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  • Sunday 16 at 6.30pm via Zoom the Chatter group are holding our 2nd confessions session.

    The first event was sooo funny!
    Non of us will ever be able to look at a cauliflower in the same way again!

    Your welcome to attend even if you don’t have a confession but if you do (and it’s legal and decent) you just email it to me before 16 May.

    I will read all the confessions to the group and everyone else will guess who sent it in.

    Everyone is welcome just message me for a link.

    Absolutely no need for anyone to be bored or lonely. This a great way to make friends and meet people.

    If you need help with zoom let me know in advance.

    Posted by paulinevaughan2015
    • Reply by Anonymous User

      I hope ya’all going to join this zoom call on May 16th 2021 be nice to put a face to ya’all. Definitely going to be there can’t wait for confessions part 2 was awesome fun the first round.😂😁

      Send your direct message to paulinevaughan2015 and join!


      See ya there



      I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day because I get to make cupcakes for a special someone and that special someone is me.

    • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

      Thanks for that Devman. So glad you enjoyed the first confessions, I think everyone did from the feedback I got.

      Habe you ever thought of changing your name to Deputy Dawg cos you sure sound like im on ear

      • Reply by Anonymous User

        Decided to order Curry this time round no Pizza 😂 Gail force winds expected this Sunday 🐱‍🚀


    • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

      All the more reason to stay home and join us on zoom!

      Curry sounds good, can’t beat a good curry.