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    Hi, I’m Cathy, I’m 57 and work 4 days a week in school’s finance. I live alone and would like to take early retirement later this year. My monthly income would be reduced but I would be able to manage.

    Any advice, should I do it?


    Posted by cathymayne
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    • Reply by peterlaw23

      Hi Cathy

      Have you considered offering book keeping help locally? There seems to be a demand  for this and it will enable you to spend more time at home and assist with your finances. Of course after the present covid-19 problem has passed. For me I decided to continue working part time after reaching retirement age and that works for me. But I can understand the attraction of having all of your time available for you to use to pursue your interests so, if that is what you want to do and you have done your home work re costs etc – pursue your dream – we are only here once life is not a rehearsal.

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