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    Hi all

    I have Multiple Sclerosis which has worsened significantly this year and after working for the NHS as a medical secretary for 22 years I now have to retire. Ia m only 54 so not what i had planned at all. I am happily married with 2 kids and just wanted any advice on what would be good stuff t do when you are retired? Any advice very gratefully received.


    Posted by Alison Mack
    • Reply by Daz


      You could contact your local ms or the national ms organisation and ask how you can help, perhaps telephone befriending and have a look at do something good website. Obviously you should only undertake wht u can manage. Daz

    • Reply by Alison Mack

      Thanks Daz

      Yes I am in contact with the local MS society and I have also become a Sense buddy where I call a blind man once a  week to keep in touch. I am due to be vetted as an MS buddy soon so that will be good.