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    I did my CELTA qualification for teaching English as a foreign language some years ago. I never really used it but was recently thinking if it was possible to teach foreign students online. It may also be something I could do when I no longer want to work full time. Does anyone teach online and if so could you please give me some advice as to what is required?

    Posted by christine.twigg
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    • Reply by audriasenna

      I am learning English as a foreign language.

      Someone in Peterborough who can teach me, please?

    • Reply by avridavidoff

      I would appreciate any input or advice.

      I am a doctor and a published medical researcher. I don’t  have an English degree but have tutored and lectured. I wondered if this experience would be of any use to non-English speaking people with similar backgrounds and who may need to converse In English in their profession?

    • Reply by davidriddell925

      Hi. I recently ‘retired’ from the classroom after 36 years of TEFL work as a teacher, CELTA trainer and academic manager. Although I am looking for work in a different area now, I also offer 1-1 tutoring / advice for students and teachers / CELTA trainees. I have a website with details  davidriddelltefl.com

    • Reply by KateCLS

      Can Team Restless or others suggest companies that are hiring online English tutors?  Many thanks

    • Reply by alexmichon1968

      HI I qualified as a Celta teacher just before lockdown

      I have an MA in Fine Art from the London Institute and I  am also a published author and have worked with a lot of foreign architectural students helping with their English dissertations

      I was born in England but my parents were Polish so I am also fluent in Polish! I would love to teach a Polish student – which I can do either via Zoom or Skype and my rate is £10.00 per hour please contact me on my email if interested

      • Reply by keithstewart


        Thanks for the message.  They have found someone. Have you tried tutlo- they have an app for online teaching. And are based in Poland.


    • Reply by aj.curry21

      I have a degree in teaching, do I still need to do training to teach English as a second language?

    • Reply by monsoon1

      Hi to everyone, I have just found my way to this site which is very interesting.

      My husband is currently living in Africa and I am in the UK, not by choice but anyway I was wondering if it is possible to teach English if you do ESOL or do you need to also have a degree.

      I am looking for a way to teach English as a native  speaker to foreign students to perhaps enable me to live over there.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a degree and feel my options for changing my career now are very limited.

      Look forward to hearing from you all


    • Reply by tiwtorann

      Give it a go!  I am a Welsh tutor and I have continued to teach during lockdown on Zoom.  Initially, it was a steep learning curve but in retrospect it has been so rewarding.  I bring up documents to Zoom, our national Learn Welsh resources and you tube clips.  I use the breakout rooms for pair and group conversation.  I have managed to retain good numbers in my classes – proof of the pudding I guess.


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    • Reply by keithstewart


      Is anybody interested in teaching English to a total beginner student. It will be online and I think they are in Poland. It’s a request from a friend but I don’t teach beginners. I think she wants 20 hours. You will need to say your rate etc.

      I would pass your details and you discuss with them. This is just a referral to them.

      Let me know.



      • Reply by Julie Cutler

        I have a teaching certificate and speak fluent English. Charge £30an hour.


        Julie Cutlee

      • Reply by sarahlsporter

        Hi Keith,  I would be happy to teach English to a total beginner and have a TEFL (Celta) qualification.  I’m currently teaching two students: one from Bulgaria and another from the Gambia.  Please email me on: [email protected].  Regards, Sarah

      • Reply by currutia22

        Dear Keith,

        I have been teaching ESOL and EAL for about 15 years in London. I’m interested in teaching polish students online.

        My email [email protected]

        Maria Urrutia

        • Reply by keithstewart


          How are you?

          I will pass your email onto my friend who is looking for a tutor for his sister. She is a total beginner and my experience is with intermediate. I will email you as well. I want to have a couple of names of people so we can pass work etc to each other.



    • Reply by lindacdone


      I have been teaching English as a second language for 10 years and completed the CELTA 4 years ago. I usually work in college but obviously now I’m teaching on line.

      We are using teams because the company have put everything into office365. We started using it from September so our students should already know there way round. In practice however the lower level students are finding it difficult to navigate as they have very limited skills on their phones and don’t have laptops.

      As a practitioner I don’t like it. For b2 level and above it’s ok but my groups are a1 a2 and trying to manage small groups of 5 or 6 for 1.5 hours is increadably wearing. Also online with teams it’s difficult to assess engagement where as in the class you learn to read the room.

      That said there are plenty of people who do it. China are often looking for online teachers. They usually ask for a degree too though. Invest in the right equipment. Be prepared to develop course material, the books are often too Euro centric and prepare some assessments so you can measure progress. The student doesn’t guide the program you do so you need some professional judjement to decide on a course and the key areas for improvement.




      • Reply by lindacdone

        PS I do apologise for my typos. Wrote it on my phone quickly. Note to self – check before sending.

    • Reply by kstewart470

      Hello Christine and Ali,

      How are you?

      You need a reliable home computer and good wifi. The benefit of a laptop is that you can do lessons anywhere. Agencies will have some or a lot of resources.  Use those to start but build your own. YouTube and google searches will give you lots. Speak to teaching friends too. If you save your resources to the cloud you can access them anywhere and don’t have books etc to carry. It depends on who you teach what resources you need. Read blogs. Tefl.org and tefl.com have lots with tips. Newspapers. Magazines.  You will see lots of resources there. I use newspaper articles to help a student build her vocabulary. Also check your own files and see what you have. Scan them to cloud storage. Tefl.org do a 30 hour teaching business English course. Cambridge do a 20 hour IELTS course. And check locally for opportunities to volunteer.  Check angloville and estacion ingles for volunteering in Poland and Spain.

      Also have a quiet, clean etc space to teach from. Be aware of what is in the background. I have books and maps. Nothing offensive or scary.

      What else has worked for you?



      • Reply by shimmyalishake

        Hello Keith

        Just a note to say thank you for taking the time to reply to our messages and for your recommendations.  Shortly I will Google the websites you suggested to take a closer look at them.  I do have my CELTA qualification but it was some years ago and I haven’t yet put it into practice. Unfortunately, it seems there are no language schools in my area.

        Your tips regarding a safe and inoffensive workplace will be important factors and for me it is also having a quiet space too free of distractions.  Any further tips or recommendations you have will be most appreciated.





    • Reply by christine.twigg

      Hi Ali

      I looked at the websites Keith mentioned which are very helpful.  I am sill doing research and have not decided anything yet. It seems companies can supply lessons plans and students but may pay less than if you did it all yourself. I am also looking in to teaching Business English as a specialism. What are your thoughts – do you have any TEFL qualifications?


      • Reply by shimmyalishake

        Hello Christine,

        Thank you for your reply.  Yes, I agree it is definitely worth looking into and doing some research.  I have recently been made redundant from a job I have had for 21 years so needlesstosay it is a bit of a shock to the system.  I am furloughed until end of June but there is no chance of further employment within my current background of tourism and the forecast is at least 3 years before the industry recovers.

        Many years ago I did my CELTA course as a summer intensive course lasting just a few weeks.  It was a very condensed and quite highly stressful course to complete over such a short period so I wouldn’t particularly recommend it and would suggest the longer, part-time courses would be better.  Hence why I am thinking of doing another course so I can better revise what I actually learnt.  Like you I haven’t used the qualification or had any experience of using it  but would love to participate or help somewhere to gain some.  So far I haven’t been able to locate any schools in my area though.

        This lockdown experience has shown me the value in having employment online that can continue to function if premises or transport links close down.  I am keen to learn about teaching online as well although I have no particular area of specialty in mind.

        I believe having a dedicated space will be very important as Keith mentions and somewhere without interruptions or distractions.

        I will take a look at the websites Keith suggested and a good read through some of the blogs.  It is great now having the time to do this.  I will be interested to hear your thoughts as you explore options as well.




    • Reply by shimmyalishake

      Hello Christine and Hello Keith

      Further to your comments I am also interested as a newbie to know do you do prepare the lessons from scratch or when you sign up are you given the resources to teach with?



    • Reply by keithstewart

      Hi, how are you?

      I teach online and it is slow building up work but start now and you will get work. Work with an agency to start.

      Check tefl.org and tefl.com. they have jobs and also useful blogs about teaching. read those for ideas.

      A good wifi signal, headphones with a michrophone and a quiet room to teach from is all you need. Decide if you want tot each adults or kids. kids take too much energy for me. so adults win.Especially as they often want conversation to improve their English. You can also use your CELTA and get a job abroad. The above 2 sites will show you options.

      let me know if you have other questions and what happens.


      • Reply by christine.twigg

        Hi Keith Thanks for the reply. Can I just ask what resources are used to deliver the lessons e.g. Microsoft Teams? Do you have to pay for these yourself so need it on a home computer? Also what background and qualifications did you have?

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