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    is anyone having trouble with their pension provider ,a unnamed  certain provider is very inept at providing the necessary information / forms etc to get the pension underway , despite all of the letters,telephone calls and e-mails that i have sent to them , all i get is excuses ,excuses, and excuses .

    i am fed up with their excuses etc .

    anyone have advise for me please ?

    Posted by Stephen
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    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Stephen

      I’m sorry you’re having a frustrating time with your pension provider. My guess is that, like many businesses, they have been overwhelmed by enquiries and requests, possibly while also trying to make their customer services remote or online. That may have been exacerbated by reduced staff numbers. None of that, of course, helps you to get your problem sorted out.

      It might be worth contacting the Pensions Ombudsman to see what rights you have.

      Has anyone else experienced similar challenges and found a way of getting forward momentum?

      Regards. Helen

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