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    Hi I am moving into a house with integrated appliance so have a fridge/freezer and washing machine that I don’t need but still using till i move both in good condition. Best advice to get rid of at short notice?

    Posted by Vicky1970
    • Reply by Carol.L

      Try contacting British Heart Foundation as I know that they will collect white goods to re-sell in their charity shops. Or maybe other charities or children’ s nurseries local to you.

    • Reply by Tinlizzie

      Depending on where you live – they may have a freebies Facebook page. If you put them on that site they will go.

      • Reply by Dorothea

        Or put on Facebook Marketplace, emphasising fthat they are free and “buyer” must collect.

    • Reply by Dorothea

      Ring your local council as many do collections, though there is often a fee. Ours will take 5 items for £15, so neighbours sometimes share.

    • Reply by Mazza

      Or Gumtree?

    • Reply by JellyBean

      Freecycle if you want to do someone a good turn, you could advertise them immediately letting them know when you want the items collected. That way you can keep them until the last minute. http://www.freecycle.org

    • Reply by Little echo

      Offer on a recycle local site. Free to person who uplifts it.

    • Reply by 650cc dominator

      Some councils will collect free. I don’t know where you are. Seams a shame to throw them away. There are a few free sites around that you could give them away.