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  • The dreaded ‘C’ word….. not covid nor cancer… christmas

    So…. is your tree up or down… I would say asking for a friend…. but in these wobbly times which kinda spans the whole of 2020. Just do what makes you feel good….a symbol of hope and normality at some stage… well that’s just my view… so anyone else put theirs up early …

    Posted by Let’s start again
    • Reply by Inky Ess

      pretty tree!  And I love that chair!

      I have some pretty lights up but not the tree yet.  But soon.  M neighbour has had her tree up most of November but then she does have young children.
      happy decorating!


    • Reply by amosf64

      Oh God no…………………………….far to early lol

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Hi, im gradually sneaking up Christmas bits, a few window clings here, a nutcracker soldier there, I’m trying to resist but its very hard. I love trees and fairy lights, glitter and sparkle especially this year.

    • Reply by jane.anstee22

      My Christmas tree isn’t up yet (have been too busy), but driving home in the dark late this afternoon, I noticed that some people already have Christmas trees, lights and other decorations and the next village has its Christmas lights on in the main street. I would usually think it is a bit early, but this year is an exception and I think that anything that brings us a bit of cheer is to be welcomed.

    • Reply by dannyboy

      Must learn to put my glasses on lol