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    This photo was taken by my grandmother in 1923. I have coloured it. It is the Taj Mahal Exhibit at the Wembley Exhibition.

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      We have been to India 6 times including the Tag Mahal which I think was our 3rd visit there when we did the Golden Tryangle tour on our own.
      Last time we went East to Calcutta and up to Dargeling in the high Himalayas & sore
      Mt Everest which was a
      truly outstanding sight.
      You traveled much & or India?
      Any plans to go India?

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        Not really had an opportunities for travel. A couple of very long over;and journeys to Italy in the early 80s but since then we have only flown to Italy our usual holiday destination, would have loved to have seen more of Europe. A trip to Southern states of America mid 80s and an overnight trip through Georgia and Missisippi by Greyhound Bus. One trip to Canada in 2009 to visit what was then my son’s future family.
        He is now married and living there and my granddaughter’s boyfriend is Indian so a future possible trip may be on the cards. I have to admit India has never been a place I have thought of visiting.