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doreen_grant Posted 3 years ago
Selling 2nd clothes

Hi everyone, Happy New year to you all. I am 60 year old and would like to start a new venture this year by selling 2nd clothes on ebay. Anyone has any advice or tips for this new business to be successful. I have never done anything like this before.

Thank you

Monica Grant xx


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    • Steve Cooper 5th January 2020 at 9:02 pm

      My partner does this as a sideline to her 9-5 employment. Common sense is probably the main tip, making sure that you package and deliver asap, build up your feedback (hers is around 4k @ 100%) but be prepared for plenty who do not leave any (frustrating when you just want to know an item has been delivered) & be prepared for returns, however well you describe an item and take good photographs (critical, good focus, tidy background, up to the 12 allowed inclusive, the tidy background points to a caring seller) sometimes something is missed, faulty hem, stitching failing, etc, if you have any specific questions do please ask here & I will check with her if we can assist.

    • doreen_grant 6th January 2020 at 8:02 pm

      Thank you Steve. I have a bag of 2nd clothes, but have not started any selling as yet. I’m not a very techie person and a little afraid of being scam. I was reading where it says it’s best to get some feed back before you start selling. Your partner has 4k feed back, that’s very good. Will she be able to help me get Started. I do understand that she works therefore she’s quite busy. I work as well, so I know it can be tiring, but when ever she can it would be appreciated. Its just to get my feet off the ground. How do I get some feed back.
      Thank you.
      Hope you both have a good evening.

    • Steve Cooper 6th January 2020 at 10:29 pm

      Hi Doreen.

      Have you ever used e-bay? (it sounds a little bit as if you may not have?) assuming that was where you wanted to start selling your 2nd hand items. Feedback works two ways both as a buyer & as a seller, but most buyers will only look at a sellers “selling” feedback before making a purchase, so really if you have not got much or any feedback it will need you to start by selling items you pretty much are 100% sure would be great bargains thereby gaining good sellers feedback.

      There are many many tutorials online about how to start selling on e-bay, one I just looked at on YouTube seemed sensible, maybe worth a look.  https://youtu.be/n7SfqrFviFg

      I guess the best advice is to treat your buyers as you would wish to be treated, so nicely packaged clean well presented clothes, sent on time, maybe a small personal touch (the other half always includes a thank you card)

      To get ideas of prices to sell at check the item out and see both what it is listed for (buy it now price or auction) and then put a few of the same item in your watched list to see (a) if they sell & (b) what they sell for.

      Postage prices also have to be considered including a bit for your packaging (recycling always good there) and also whether the post office is on your normal route, i.e if you have to make a special trip each sale how much will that cost you. It is possible to prepurchase delivery via e-bay via Royal Mail or courier, which does save some time.

      There really is tons to figure out, none of it daunting, but watch some videos and then if you feel comfortable, have a go. You can be scammed just as much as a buyer as a seller!

      A final point on your non-techie comment, if (& only if) learning more about tech is something that would interest you, there are usually again plenty of courses on YouTube, and at your local library, or they can signpost you to somewhere who can help, & depending on where you are in the country, a charity such as ability.net can also help, but you do need to be clear about what you are trying to learn.

      Sorry for the ramble but hope that some of it helps.


    • doreen_grant 8th January 2020 at 8:36 pm

      Hi Steve, no I have never used e-bay. Thanks for the information and I’ll make sure that I do a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos before I start selling and buying.
      Thank you.