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    I have been told that I will be made redundant after 21 years

    I am uncertan how I will be able to get another job as I am 61,

    can any one offer advice on moving forward?

    Posted by kevin_davis01
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    • Reply by Margarita

      Hi Kevin,

      I think now it’s even more important to look after your self, practising self-compassion and self- care. This can help you to overcome your feelings of frustrations and can assist you in staying more positive. Check out if you can find an online mindfulness class, this can help you with all this.

      A next step can be to review your skills and strengths. Not to forget to assess what you actually passionate about. All these insights assist you in identifying opportunities and potential job areas.

      I hope this helps a bit to get you started. Get help if you need assistance in the above.

      Warmly, Margarita


    • Reply by pinkgekko

      Not all companies may offer this, but ask if access to outplacement support is part of the redundancy package.  Outplacement companies are great at helping to write CVs, how to get the best use out of LinkedIn and offer advise and support for your next move.

      If this isnt an option, ask your company if part of the package could include a sum of money to help you to retrain e.g.  Prince 2 project management course, or other option which is relatively short in duration but is a recognised ‘industry’ standard qualification.

      Dont be afraid to ask for help.  Ask friends and family to keep an eye open for you or to help you make a useful introduction. Look up past colleagues too and ask for their support.

      If you are fortunate enough to receive a package which allows you to financially survive for a few months, take some time out to really think about what you’d like to do next.  Ive know people to radically rethink their lifestyle and use the redundancy as an opportunity to kick off a new and better way of life.

      Redundancy can often be the best thing thats ever happened to you…although it wont seem like it at the time.


    • Reply by snowelf1610


      I have had my redundancy confirmed today in a 1-2-1 meeting over the internet.  The internet connection was breaking up and I think we got a 10 minute discussion overall. I await the paperwork in the post or email.  I knew it was coming as it was announced on 18th June. My and my boss were told our jobs were going and being replaced with another role through a restructure. The new person is in post and the job underneath him was one we could neither apply for as we then didn’t meet the new spec.  We got told we could apply for voluntary redundancy so I did to cover all options as I had been there 15 years, even though I was told my job has gone.

      I was told my application for VR was accepted. I thought they would have said it was not needed because my job was going anyway and it would therefore be compulsory ?



    • Reply by bev.nat

      I have just been made redundant for the 2nd time in 4 years at 58.


      I have secured a care in the community job, which I have a few online courses to finish, and an awaiting my dbs which should arrive soon.

      I am being paid up to the 31st July so hopefully start the week after.


      I am not 100% this is the right job for me have done mainly admin and reception jobs for past 17 years, and delivered ppe voluntary during lockdown.


      My daughter is on a break from university and enjoying doing the job and recommended me for it so time will tell.


      Out of 14 of us 4 have got new jobs one within days, 2 have been working almost 2 weeks, and hopefully myself in 2 weeks.

      We have literally applied for a lot of different things, and 2 who are working in a factory are hoping it will just be a stop gap until something better turns up.


      We have been promised interviews if our place opens as usual, and 1 is doing self employed floristry very casual and hoping to go back part time before Christmas, but only time will tell.


      Good luck to any others in the same position.

    • Reply by xmasdaybaby1966

      When my firm was having lay offs a couple of years ago, they sent in a careers person to help us look forward. These are the main things the course involved.

      Hope it helps.

      1. IMG_20200710_143417-scaled.jpg

      2. IMG_20200710_143433-scaled.jpg

      3. IMG_20200710_143449-scaled.jpg

    • Reply by Stuart

      Really sorry to hear how many people are going through redundancy right now.   It can be a very difficult time.

      As a few of the folks below have suggested, it’s important to do what you can to stay positive, be kind to yourself and remember you will get through it.

      People tell us that the site can be hard to navigate to the most relevant sections so I just wanted to highlight that we have a section of the site dedicated to redundancy – that tries to cover all aspects from your rights during the redundancy process, through to help finding a new job, looking after yourself during the job seeking process and budgeting and finance tips.

      You can take a look here – https://restless.co.uk/redundancy/ and we’d welcome any feedback you have on it.  We want it to be as helpful as possible.

      Wishing you the very best of luck, stay safe and look after yourselves.

    • Reply by xmasdaybaby1966

      I am 53. I have been made redundant 3 times and it almost happened again 2 years ago but I managed to keep my job upon appeal but I started the redundancy process. A woman came to tell us how to fill in CVs and how to make the best use of social media. They showed us how to set up a profile on LinkedIn and we were told how to network on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

      Despite 3 redundancies (even now I am on reprieve as the the firm’s rent on its site ends in 2 years time), I have never been unemployed for more than 3 weeks (always working in factories and warehouses).

      Register with employment agencies (physical and online). Keep positive. Don’t stay in bed all day. Get out and about. Take a walk. Even better if you take a walk and hand in your CV EVERYWHERE.

      Good luck.

    • Reply by paulb2763

      Hi, i was informed on july1st that i was beaing made Redundant, i have bin in the hospitality industry for over 30yrs, bin through this process 4 times now, and not sure what am goingvto do. Was thinking of the Security industry, but social distances make it difficult. Any ideas 💡

    • Reply by snowelf1610

      I was informed on 18th June that I am to be made redundant from my role after 15 years there. Both me and my boss in the ISO compliance team are going and they are restructuring the department. The next 4 weeks are going to be the consultation process and I can honestly say I welcome this and see it as an opportunity to follow a new path.  Even though I am 50 I am not worried as I know there are a lot of things I can do out there , but I am contemplating retraining and going into the digital marketing sector. I am even thinking of going down the VA route where I can even include the services of remote auditing thereby still utilising my current skillset.

      Any ones feedback would be very much appreciated.  The new boss in charge of our department whom I have not met yet due to the furlough I am on, has had a chat with me and said he has been in this situation himself before and has offered to assist me with contacts and help with updating my CV. I thought this was nice of him to do so.

      Thank you for reading…. all the best to anyone in this boat and may all your futures be happy, well and successful.

    • Reply by janehrdavies

      I can empathise- I was made redundant on March 31 aged 58.  This is the first time I haven’t been earning since I was 15 and got my 1st babysitting job!

      I believe that there’s some good info on redundancy on this site.  So make sure you are getting the redundant package that you are entitled to and note that any amount below £30k can be paid tax free.

      Give yourself a bit of time to get your head round what’s happened and then start to put together a cv.  There’s loads of helpful stuff on cvs on different job boards such as a cv template.

      If you think that you might want or need to do something different then consider  the parts of your job that you most enjoyed (usually that’s the stuff that we are best at) and think as broadly as possible about how these sills could be applied.  You may need to have a few different cvs highlighting different skills for different roles.  Or do you have a hobby or interest that could be turned into

      If you are not already on LinkedIn, it’s worth joining and creating a profile so that you can connect with contacts that may help you find what you are looking for.

      Hopefully other people will come forward with some ideas for you.

      Good luck and be kind to yourself. Please post to let us know how you are getting on.

      • Reply by anne

        I was made redundant in February 2019, a bit of a shock to say the least.  Then I had an operation on my knee which meant that I needed to convalesce for a few weeks, then came Covid.  I really want to get back to work, and need to earn some money but my confidence has gone.  Anyone able to help me?

      • Reply by Stuart

        I am really sorry to hear this.  Redundancy can be a very difficult time.

        It’s important to do what you can to stay positive, be kind to yourself and remember you will get through it. We have a section of the site dedicated to redundancy – that tries to cover all aspects from your rights during the redundancy process, through to help finding a new job and budgeting and finance tips.

        You can take a look here – https://restless.co.uk/redundancy/

        Wishing you the very best of luck, stay safe and look after yourself.

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