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  • over 60?.

    anyone else here??

    Posted by Ginnywitch
    • Reply by Daisychain

      Hi, I’m 68 and live in Tyne and Wear. Lovely to meet you all

    • Reply by Mobbsy

      Ive just joined – I’ve got my “Beatles” birthday coming up soon!

    • Reply by ziggy73

      60 is the new 40 club 😄

    • Reply by hazelreynolds1952

      Hi I’m 68 and live in Tyne and Wear. Good to meet you all.

    • Reply by janwalley

      I’m 60 and loving it 😊

    • Reply by jo6

      Not quite, just a couple more weeks!


    • Reply by Ginnywitch

      hi all im from Washington, a very young 65, I hope x  nice to meet you all

    • Reply by simontricklebank

      Hi I’m  61 and new to the group I live in Birmingham.

    • Reply by shaynetrueman

      I am 60 and live in Sunderland Tyne and Wear

      • Reply by simontricklebank

        How’s the weather there,  it’s just been Hayling and thundering,  now the Sun’s  out?

    • Reply by Ginnywitch

      hi nice to meet you

    • Reply by vivb

      Hi! I’m I the over 60 club!!