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  • Poems that make you laugh – or at least smile打

    I enjoy writing And reading light hearted and humorous poems, and would love to Share with like minded folk, just for fun, nothing heavy.

    Is there anyone out there?

    Posted by barefoot steve
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    • Reply by godschild1957

      poems are to be read only when I can,t get to sleep !!!!!!

    • Reply by lindacdone

      <b>New me New diet</b>

      Im really going to do it this time

      Im going to start when I run out of crisps and I finish this bottle of wine

      Ive found a new plan on the internet

      Takes 6 weeks, and its called, Wellbeing to Succeed

      When Ive finished the cheese in the fridge

      I just replace everything with leaves

      It says you can eat any colour you like

      You can boil, poach, or liquidise

      And if you eat nothing else for a month

      Youll drop 6 off your thighs

      It says you dont have to do any classes

      You just channel your energy within.

      So I dont have to leave the sofa

      I just lie there and think myself thin

      When Ive finished this box set

      Im gonna jump in the car and get myself round to Asda

      Coz if I really want to think myself thin, I think I should do it in Lycra.

    • Reply by karsteele

      Made me smile.


      Five people waiting

      For a bus thats late

      When one man said

      How you doin mate?


      Four people looked at him

      Didnt say a word,

      Silence at the bus-stop

      As if they hadnt heard.


      Along came a puppy

      With no-one on his lead,

      His ears all floppy

      And his eyes begin to plead.



      Five people waiting

      For a bus thats late

      Ahhd and oood in wonderment,

      What would be his fate?


      Along came the bus

      But no-one had the heart

      To leave that little puppy

      As the bus began to park.


      Doors flew open

      Man yelled Hurry up

      Five people looked and said

      Ill take the little pup.


      She was a glam puss

      My aunt

      Till the day she died

      She wore her bling.

      Confined to bed in her last months

      A morning ritual it became.

      Wasnt dressed if she didnt

      Have, on every finger a ring.

      With matching gems in her ears.

      At 96 thick natural blonde curly hair

      Had not a grey in sight and no colouring for her.

      Jealous I was and I told her so.


      She chose the ones to be buried in

      And colour coded outfit to go.

      Oh yes, and what else to make her comfy

      In her new coffin home.

      Slippers of course,

      Teabags, and her hair brush.

      And a small pillow to rest her head.

      And spare ear-rings just in case.

      Good she was slight and short

      Or there would be no room

      For the family photo gallery.


      She is where she wanted to be

      Her grave site chosen carefully

      Next to the railings

      Right by the road.

    • Reply by runkirya

      Hi , I would enjoy one right now in these difficult times.


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