don’t mean I have a terminal illness, I mean that I am nearer the “four-score years and ten” that the Bible says is our lifespan than I was when I was 25.