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    Anyone else having problems getting squirrels out of their loft?

    Posted by StellaA
    • Reply by hayhurstbolton

      Oh yes, they drove me mad. Tried everything. Bought flea bombs, nothing, bought a trap, nothing, found where they came in, bought smoke bombs, filled in the gap where they got in while they went out, they went mad when they tried to get back, but was so happy, they had made such a mess in the attic, may look cute but blooming heck they have a temper and can spit and Barr their teeth look at them different now.

      • Reply by StellaA

        Thank goodness a fellow sufferer. I managed to trap three and they were taken away. The roofer has put metal mesh over the hole but I’m a nervous wreck listening out for every scratch. It just feels like an invasion. Cute they are not.

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Blimey, poor you! Mice and rats are bad enough. Squirrels don’t bear thinking about 😟