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  • Still waiting/longing for first grandchild?

    Hi, my three grown up children (35 to 27) have all flown the nest. I’m proud of them all, but so far even though two of them are in settled relationships, there are no grandchildren. Two have said that they do not plan to have any, whereas the third says maybe one day, careers allowing! (Whatever that means!) Anyone else find your the odd one out & that all your friends ever seem to talk about (especially since Coronavirus) is their grandchildren? Very hard to stay positive when your in your mid 60’s & some of your friends are becoming Great-grandparents!  I cannot be the only one, so how do others cope?

    Posted by MUFC55
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    • Reply by Christinex

      I know just what you mean. My eldest said he didn’t want children but good news. He married the love of his life last year and last month they had a beautiful baby boy. I never thought I would ever have grandchildren and then all of a sudden I am a grandma.

    • Reply by MUFC55

      My son and his partner of three years have just bought a five bedroomed house, so I’m still keeping everything crossed

      that this is a sign of things to come……one day! Else why buy such a big house for only the two of them?

    • Reply by lisapgriff

      yes I am a thwarted Grandmother . It is best to be philosophical; it will or won’t, happen when the time is right

    • Reply by debbiejay

      I am 60 and I have a son aged 30 and a daughter aged 27.  Neither are currently in a relationship.  I would love to have grandchildren – one of my best friends has 12, with the 13th due next month.  But I take the view that it is entirely up to my children whether they decide to become parents – if it happens, great, but if it doesn’t then I’m sure I will find other ways to fulfil my old age!

    • Reply by CT

      Don’t give up hope. I had none, but then, like buses, two came along at once. Both my daughter and my daughter-in-law have had babies during lockdown. I think it’s best not to mention it, just bite your tongue and maybe they’ll come around to the idea themselves. It’s a big commitment and it’s not for everyone, but I have a couple of friends much younger than me who hadn’t planned to have children but suddenly had a change of heart, one at 38 and the other at 42, so you never know.

    • Reply by hawthorn2004

      Hello, yes I’m beginning to feel that way and wishing I’d had my children earlier! I’m 61 and my boys are 28 and 25. The elder seems to be in a committed relationship but only been with girlfriend not quite two years and currently both working in Canada. Hope they don’t stay too long! I don’t think either will produce children any time soon. It would be lovely to have a grandchild to spoil but some way off I fear. Meanwhile keeping busy working part-time and joining classes!

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