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    Is sex a nessessity after 50. Do women expect men to be red hot lovers at 58 and if they can’t perform on the spur of the moment are they destine for the scrap heap??

    Posted by Archer62
    • Reply by Dancing shoes Jules

      Not at all, nothing wrong with a slower fuse to action.

    • Reply by Northern lass

      Due to my husband ill health we hadn’t made love for a number of years but we were still so very much in love.

    • Reply by Haze

      I think you can be close & intimate without sex so think you can avoid the scrap heap 🙂in fact it may be the case that many women & possibly men prefer that… a good book and some chocolate keeps me happy 🙂 wonder how many feel the same? 🤔

    • Reply by Rad

      I’m 54 and sex is important to me, if you have the right connection. My experience is women have heightened enjoyment if you whisper fantasies into their ear which in turn makes it electric for both parties. Otherwise it’s just physical sex which is just ok

    • Reply by Caroline0359

      I think sex is important ad you get older as it maintains that physical closeness. As long as both parties want the same.
      If course you can have a very happy relationship without sex.

    • Reply by BettyBoop

      I think sex is still very much important after 50. However some men just want it constantly in my experience. To me normal would be 2 to 3 times a week

      • Reply by Archer62

        Would love to 2,3 times a week once again

        • Reply by BettyBoop

          There are circumstances sometimes, where things have to change. That’s something that a couple has to talk through

      • Reply by Rad

        2/3 times a week is loads! I like sex to be epic, so it cant be too often IMO

        • Reply by BettyBoop

          So if it’s 2-3 times a week it can’t be epic? I think being with the right person makes it epic 😉

        • Reply by Rad

          In a mature relationship 2-3 times per wk and still epic is some going. I mean I love Christmas dinner but I wouldn’t find epic 2-3 days a week lol, but if you do, I’m envious.

    • Reply by BarbaraM

      There is no age definitive age for enjoying sex. Someone in their 50’s may think that they would rather not bother whereas someone else may carry on enjoying this well into their 60’s, 70’s or older.

    • Reply by June Singleton

      Well lm ln my 60 and still enjoy sex if fact l most probably enjoy it more now .

    • Reply by Blondie

      I think it all depends on the person I haven’t altered as I have aged however I do believe you have to find your partner sexually attractive.

    • Reply by Jen1967

      My personal experience after going through the menopause is spontaneously and less often. 😊

    • Reply by D.J.S

      Interesting to see the different views, my wife hasn’t been interested in sex for 20 yrs now, miss it intensely but as I love her I have to settle for seperate bedrooms and a good imagination, and the fact that it doesn’t seem to bother her is quite strange, but heyho you can’t have everything.

      • Reply by Rad

        My only input for what it’s worth is make yourself as young as you can, no guarantee of anything but I think it helps. Look at women bios who say their x was a pipe n slippers type – it can be a real turn-off.
        Look at stylish older guys who dress of this era, train their body daily (but not to induce a vain manner), get plenty of fresh air and sun, keep your hair very short (unless you have good hair) – it all helps IMO but it’s hard work. But the mental side is probably even more important for woman I think and that could be discussed at great length lol

    • Reply by Harry

      Sex is important but holding , touching , cuddling and feeling secure are just as important.

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        I completely agree. With you Harry. My husband passed away just over 3 yrs ago. I so miss walking along holding hands . And having him to cuddle up to at night.

        • Reply by Harry

          So sorry for your loss
          The holding and cuddling matters

    • Reply by Caroline0359

      Thank you. It really does matter . A hug from a friend or family member is just not the same .

    • Reply by Andy Paddles

      Once again the Rest Less collective has proven that it’s horses for courses. There are stallions and fillies, donkeys and nags! And the judicious application of the whip should always remain an option! 🤔

    • Reply by GreginYorkshire

      Each situation is different. It’s great when both want to carry on, or both do not. The problem arises when one doesn’t but the other one does. For some, an arrangement with another person may work, but that is a delicate arrangement. Each person has to consider the options, and bear in mind the emotional impact.