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  • Paying NI when not working?

    hi, I will find out if I have a job in a few weeks.  If I am made redundant and following that do not sign on or claim any benefits, should i continue to pay NI contributions?  I remember reading somewhere some time ago that any break in NI contributions can affect your state pension, not sure if this is still true. Any advice welcome.  ( I am 52 and plan to carry on working…..hopefully) TIA

    Posted by Melathome
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    • Reply by Metroman

      When i was made redundant  just over 3 years ago, the first thing i did was check up on my state pension. You need a minimum number of complete years to get the full state pension so its  good idea to see how many years you need. If you have any incomplete years then consider making up the difference to reduce the number of years you need.

    • Reply by Brian Johnson

      If you are not working you can complete a form to get NI credits towards your State Pension even if you don’t qualify for any benefits.  It is important to keep a complete NI record as your state pension is based on the number of years of contributions you have.  You can look on-line to get your current estimate as the rules are very complicated.

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