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  • The best chocolate bars out there

    Not wanting to be greedy and after consideration from previous indulgent food related questions, you can choose 4

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
    Cadbury’s Wholenut
    Terry’s orange

    Posted by Ian1964
    • Reply by Gill B

      Me think Ian, you have a sweet tooth!! 😂

      Cadburys Oreo
      Chocolate buttons

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Yep and it’s going to be put to the test again come Monday when I’m planning to start back exercising after 12 months off:(

        • Reply by Gill B

          Well enjoy the commencement of your exercise regime!!! Aching a bit at first I guess!

        • Reply by Ian1964

          Tuesday, bank holiday tomm:)

        • Reply by Gill B

          Yes. Another day or rest!!

      • Reply by adeliza0165

        Lindt is a class of it’s own and I love the strawberry and the coconut balls 😋

        • Reply by Gill B

          Oooh no neither of those. I don’t like coconut. Not much I really don’t want to eat, but coconut is one. I agree though Lindt is a real favourite 🤤

    • Reply by jakb

      I only eat dark chocolate.
      Moser Roth being the most commonly available.
      With salt.
      With chillies.
      With ginger and tangerine.I find them very moorish especially if I’m having the salt one with whisky.

    • Reply by Dreamyboy

      Marathons (refuse to call them snickers!)
      Tony’s – Dutch chocolate bars, sold in Waitrose and Sainsburys

      Hersheys – should be banned on health grounds.

    • Reply by Margaret B

      Plain chocolate Bounties,
      Any 70% chocolate
      Kit kats

    • Reply by CraftyQuilter

      Starbar without a doubt and Lindt, gosh that stuff is addictive

    • Reply by VFP

      This may not count as a chocolate bar but I love M&Ms (plain chocolate, not the peanut one). Otherwise Hotel Chocolat. But I also love everyone else’s favourites too!

    • Reply by Ian1964

      M&S is nice

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Orange was always the daddy:)

    • Reply by Fluff

      Old Jamaica, Ice Breaker, Bounty. 🙂

      • Reply by Louise003

        Do they still make Old Jamaica? I used to love that stuff…

        • Reply by Fluff

          Still available in my local shops…perhaps I better check the sell by date….1979 ! 🙂

        • Reply by Louise003

          You’re not a time traveller are you?

        • Reply by Fluff

          : ) sussed me.

        • Reply by paxton1974

          You can get an old gold on Amazon but the price will make your eyes water & Bournville Old Jamacian on Ebay at a better price.

        • Reply by Louise003

          I look on eBay for just about everything these days but never thought of looking for chocolate!

        • Reply by Sealie

          £ shops for old Jamaica rum & raisin dark chocolate

        • Reply by Celticghirl

          You can get Bournville rum and raisin from home bargains and bnm. One of my favourites ☺️

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Old Jamaica- my sisters fav. Not many places sell it these days

    • Reply by Heva 01

      Anything from Cadburys! 🥰

    • Reply by Fluff

      Don’t really care for Cadbury’s since they introduced their new formula.

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Not as good defo

    • Reply by Louise003

      I like anything dark & minty or dark & orangey…

    • Reply by paxton1974

      Used to be Old Jamaican

    • Reply by Josie The Black Country Wench

      Old Jamaican for me too and my husband. Oh and Dark Chocolate Coffee Creams must be dairy free though.

    • Reply by Summer59

      Hotel chocolate bars
      Cotswold Chocolate bars
      Cadbury’s Orange Bar
      Cadbury’s Popping Candy

      Just love chocolate, always have, too many to list

    • Reply by Kev-kev

      85%+ and the minty ones left on the pillow in hotels!!

      • Reply by Ian1964

        That you find melted to your ear:)

    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      Cadbury Whole Nut
      Cadbury Fruit & Nut

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      Turkish delight 😋 so tasty, squidgy and gooey 😋

      • Reply by Ian1964

        The advert was a classic as well:)

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Oh yea forgot about that. Will have to reconsider my top 4 🤔 😂

    • Reply by Abtastic

      I am showing my age now but I remember Texan bars and Aztecs. Both were pretty good!

      • Reply by Ian1964

        Texan bars- destroyer of teeth;)

        Good though

    • Reply by Vixster

      Cadburys milk chocolate bars, Turkish Delight, Frys Peppermint chocolate cream and any milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. That covers quite a few!

    • Reply by Malley

      I have stopped eating Cadbury’s and refuse to buy it. I prefer
      Fry’s Chocolate Cream
      Terry’s Chocolate Orange
      Turkish delight and best of all
      Thornton’s Continental.

      • Reply by Ian1964

        You can’t eat it if you don’t buy it;)

        • Reply by Malley

          A friend could offer me some.

    • Reply by Lisa D

      My favourite chicks are all from Australia, Cherry Ripe, Violet Crumble bars 😍