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Rob1000 Posted 5 months ago
Started cycling! Advice welcome…

My wife and I have just gone out and bought a pair of bikes (hybrids) with the intention of getting out and about a bit more and getting some exercise! Any tips from experienced leisure cyclists on how to get started and what sort of places to head for/avoid would be appreciated?

I’m also interested in whether we can connect socially with others through cycling? I wondered if there are cycling communities for folks who just want to potter around on an afternoon out, as opposed to donning full lycra and bombing around the countryside(we’re definitely not into that!)? We live in Warwickshire…Cheers!

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    • Terry75 22nd August 2021 at 1:30 pm

      Cyclo Sportives (fun runs for cyclists) are good did my first at 61 but I was in full lycra and did 100k in a touch over 4hrs but there are also the smaller distances and the friendship, support and atmosphere is great.