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  • Solar PV – worth it?

    Our local council have joined forces with a supplier called EEC to provide solar panels for an alleged 35% discount. The recommendation for my house is 20 panels and a battery for circa £10k – which sounds reasonable for an estimated leccy bill saving of £800pa. Has anyone had similar done? Was it worth it?

    Posted by HalloweenJack
    • Reply by janclampett

      If it’s just about the savings, rather than the environmental impact, possibly not. I have had solar panels for 5-6 years. I was told the £4000 I paid upfront for 8 panels would be paid off in about 4 years. I haven’t seen a big saving on my electricity bill, but have earned about £2500 in FIT payments. I think the savings can tend to be overestimated, you are given a best-case scenario.