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  • Part time Casual Work

    I am looking for some work to do alongside my existing employment.

    At present I work for three weeks ( with some days off during this time) but then have six weeks with no work at all.

    I am struggling to find appropriate work/ employers that are willing to accommodate the three weeks other employment.

    I have tried to explain that I can bid for certain days of during the three weeks, however it is not guaranteed, and am faced with blank looks of inflexibility!!

    Any ides would be gratefully received!!

    Posted by tobleroneis
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    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi tobleronis

      Yes so many businesses aren’t quite there yet with flexible working, it can be incredibly frustrating.  We have some ideas for ‘side hustles’ that might work for you to try and fit a separate role into your existing one.  Let us know what you think…


    • Reply by petermkelly536

      I’m a painter and decorator but am looking some other work .e g different roles etc to widen my experience .Any ideas greatly appreciated cheers

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