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  • So does anyone know how this work, I’m renovating my house, gutted it, a nice man came round and said I could get a green energy grant for air source heat, for which i now have a voucher for £5000 I was then quoted a further £6800 for the system, is there a cheaper alternative?

    £6800 would buy a lot of heating oil and probably see me out, and do I have to finish the renovations 1st? as the voucher only has 3 month life, I won’t be done in 3 months,

    Posted by TnCake
    • Reply by Mavourneen

      I would not recommend air source heating. My son is in supported living. He is in a one bedroom flat which has a well known make air sourced energy installed. He has been there for just over five years and his bills are very expensive. His average bill during one month is over £100, more than we pay for our three bedroomed house. Also the system developed a fault in February (unknown to us). The hot water never got hot, so a staff member turned up his thermostat to see if that would work, the bill for 28 days was £267! and still no hot water. After several heating engineers coming and going and scratching their heads, the fault has finally been fixed (one week ago). By coincidence we had a leaflet through the door from said well known make. The leaflet claimed you could make money (7,000 – £11,000 over the course of 7 years (much like solar power installations). My son has never received any refunds, just huge bills. This so called Eco friendly system is not fit for purpose and would never recommend it to anyone.

      • Reply by TnCake

        Thanks for reply, I would keep oil boiler as backup as I’m not sure air source would work when really cold, it’s just a £6800 commitment on top of government grant is too much 🤔

    • Reply by ArcTel

      Spend your money on plenty of insulation and airtightness measures rather than expensive complicated devices that then shouldn’t be needed. The scheme in my opinion allows profiteering by unscrupulous businesses. Check out advice from members of the AECB if need be aecb.net