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    Today I received a message claiming to be from HM rc

    yes it looks official until you slowly scroll down and find you are owed a few hundred pounds. Plausible yes. Alarm bells have been gently dinging in the background but when I moved down the message they were ringing like hell. They want all bank details, passwords, personal details etc . And when I checked the phone number the message came from it was from a O2 mobile. I am certain HM rc do not use mobile phones for this . Just be careful people. It would be nice to receive a few hundred pounds but may cost you a lot more.

    Posted by les.handley
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    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Les and I’m glad you spotted those tell-tale clues that it wasn’t legitimate.

      The Rest Less article, ‘Ten coronavirus scams to watch out for’, that went out in the newsletter received lots of interest, so we’ll be doing our next Facebook Live event around this topic at 12pm on Monday 6th. We’ll post a link so you can join in and ask our Finance Journalist, Mel Wright, any questions you may have.

      Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or discovered new ones? There is real power in sharing, so everyone understands what to look out for.

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