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madeleine45 Posted 5 months ago
the north yorks group seem to have shown several people who would like to meet up but nothing arranged .

We are obviously quite wide spread, so I thought I would make a suggestion to start us off and see where it leads. I have found Guisborough a reasonable place to park and a long street with various shops on it. so I thought I would suggest that I could be in Costa at about 11am next tuesday the 29th. I thought that might be possible for those not working and from Yarm or Saltburn or stokesley northalleton etc. If there are a couple of people who find that they could come to that, it would be a start. We buy our own coffees or whatever we want so that you are getting your coffee and not taking a huge gamble or risk. We may just enjoy the coffee and say cheerio, or we might decide we could meet again, there or elsewhere – maybe do something together. Due to health reasons cant do much walking now but I do go swimming in Thirsk every week, so I usually take my swimming things wherever I go in the car. Sad about Saltburn at the moment with the sewage and various problems there. At the moment am not going there but it is a very nice place to meet up also. Another option is to meet at costa in northallerton . I dont have shares in costa but hate starbucks and there are usually a costa in a vicinity to use as a first base and if we know a better place local coffee shop we can move on to there but this is just a way of offering a low key chance of meeting up . If this day doesnt work perhaps suggest another. I am a singer and am rehearsing saturday and sunday at the moment so that would not work for me . Do various other things in the week and am not available on thursday. So let me know if any of this appeals or if you have other ideas that might be better. Hope this can at least be a kick start to try and meet up. We could later perhaps try a coffee in somewhere like Skipton or towards harrogate for people over that way. Hope it appeals to someone

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