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  • This is just an experiment to see if there are any like minded landscape photographers on here who may be interested in uploaded photos for discussion.  I have attached one here 


    1. Maggie-R-scaled.jpg

    Posted by Alf
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    • Reply by Tinlizzie

      It’s a great photo – perhaps you could share how you managed the light – photo’s into the sun are always so tricky. What camera /lens too. Fabulous result


    • Reply by jan_budgen

      Been up to all sorts recently! Off to find some autumn colours tomorrow!

      1. A9C750E0-E99D-48C8-A788-625287357296-scaled.jpeg

      2. CEE9A6C4-6DEA-4167-81A8-5187AC6E73D8-scaled.jpeg

      3. 5B91FC6B-B426-46D8-B5E6-9C93452A553D-scaled.jpeg

    • Reply by Wendie

      Taken on a walk earlier this year near Abergavenny, Wales, Uk

      1. ewe-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by Challenger

      I love photography. I haven’t had much opportunity to focus recently. I prefer portrait, babies and children playing. I use a Canon which I love however there’s a lot I enjoy with Nikon- I seem to have stuck with Canon because of the cost of the lenses! With they could be interchangeable between the two! Love this shot – I’ve never really done any landscapes but you make it look interesting!

    • Reply by gwen_behling

      I love the reflections on the water and sand perfect angle .

    • Reply by stephen.mogose

      Victoria Falls and Mauritius, February 2020.

      1. CD7436A8-8BFC-491D-BC33-01D41FD7CB12-scaled.jpeg

      2. 8C67FAAC-EDC1-46F8-B607-9EA27791B3A6-scaled.jpeg

    • Reply by Adeline

      Leicester Square in the autumnal sunshine

      1. 136F3CA9-5AC8-4725-AD46-D21C321211CC_1_201_a-scaled.jpeg

    • Reply by Toddy

      Bembridge Lifeboat Station, Isle of Wight, Aug 2020 sunrise

      1. IMG_20200823_061554-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by jacquiwoods74

      Lake district this summer

      1. 20200721_131039-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by DebzO’R

      A few from my time in New Zealand

      1. 6F5D9CDC-A6BB-4C09-9F2D-2523BEA088F7-scaled.jpeg

      2. E4A69AEC-A830-40DD-ABD0-F87ADAA73488-scaled.jpeg

      3. 9B406802-8C58-4BC4-A50C-E745309A7BBB-scaled.jpeg

    • Reply by Adeline

      Experimenting with the creative mode on my sony mobile. Took this in kew gardens, London.

      1. FE30C531-3D6F-4288-9A29-367609DF5591-scaled.jpeg

    • Reply by jan_budgen

      Been busy with camera last few weeks! Milky Way season nearly over, swallows returning to Africa and nearly time for the deer rut! What has everyone else been up too?

      1. A2E9362D-C116-472B-BDE8-9F5D347CC40F-scaled.jpeg

      2. 1F2B0C0C-FC97-454A-ABBC-0AE0C25FCEFF-scaled.jpeg

      3. DF075605-DC8A-4300-893C-388A56545C67-scaled.jpeg

      • Reply by neilks

        Some photos from a week in Cornwall…

        1. NKS_8793-scaled.jpg

        2. Port-Gaverne-3-scaled.jpg

        3. Tintagel-Castle-06-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by jof240364

      I took these photos at various times.

      I hope you like them

      1. 20171025_190854-scaled.jpg

      2. 2015-10-28-20.02.11-scaled.jpg

      3. 100_0899-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by kath52

      Banff beach taken with phone on a lovely peaceful day

      1. IMG-20200725-WA0007-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by Jo

      These were taken during my last covid free holiday on the coast of Baltic sea in Poland:)

      1. 20190722_124556-scaled.jpg

      2. 20190726_205058-scaled.jpg

      3. 20190726_210131-scaled.jpg

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