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    I am intending ( Corvid 19 willing) to go to Spain in November and stay for at least 3 months. During that time I want to learn the language.

    Has anyone ever done this?

    Can anyone suggest an are where I may get reasonable priced, decent, self catering accommodation?

    Is it best to book lessons before I go or just look for a language school of teacher

    Also I have never driven on the left, will I be able to get a driving school who could take me out for a few lessons? (Driven in UK for 40 plus years)

    Any ideas from people with a better knowledge of the country much appreciated



    Posted by vaughanpauline
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    • Reply by anniekzn

      Greetings, there are some lovely answers on here. I’m now in my late seventies and would love to rent for three months too, out of high season. Somewhere with flat esplanade etc, trees and greenery, and not as expensive as main holiday resorts. Would appreciate any suggestion. Thank you.

    • Reply by paulgaynor99

      Hi Pauline, I moved to Mallorca and ran a English language school with my sister for 2 years. My advice re learning the language is to do as much as you can before you get there. Do something everyday, even if its only for a short time and try to listen to the language as much as possible eg children’s Spanish books from local library. There is an excellent Spanish cd set by Michel Thomas. It’s brilliant for new learners and you will be speaking in sentences straight away – really. Some good advice in comments above but also get a Spanish verb book and a dictionary and translate things in Google translate for fun. There are free apps that can help eg Duolingo and Babbel – use them before you go. Some local council’s do free Spanish courses for foreigners but often these can be in the local language eg Catalan or Vallenciana rather than Castilliano Spanish. When you get there try and do a language exchange with a local person who wants to learn English – I’ve for gotten the name but similar to a buddy scheme where you meet someone and converse for the same amount of time in each language. Places to stay so depends on where you’ll be, generally don’t accept first offers and negotiate. I can only speak for Mallorca but people might might be perplexed about the driving instruction. It’s a bit less formal over there I think it’s more about just getting out there and doing it. Good luck.

    • Reply by Valerie


      I agree with the previous comment, it’s amazing how your brain adjusts to driving on the right as long as you’re in a Spanish car! – driving a UK car there is more difficult.

      I lived on the Costa del sol for 15 years and found it really hard to practice the language despite trying private lessons, courses run by the Ayuntamiento (council) and chatting to the locals! Go inland, you’ll be speaking Spanish within a few months, you’ll have to! Also renting will be much cheaper inland, the costas can be very expensive, good luck! It’ll be a great adventure!!

    • Reply by humphris99

      I’m hoping to do the same early next year. I would be interested to hear how you get on.


    • Reply by CT

      I have a house in Spain and normally go there regularly. If you want to learn Spanish I’d suggest you avoid the coast and go inland. Pretty much everywhere along the coast everyone speaks English and you’ll find it hard to practise your Spanish. As soon as people hear your accent they’ll reply in English, especially young people who want to speak English because of the internet. Unless you’re in a big city, don’t worry about driving, it’s really easy. Spain has some of the emptiest motorways in Europe, particularly in the south. Some towns offer free Spanish lessons for non-native speakers as long as you have an NIE number and if you end up on an urbanisation you’ll probably find there are group or individual Spanish lessons available for a small fee.

    • Reply by T2

      Hi! I’m Spanish. I would suggest you try to learn the language before you go. Not easy, but at least, the very basic, alphabet, numbers, right, left…that sort of things. Spanish is a phonic language, so the sound of a letter never change. That’s why I always insist to learn the alphabet as you can read anything in Spanish even if you don’t know the meaning!!!

      As per accommodation, it depends on where you want to go. The best places are “posadas”, so look for anyplace that has the name of “posada” (s make the plural, like in English). Or just rent a flat. You could have your own place for around 500 euros a month in some cities.

      Driving is not that difficult once you’re there. I never drove on the left lane until I came to England and it took seconds for the brain to adapt. You can always look for an “autoescuela” (driving school)and ask for a couple of lessons.

      If you need anything else, please, don’t hesitate to ask.



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