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    Made redundant end of January and registered with a number of Insurance Recruitment Agencies. However due to my age (60 next month) I am not even getting a look in. Maybe this is the time to retrain for a new career with an emphasis on customer relations or maybe even teaching ! Help I’m terribly confused !

    Posted by martinstroud25
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    • Reply by esther.bray23

      I too have been made redundant in December last year. And thinking about a career change due to Osteoarthritis. It is hard going but have been put into some health programmes so will know next week. Iam 61 and Universal Credit is hard to manage to get by.

      Hoping that my luck will be in sooner or later.

    • Reply by elizabethmcnally55

      I’ve been very depressed since being made redundant in Nov 2019, finding work anywhere has and is a daily nightmare for me, they don’t even finish reading me CV, they just take a look at me see I’m over 60, and make an excuse of some kind, I find it very sad really that they don’t want a good worker, loyal to any boss 60 to me is just a number,

    • Reply by LoveSurrey

      I’m also home due to redundancy and looking in financial services.  I have now removed first ten years of my career experience and the dates from my qualifications (e.g. “de-aging” my cv).  This makes sense.  The first ten years were spent in a role different from what I’ve done recently and seek to keep doing.  And feedback from recruiters is that hiring managers want someone with 8-10 yrs of experience, not my 22.  Happy to disclose if asked, but realise full factual disclosure not relevant and probably working against me.  Hope this is useful and best of luck.

    • Reply by brianjohnson249

      What makes you confused?

      start with a blank piece of paper and firstly work out what you need to earn and what you’d like to earn

      secondly write down what you enjoy doing.  Don’t restrict your thoughts be bold and wild.

      then see what job ideas these create.  This gives you options to explore.

      follow up on some of these.

      remember your age is only a problem if you make it one.

      i have just changed career at 51 to be a personal development coach focussing on career change.


      happy to discuss further


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