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Always Posted 4 months ago

Is it me or has there been an influx of new people this weekend?

Hello all you lovely new people 👋 come and join in the fun, say hello and tell us all about yourselves!

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    • Mad Ralph 16th January 2022 at 9:11 pm

      Oh no!! She’s here 😲

      *Dives behind the sofa*

    • Circle of Peace 17th January 2022 at 9:24 am

      I really must try and post on here. I think I only had one reply last time I did…hahaha

      • Always 17th January 2022 at 10:06 am

        Hi there circle of peace. Sometimes threads can get over looked but don’t give up!

      • Linpap 17th January 2022 at 1:37 pm

        Well that’s one more reply than the first time I posted! Then I think I went through a time of just replying to others and got more of a ‘feel’ for what people like talking about though it is often a surprise which threads do or don’t take off and the various twists and turns a thread can take…

      • Maryanne 8th February 2022 at 2:03 pm

        Hi l just joined two weeks and l got loads of replys, l ask has any one done anything daft.

    • HH 2021 17th January 2022 at 10:13 am

      Its strange how some posts get so much attention and others don’t though. Yep we all look forward to Linpaps posts! 😘😄

      • Linpap 17th January 2022 at 1:30 pm

        Awww thank you HH don’t worry I’ve got plenty more daft experiences to draw on and knowing me there’ll be more to come… Mind you, so have you judging from those fantastic embarrassing incidents…😉😉😉

    • GingerL 17th January 2022 at 10:44 am

      I’ve been in the group a while, but have not been active at all, either following threads or posting as life took over after I joined.
      I’m sure that a lot of newbies read all your banter and feel that they’ve not got anything interesting to add. But I’ll start to be more active (and brave!) and see how it goes.

    • Robert K 17th January 2022 at 10:57 am

      I think the problem is there are just too many new threads. What could be a good, thought provoking, thread could easily be lost in an avalanche of new threads that don’t ‘take off’. It does seem hard to navigate to areas of interest (even though groupings are highlighted).

      The more people who join in the better, but I can understand people get put off if they put their heart and soul into a post and nobody replies. Keep going everyone – it will be worth it in the end.

    • Pops McCarthy 17th January 2022 at 11:06 am

      Morning newbies.
      Do what I did. Make a nuisance of yourselves. 🤣
      The old hands will love ya for it………..eventually. 🤣

    • Jackievz 17th January 2022 at 11:18 am

      Do you have an age cap on here? I am the Golden Oldie. 🙂

    • Woodcrafter-Keith 17th January 2022 at 10:15 pm

      Well I’m still here after 2 weeks lol

    • madeleine45 18th January 2022 at 8:57 am

      I am a widow and live alone and have had to move during covid, so consequently it has been quite difficult , being on my own and not knowing many people and being unable to go out and meet (not being Boris (or should that be Boorish )Johnson. My family have not been able to come and visit of course. So I have been quite cautious because of concerns about safety on the internet etc and not being sure I am up to date with privacy settings etc, and at the age of 76 I am wary of getting scammed by some appalling scum. (did you hear on the news where someone tried to use power of attorney to steal someones house and nearly succeeded , but fortunately solicitor switched on and it didnt succeed !) I have sung all my life, from school choirs to solos, folk classical and portuguese fado, where I was lucky to have Senora Maria Rodriguez as my teacher , very elderly by then but marvellous to listen to, and when I lived in Portugal I was a professional singer with the Gulbenkian choir in Lisbon. Singing in choirs can be marvellous, apart from the actual music you perform, you meet people from all walks of life who come together to sing, so in the gulbenkian I met so many people from every different group of people as you got in by auditon and all that counted was your voice. When I first joined them I had no idea of anyones background and so we would rehearse very hard and then come out and I would see people going to catch a tram to the alfama and a very posh embassy car complete with flag and chauffeur picking up someone else. So music is very important in my life, and thank goodness for radio 3 , it has been a great help this year. first thing in the morning I look at radio 3 and see what music is being played that day. I then often structure my day round what is on offer. J S Bach is one of my major loves and I try to just sit and listen with total attention. Not keen on madrigals so dont mind putting the hoover on or washing up when they are on. sounds a bit mad , but have a bad back and some mobility problems so I cannot spend a long time either standing up or sitting down so I tend to sort of do two jobs at once where I can change position when it gets too painful. Hate actually ironing, but do like to see and feel well ironed clothes, so a miserable day sees me with ironing board set up and basket of washing to go through whilst I listen to world music with Katherine Tickell or private passions or desert island discs. Keeps me well away from the anger inducing , doleful news. I do of course follow the news but once or twice a day is quite sufficient and at the moment there is very little to cheer you up and not much more you can do about it so avoid frustration and listen to J S Bach. I also have a couple of cds one of bird song and another of water going from a trickle and then down the river to the sea. Wonderfully calming when life gets too much. Well it will take you half the day to read all this and I am sure most people think 2 lines is enough but hope this is ok to introduce myself. Thank you for the interesting things you all right and I feel that 10 minutes with a decent china mug of good coffee and a look at your messages is a good little break.

      • Mad Ralph 18th January 2022 at 11:11 am

        Wow madeleine what an insightful piece of writing, your experience of life and writing style intrigue me I’m looking forward to reading more about your exploits and opinions. Welcome along to restless, you sound like you have lots to offer, I just hope we can repay you with whatever it is your looking for on this site. What a great post 👏👏👏

      • Always 18th January 2022 at 11:22 am

        Thank you so much for sharing that with us all Madeleine. You are right the internet can be a difficult, and scary, place to navigate at times. I’ll be honest and say that there have been some less than pleasant contributors to our little family at times who have quickly been discovered and sent packing. In general this is a fun place to chat and make friends. There are a lot of serious and insightful threads to enjoy as well as some absolutely pointless (but hilarious) discussions about nothing in particular.
        It seems like you have a life time of experiences to share with us and I for one will look forward to reading more of your posts xx

      • Linpap 18th January 2022 at 11:29 am

        Welcome Madeleine what a beautiful descriptive piece of writing and I’m glad to hear your love of music has helped sustain you through these troubling times. I think Rest Less is a very safe friendly forum hope you enjoy it as much as I do

      • SelsdonLion 18th January 2022 at 12:13 pm

        Great post Madeleine!
        I agree with you about the calming effect of the sounds of nature. One of the benefits of these lockdowns for me, was the silence as a result of hardly any cars being on the road. This led to birds coming closer than they normally would and the bird songs were brilliant. I also find the sound of running water very relaxing.

      • Woodcrafter-Keith 18th January 2022 at 8:57 pm

        Welcome madeleine wow what a rich and colourful life you’ve had thank you so much for sharing

    • StevieV 18th January 2022 at 9:14 am

      Hello Madeleine, what a fascinating read! You have certainly enjoyed a fulfilling life and I empathise with your love of music. I am a very different kind of musician, and only very recently, at the age of 67, decided to take up singing lessons. What a revelation! In just 6 short weeks my range has increased by half an octave, but more importantly – my confidence/self-belief has ben hugely amplified.
      I imagine your home in Portugal was Lisbon – such a beautiful city, albeit very hilly and some very rickety old trams! I was last there around Christmas time just before the first lockdown (2019).
      I hope you enjoy your experience here on Rest Less – it seems to be a very friendly community – at least I find it so.
      Take care


    • HH 2021 18th January 2022 at 6:22 pm

      Ahhh Madeline! I think a few people are wary of this site when they first join, I think its just the fear of the unknown.

      As Always said, there are a few bad eggs on here, but most of us are really friendly, and you’ll really get to know the regulars on here.

      Hope you enjoy the site and be lovely to hear from you again! Xxx

    • madeleine45 18th January 2022 at 7:16 pm

      thanks for your messages. No I didnt live in Lisbon, but lived in a place called Parede between Caiscas and Estoril, in a flat looking out over the atlantic. Looked lovely but very cold to swim in. Used to either drive into Lisbon, or go in on the railway, There were 3 rehearsals a week plus solfege – which is voice lessons and practises that you had to attend but didnt get paid for! Then we sang concerts ,either in the Calouste gulbenkian building itself, where all the women had their dresses made to measure in cream with a wide hand embroidered yoke at the top. These were never taken home but they were cleaned and put into a zipped bag with your name on. Then we made recordings, which were sometimes made in a large church in the middle of Lisbon because they wanted the actual church echos and sounds that the music was written for. That entailed meeting at the church at about 11pm and we would be recording for as long as necessary and some occasions we were there until 2am! We did that because we had to record without having traffic sounds outside to spoil the recording. You have to pace yourself in a long recording so that you can keep the quality throughout the recording, and once we were recording the Gabrielli Sacre Sinfonia , with a very strong and extended last movement On the last couple of lines fire engines and police sirens went rushing by. In the studios we had good soundproofing of course but not in a church built in about the 15th century. In those days there was very little splicing and cutting things out or in, so we all had to sit down for 10 minutes and have a snack to get the energy up to redo the last part again.. For once , I left my car in a car park and got a taxi as I was shaking with exhaustion and didnt think I was safe to drive. So had to come back for it the next day. If we sang anywhere outside the gulbenkian we wore a plain black silky long skirt with a lace black blouse. The staff again made these for us, and they had to take care as you needed plenty of room to take a deep breath to the diaphram, but be quite covered up with a small collar and long sleeves so that it was acceptable to wear when singing in a church. It was hard work but very special and of course music is a language of its own and if you didnt understand comments, which could be in french, portuguese or sweitzer german, as three different maestros ,about how the conductor wanted it sung, someone would just sing through and we all could understand what was requred.. If we were singing outside Lisbon we were allowed to take the black clothes home , and you changed into your own things at the end of the concert and they were taken away again to be cleaned and mended if necessary and back to the Gulbenkian for the next time.

      My father played bridge to quite a high level, for two counties and he and my mother did some cruising when they retired where they provided advanced bridge lessons etc. swedish teams etc.They were popular with the cruising people and were lucky enough to do a third of a world cruise all through indonesia area etc. So it was lovely that they were able to come and stay with us for about 3weeks and my father enjoyed playing top level bridge in estoril and played with Omar Shariff , who besides being very good looking, was also a good player. I quite fancied him at that time!

      On top of this I then ended up working part time at an international school, where teaching friends were quite envious that I only had 12 or 13 children to teach, Yes a small group, mostly diplomats children, so not many of them. However their ages ranged from 4 to 7 years old, and spoke 7 different languages . You had to work out almost individual work for each child as they may have had nice homes , and travelling widely, but were very disrupted in their education as they had to up sticks whenever the diplomatic situation required it, which meant that their schooling was very patchy and they could go from one country to another and find themselves doing the same decimals in maths in both countries but have no idea of fractions etc. They were all extremely good at knowing how much their pocket money was worth in whatever currency they were using! One little girl had an interesting difficulty. Her family were next going to Washington usa. They were english. It is more obvious and easier to translate from german or danish to american. She had to sort of work in a bilingual way but using many of the same words but having different meanings. Even simple words , so writing in american “color” correct, writing in english “colour”. more confusing to understand. Many of the children were bi or trilingual and whilst they were a little behind other children with a single lanquage vocabulary to begin with , but we used to advise that each parent spoke their own language to the child. This way the children quickly understood not just the vocabulary but the grammar for each language. so does the verb go to the end etc. and they seemed to just assimilate grammar and styles as they went along. Some friends of mine had three little girls. They were english and the two older girls were speaking english and learnt portuguese. The youngest child had only just started talking when they got to portugal and portuguese was her first language. All 3 could speak both languages and then they were moving to Barbados for work. There was a likelihood that may go on to Brazil later , so the parents decided that they would keep portuguese going as a family language so as not to lose it. The older two girls were quite happy to speak either language but the first time they spoke in portuguese to the yougest who was about 4 then, she just looked at them , had understood perfectly of course, but said in English , they dont speak portuguese here, and sort of shut it down from a speaking point of view. If you spoke to her in portuguese she would reply but only in English. It was very interesting when they did indeed go to Brazil for a while and the minute she was surrounded by portuguese she went back to the language. The only thing she seemed to accept was if her english grandparents visited and they were spoken to in english Well enough of my ramblings but it has been lovely to look baco over 50 years ago and think of those times. I am still in contact with a couple who have lived in australia for more than 30 years . We met as two english couples working in Portugal and then they went off to Bulgaria, and we came back to england and then to Damascus but kept in touch by letters and met up when we were in england at the same time. Now of course we can use email etc. It takes effort to make sure any new address get passed on and on occasions if our change of addresses crossed paths I have written to her mum and to another friend so that we did not lose touch. I think that is one of my things I feel proud of in my life is to be able to say I have one yorkshire friend I met when I was 2 and we are still friends today, 74 years later !! You have to make the effort and always write your address on the backs of envelopes. So maddening when you have lost an address and you get a christmas car but no return address! I met the friends who live in australia in portugal about 3 weeks after I had arrived there so friends of over 50 years there too.

      Well If I am taking up too much space and being boring tell me and I will pack it in but I have enjoyed doing a trip down memory lane.

      • Linpap 18th January 2022 at 8:23 pm

        Fascinating thank you for sharing your memories

      • backofbeyond 28th January 2022 at 8:18 am

        Interesting remarks on bilingual issues with children as we’re watching how that works out with our granddaughter at the moment. She’s only ten months old so no great language skills yet but her mother is Swedish and her father is English so the expectation (hope) is she’ll be bilingual. As they live in Sweden she’ll be increasingly exposed to Swedish as she grows but English is mostly the default language at home (both parents are bilingual so use whatever language / mix best describes whatever they want to say). Quite how she’s going to respond to this when she gets to the age where language starts to appear is what we’re keeping an eye on.

        • madeleine45 28th January 2022 at 8:41 am

          It is common for children with bilingual parents to be a little slower at speaking than non bilingual children so do not worry if she does not seem to get going so quickly. They absorb the languages and part of it, is the different grammar for each language – so verbs at the end of sentence in one language and not in another. But they assimilate it and make sense of it and then they are off and it is lovely to see them develop. when she visits you here in england you can give her a concentrated course in english to balance up the majority swedish background. Another thing is that as her father is english she really will speak english. Many people say they speak english but really speak american and there are some major differences in use of vocabulary and spelling. I used to write this sentence out and anyone stating that they spoke english would be asked to just read it aloud for me. It was this “Do you have tuesdays newspaper with you?” It was brilliant short cut to hear them read it and gave you good idea of their backgrounds .Some would say “toosdays noospaper” rather than “tuesdays newspaper” later on you might find it interesting to look up TEFL books. We had books for each language, giving us the most common mistakes made in translating to english from which ever language. This can be very useful when working out how to help pupils. I was teaching in a one to one with a finnish lady, but she was not making any mistakes attributed to finnish speakers but other different ones. I spoke to another tutor who worked a lot with finnish people and she was also puzzled by the mistakes. Going back to the pupil to try and work out this mystery bingo! She was finnish by nationality but was from a swedish speaking community who lived in finland so swedish was her home language and she made swedish mistakes !!! There is always something interesting to learn. Oh by the way , you could also help your grandaughter by taking english childrens books for her to look at and read. There is a wonderful book that I used for my own child and with so many other children. It is called Each Peach Pear Plum, and has great pictures and uses a background of nursery rhymes and the pictures give you lots to chat about. Other presents are nice but you cant beat a book in my opinion, and to be able to read it to her and even when you are in england you could have a skype or zoom call and read to her , which I am sure you would enjoy. Happy days and good luck

        • backofbeyond 28th January 2022 at 9:24 am

          A lot of interesting points there – thank you. I’m fairly happy that it’ll be UK English that she’ll pick up as both her mother’s English and her Swedish grandmother’s English comes from this side of the Atlantic. As you can probably imagine she’s been getting a lot of age appropriate books in both English and Swedish (especially for Christmas) and, for the English language ones anyway, checks on their linguistic origins were one of the things we made sure to do. It’s early days yet but already we’ve noticed she responds to us on a FaceTime call and will crawl over to the phone screen and wave at us. I’m sure it all just seems perfectly normal to her as, I’m also sure, will speaking two languages. Her cousin though, (six months older) has only been exposed to Swedish so the contrast between them and how their language skills develop will be interesting to observe.

      • Jackievz 28th January 2022 at 1:17 pm

        Hi Madeleine

        Have you thought to write your memoires? I did this some years ago and it was very satisfying. Also good to pass on to the family. Just a thought.

      • JuliaAJ 31st January 2022 at 10:27 am

        Madeleine, you are so far from being boring!!! I am fascinated by your stories. You write so well and there is so much colour (or color!) in your words. I truly think you should consider writing your memoirs. More please.

    • Linde 19th January 2022 at 11:17 pm

      Hello, Madeline, how very, very interesting! What an eventful life you have led, truly inspiring! No wonder COVID must have stopped you in your tracks in a big way, though of course it affected everyone to some extent.
      I particularly enjoyed your recollections of the choir, the beautiful dresses, the routine,…
      When I studied at Teacher Training College In Austria I also belonged to a 120 strong choir, performing Handel, Bach, Beethoven etc It was an uplifting experience, and formed quite a large part of our education. The memories !
      Hoping for a good year ahead, I think we have all earned it. All the best, Linde

      • madeleine45 20th January 2022 at 3:58 pm

        Thank you for your message. Thank goodness we can get our daily ration of Bach, or Mozart even if only a cd. Hurray for radio 3 ,and there is a special feeling singing in a large choir , when all your hard work comes off and it is a marvellous sound and the feeling of being part of something good. Verdi Requiem needs a largish choir to thrill to the Dies Irae ! I loved Austria and visited Vienna and went to see the Lipizannas and to concerts and wonderful coffee and cakes etc. I think my first visit there was about 1963. I did german and was lucky in that my first teacher was austrian , so learnt that dialect, my next teacher was northern german , and then at one time I could get by in quite fast berlin accent, but of course when you dont get the opportunity to keep using it you lose some of that I did find it useful when I was singing in the Gulbenkian as we had three maestros , one portuguese, one french and one sweitzer deutsch, and of course specialist vocabulary about singing techniques and nuances. I had a degree and a PGCE and then did a years Tefl course, and did quite a wide variety of teaching English, from school children to taking courses for execs coming to live in England. That was for more advanced students where you were covering specific vocabulary for their needs , so could be up to board room level and very much more about the nuances of English. I was trained in overseas telegrams and ran communication systems in Britian with a variety of firms from an airline to Bass charrington gb, and so my speciality was the most difficult for people , which was speaking on the telephone. That is always hard as you have no body language, or facial expressions to help, but also if it is not a very clear line , they would have great difficulty in “filling in ” missing words , or understanding the tone of voice. Then they also needed to understand the normal way calls were answered and how to get through to the person they wanted to speak to. So we once had a very erudite and experienced scientist, who I spent several days doing one to one with him, because he got so upset and annoyed when he couldnt understand the usual replies from the telephonists . He knew who he wanted to talk to but all the “spiel” of putting you through caller, and hold the line, not getting a reply etc drove him mad and he got very annoyed with staff. So I had to get him to see that it was like a journey. You had a meeting in Berlin but you need to understand how to buy a ticket or drive to the destination and you could make the analogy that the format of what department did you want etc was the equivalent to the ticket and if he could learn these little set phrases he would do better. How I would love to be making a trip to Vienna right now. the best I could manage was to watch the New Years Day concert on the tv. Ah well let us hope things will improve and we may have the joy of wandering round Vienna again. (Diabetic now so will have to give up on the cakes though!)

        • Linde 21st January 2022 at 10:21 am

          Thank you, Madeleine, pleased you still have a soft spot for Vienna!
          I am restricted by osteoporosis, but am hoping to visit one more time to see my sisters and extended family, all living or working in and around Vienna ( the job opportunities are brilliant, Austria adapted very well to the EU and is making the most of the situation.) my youngest niece lives in the centre, and supplies us with news.,she speaks 5 languages and has the pick of jobs, with big international companies or smaller organisations, both from East and West (Europe).
          Interested to hear about your career path, Madeline, similar to mine but in the opposite direction!(teaching German in schools
          and Colleges as well as Corporate clients, e.g.P and O ,Stena Line
          I am re kindling my Spanish at the moment, have done a year of Dutch previous to that, following on from my heart condition last year that nearly “got me”. Anyway, please keep in touch and tell us more about your adapting to the new situation you find yourself in. It can be hard when things change quite dramatically, and only time will heal and get to back to your former self!
          All the best, Linde

    • Brad_66 20th January 2022 at 11:55 am

      I’m not a newbie, but “hello” anyway Always 😘

    • Loriax 20th January 2022 at 4:53 pm

      I’m a Newbie. Posted about returning to work after retiring early (now regretting it). I’ve already had a couple of useful replies.!

      • Always 20th January 2022 at 5:27 pm

        Hi Loriax ignore all the above Brad and I are just fixing a date grab your hat!

      • madeleine45 27th January 2022 at 11:11 pm

        Do give yourself a little time to get used to the change, and dont commit yourself to long time things in the beginning, or you can find yourself taken over by something else and it is always easier to do one day a week and then offer to do two days than to commit to two days and then wish you had only done one. So a few suggestions that might be of interest to you . I did 10 years of 3 days a week as a volunteer ambulance car driver, if you enjoy driving it is a very worthwhile and enjoyable sort of volunteering to do. Not sure of the latest rules and of course covid will alter things but it used to be that you needed a car 6 years or less, a clean driving license, and be crb checked. These days of course you have sat nav but I had all the good maps that showed me all the little roads and short cuts etc. So you are not taking people who need the ambulance services, you cannot take anyone who is on oxygen and would need to take it with them. But the range of patients we took , were people having 6 weeks of 5 days a week radiotherapy, anyone having an eye appointment because you cannot drive when you have had drops in . Pre and post operation and check up appointments. We took children , people with mild dementia but they had to have a carer with them. So the idea was that I would take up to 3 people (my car would take 4 but long trips where you are going to take about an hour there and an hour back, you need to be comfortable. I would be given the names addresses and appt time and where they were going to and so then would go and collect them and take them directly to hospital.The obvious thing is to get them safely to their destination, but also we diminished stress and worry about the drive and parking and where to go in the hospital. I would tell new patients not to worry, that I would get them there in time, knew all the entrances etc so for instance there are 3 different entrances in James Cook, and you had a long walk if you went into the wrong entrance, If their time was delayed, there was no worry about car park fees etc. So I went all over the north east and even went to manchester with a special patient with a rare condition who was seen by a specialist there. She went there about 4 / 6 times a year and was able to relax and even sleep when she came with me, as the ambulance caused her a lot of pain and was slower. There are a lot of charities that would appreciate help whether it is helping in shops or teaching people better ways with their computer. Especially with the covid situation if you have the background and interest many schools would be glad of people listening to children read, workshops that mend things and they can then be sold for the charities. Keen gardener ? I would love you to come here while I cannot do much but allotments and gardens are always keen to have someone lend a hand . So there are many many things you might like to consider.. Another thing you tend to miss is the structure of your working week. So anything that gives a commitment means that once you know you will be out on tuesdays doing whatever, you then will start to structure your week , fitting things around these days. Doing voluntary work in an area that interests you means you meet other people with similar ideas and will possibly make a few friends and might go and have walks together or something just for pleasure . The great thing (not counting covid situation) is that wonderful freedom to choose what you do and when. Plans for sorting cupboards or decorating at this time of year can all be left if you get one sunny day or not too cold. I do plan things but in winter especially the weather trumps the work. A sunny morning , get in the car, with all my china mugs and cafetiere and thermos etc . Go to the top of the dale, dont need to meet anyone or need a cafe I have my own things, sit up with the local paper , the binoculars to watch the birds and wildlife . Peace and quiet, dont need a mask on because no one there. Restores my sanity, costs only the fuel, and lightens the soul. Sit back and just think of your younger days, and what you used to enjoy. Did you cycle ? well it would be worth hiring a bike and helmet etc to try it out first. You may love it and get your own or might try once and think “no way Jose!!” and cross it off your to try list . Good luck finding what appeals to you , and when you find something I would like to know how you got on. I have done talking newspaper for the blind once a month for a very long time. It is something I have enjoyed doing, know that it is appreciated, gives those with poor sight the local news and views . My voice comes over quite well, some do and some dont. We usually have 3 different readers so that there is variety and my last group there was a scottish lady and a man with a lovely deep voice. The people that get the tapes can send in comments and we often had notes to say how clear the voices were and how they appreciated the variety. Sorry I am going on and on again . Hope this was of some use

    • Anonymous User (no longer active) 28th January 2022 at 12:24 am

      I’m new, posted once, but learning the new job is exhausting!

      I will try harder 🤪

      • Always 28th January 2022 at 7:07 am

        Stick with us Tracy lol good luck with that job! X

      • Linpap 28th January 2022 at 8:40 am

        Welcome along Tracy!
        It may be Friday end of the week for most but I’m just gearing up for my busiest day of the week Saturday so no over indulging for me tonight have to be bright eyed for my clients tomorrow! Might need a glass of something though just to help me sleep…

        • HH 2021 28th January 2022 at 8:44 am

          Sounds like a plan Lin! Alcohol good, work bad! 🤣🤣

        • Linpap 28th January 2022 at 8:52 am

          Luckily on the whole I enjoy my job and usually have at least one silly story by the end of the day! And a lot of the time I’m just driving round the countryside from one house to another with the radio on singing along and getting paid for it…😉

        • HH 2021 28th January 2022 at 8:54 am

          Might have to become one! Sounds good! 😘

        • Linpap 28th January 2022 at 8:58 am

          Of course the downside is no one believes a word you say…🤣

        • HH 2021 28th January 2022 at 9:04 am


        • HH 2021 28th January 2022 at 9:05 am

          Yes, this is a lovely area ( looks out the window and someone is setting fire to your car!) 🤣

        • Linpap 28th January 2022 at 10:09 am

          Oh you’ve got the patter already…😉🤣

        • backofbeyond 28th January 2022 at 11:15 am

          Estate agent? (apologies if you posted earlier about it. If you did I missed it). When I worked as a photographer Saturdays (although rarely January Saturdays) were wedding days. Stories from those occasions would stretch from here to next January!

          What we do for a living and how we describe ourselves as a something or other is an interesting topic (I think so anyway). Thinking back over the decades, I worked out I’ve done 23 different jobs – ones that paid me money anyway. Some of them have been ‘respectable’ (I spent years as a research biochemist), some were ‘interesting’ (I taught axe and knife throwing throwing for a bit) and some were downright slave labour (manual potato picking). A few months ago I added ‘author’ to the list when I sold … one book (as opposed to my usual just give them away approach).

      • Linde 29th January 2022 at 10:07 am

        Hello, Tracy, welcome on board! Have fun and tell us more about yourself if you feel like it. A,
        Ll the best, Linde

    • SharronE 28th January 2022 at 6:18 pm

      Hi I joined on Monday, have found this community very friendly , thank you all

    • Deleted User 28th January 2022 at 7:07 pm

      Hello another newbie joined last week. Nice to meet you all 😁

    • Deleted User 28th January 2022 at 7:13 pm

      Thank you. Need to get used to site seems long winded when replying or maybe it’s just me and the wine !

      • Always 28th January 2022 at 7:17 pm

        Lol did you say wine! You’re going to fit in just fine 🍷 you get used to it after a while but your right there are some improvements that could be made!

    • Robert K 29th January 2022 at 12:12 pm

      I noticed the huge number of introductions one evening last week and as I had absolutely nothing better to do ………… of the 31 Most Recent posts, 20 were people introducing themselves. What happens to these people?

      • Always 29th January 2022 at 12:16 pm

        I wonder if some join out of curiosity and then think it’s just not for them 🤷‍♀️ some maybe hang around the side lines watching and waiting for their opportunity to dive in, others maybe think we are a complete bunch of nutters best avoided?

    • Maryanne 29th January 2022 at 4:46 pm

      Is it just me or other people can’t seem to get in to community chat l would love to have a chat about any thing.

      • Always 29th January 2022 at 4:51 pm

        Just start a thread of your own Maryanne and I’m sure others will join in 😊 or just comment on existing threads (as you’ve done here) and get involved that way x

    • madeleine45 29th January 2022 at 10:15 pm

      I worry that you all think I m always rabbiting on about all sorts of things and might be thinking why doesnt she shut up? But I enjoy reading what other people write and I am very on my own right now and my back is giving me hell and I am desperate to get in to the little garden but cant bend down, or they might have to send for the ambulance when I get stuck! So it is great to send posts about all sorts of things. It is also marvellous when I cannot sleep at 3 in the morning and at least I can come in here and write to you all. It has been dry but wild and windy outside today and I could only go in the car to the shop as didnt feel safe to try and walk as I didnt want to be toppled over! Fingers crosses that it is not too bad tomorrow as hurray hurray, rehearsals start again and it wil be lovely to see other choir members. Hope that you all have a peaceful and happy day tomorrow. dont forget it is the big Garden Birdwatch this weekend so if y ou have time you can sit outside for an hour and see what visits although if it is this windy you wont see so many birds.

      • Always 30th January 2022 at 4:12 am

        Ahh madeleine I for one enjoy reading your little updates so don’t ever feel we want you to stop 🤗

        It’s been pretty wild weather here in Notts too. I thought my little dog was going to be blown away and he was not too thrilled at being out so we had to cut our walk short

        The choir that I sing with has a performance coming up next week, our first in 2 years so I can understand how excited you are for getting back to rehearsals. There is nothing like a song to lift the spirits

        I hope you manage to get out into the garden today and start ticking those birds off your list

        Take care x

    • madeleine45 30th January 2022 at 7:50 am

      Morning Always,
      Thanks for your message. I cant remember for certain but I think it was the chinese who said”May you never get what you wish for” Sounds odd but it is actually a true and thoughtful saying. Our version of this is ” the journey to the goal is actually the best part” True, when you have a goal of whatever type, to visit somewhere you have never been, sing in a wonderful venue, lose some weight, When you get to that place if it goes well you can wake up feeling quite flat as you now do not have a goal, or you can arrive and then think back that you feel you have invested time and effort and it wasnt worth it and you are disappointed.
      So ,of course, the goal was to get back to singing, see everyone and feel that despite coping with a lot of horrible things that life was going to get a bit more normal. Yesterday, I did have a short look for music but I am still surrounded by piles of books and music and packing cases that are waiting for book shelves to be able to be unpacked.
      Fortunately I did tell the music organiser that I would probably need to borrow a score if I cant find my own, despite having three different editions, so that should be alright for this week. So last night I was rooting through drawers etc etc and of course finding everything but what I was looking for, and kept doing a few things. Checking my emails, or rather trying to. The gremlins seem to have got into my laptop, as instead of the normal size script etc it was too big and offset and I couldnt read it easily and was very annoying to try and sort out. Consequently it was well gone midnight when I went to bed , but it was cheering to think of today, and I planned to have a gentle getting up and shower and a brunch , rather than a lunch as I have about 30 miles to the rehearsal and it begins at 3pm, but I need to be there for about 2pm as I really need to get a place to park close to the hall with my back and walking being so bad at the moment . But I organise it to be part of my pleasurable day. I will be getting ready and organising and eating my brunch. , washing and collecting together all my picnic box stuff ready to go in my boot, which I then keep permanently ready , complete with cutlery, bottle openers ,2 thermos flasks , fine white china mugs , cafetiere etc etc. As a yorkshire woman , I am definitely careful with my brass (dont have much of it!) so I will be able to have fresh coffee, at one of the most lovely places I know. My heart will leap to see my beloved view up from Thwaite towards Keld , and I will be able to sit up there with my coffee and not a soul in sight. My little binoculars will be out and I will watch birds and wildlife and watch the clouds and feel part of it again. It is the place I go to for good or bad reasons. When I flew back from Syria, I hired a car and drove straight there , the first place I wanted to be. When my son was about 4 and we arrived back , we took a trip there for him to see snow . My husband and I had this as a special place and whatever was happening in life it was our place. When my husband died, we had the funeral at Gunnerside chapel, with all the members of my choir singing. The funeral people are very good there and it was going to be a cremation, but when we left the chapel i arranged for them to take one last drive and stop at our place for the last time for Brian. In an ordinary car you can do a three point car and just take care but with the hearse they had to drive to Keld to be able to turn round, but they did it and stopped at the right place, and even kindly went for a short walk to let me say my goodbyes. Then later I scattered his ashes there and my son knows where it is and has been there and when it is my turn I shall go there too. So I will of course be going there as I am now allowed to (i like most people keep to rules and am not so arrogant that I feel the rules do not concern me) So there will be much to do and I will be very tired at the end of rehearsal. People do not think of the exercise and effort in singing, you need to be in training, breathing exercises, checking your entries , listening to instructions, trying to hear what the tenors are doing as you need to come in just after them. Standing up and sitting down, etc etc, so very physical. My pet hate are the blasted stacking plastic chairs. So convenient to put away and get out but horrendous for me. No support for your back, cant put them up or down like an office chair, if you try to fold y our coat up to provide support for your back it slithers off. So I needed to get a good nights sleep ready for the day. Ha!! Couldnt get off to sleep as my back was very painful, but eventually drifted off . Then it was about 3.25am that I am wide awake and trying not to scream out loud (now in a flat so not like my house ) Bad cramp in my back and legs , struggle to get upright , pain pain, darent move when the pain lessens as it will start again. Ugh, , well when it finally dimished but not stopped the pain , I was wide awake and have not been back to sleep since. Dont allow myself coffee at that time in the morning and so just sips of water. well made the best of it and read the paper. My weekend treat is I buy the Yorkshire Post, rather extravagent, but it has the news, a magazine with suduko and crosswords etc. then there is a motoring bit, which i pass on to a gentleman who enjoys it, and a countryside bit which is my favourite as it has articles from Jo foster in a racing stable, and farming news and best of all little bits telling you what is on etc, so farm sunday, and snowdrop gardens locally. There is also a regular piece by a woman who lives on the farm that is between two main roads going across from yorkshire to lancashire. You see it as you pass and I always felt sorry for them as the roads people have the power to compulsarily purchase so they couldnt say no.. I always have a pen by the bedside and put a star against anything I want to do something about later on. So I shall be going to rehearsal, very tired before I get there, being super cautious , in case the blasted cramp gets hold of me again (does tend to be a problem for a whole day) I am now still hobbling round and not showered and dressed as my leg needs to improve a bit first! But no matter I shall get there and go up my beloved swaledale and reclaim it! Hope your sunday gives you pleasure and I will let you know how things go. My lovely friend did manage to call in yesterday and planted 6 wallflowers and a couple of othe plants , as I couldnt bend down so again a cheering sight to see. Well after all this time the sky is brightening, there are birds on the tree and the roof and I have just seen the squirrel rushing along the fence and skedaddle up the tree. May we all have a peaceful day, and I for one will absoluteyly NOT listening to a word about BJ and co. Switch off the brain and leave it until tomorrow.

      • Maryanne 1st February 2022 at 1:50 pm

        Hey am maryanne do you have any time to sit and relax or do you have full days none stop please tell me how do you find time to organise your life.

        • madeleine45 2nd February 2022 at 12:05 am

          Hi Maryanne, yes |I do rest amazing as it may seem but there are two sets of things that affect how my days go. So on a physical level, I always was a person who was very organised, it is the only way to get anything done that you want to do for yourself. so I dont know if you read a previous post I put in but I find it helpful both physically and mentally to as |Baldrick says ” have a cunning plan!” so particularly when you have young children and at home. There are certain jobs that have to be done such as making meals, keeping things clean i.e. yourself and your clothes and bedding , I am not including things like dusting or washing windows when they are ok and it promises rain tomorrow. So those are basic necessities, then there are jobs it would be good to get ahead on, and finally the one job you really want to do but it needs concentration or a length of uninteruptted time to complete. The everyday life with small children can be interesting and you can do lots of worthwhile games and gardening from a young age but it is not stimulating adult conversation. To change from running a countrywide communications scheme, involving making plans, running courses examining people, interviewing new staff etc etc to the great decision of the day, shall we have rice pudding or stewed apple and custard is rather stulifying , no matter how much you love your child. So I was determined to retain some choice in my day however limited and meagre. Classical music is one of my very important parts to my life, whether performing it or listening to it. I am very careful to look after books, dont mark them or write in them etc. BUt the Radio Times is not in the book category but is a tool. when it arrives my first opportunity to actually read it , probably in bed or when I am up at 3am because my back is hurting. So I read it meticulously. Then my system starts. at the first reading I make a star sign in biro of anything that appeals to me at all, whether it is a play on radio 4 or a concert on radio 3 etc. so go through the whole magazine marking it up, and do the sudoko and the crossword too so those are my pleasures, It is lovely to see a special piece of music that you havent heard for ages or a conductor you particulary like or a new piece of music you have seen in the score but never heard it actually sung. This way you do still get a little control , as you can think I must tackle all that ironing, so this afternoons play looks interesting. I go through the basket putting it from hot to cool, put the board up and a clothes horse on the end so that you can put everyones clothes in a specific area. put radio times and glasses near by, put the chair there and make yourself a cofee and begin. as soon as the play is on you can go onto sort of automatic pilot and just carry on whilst listening I used to love it when they and the great |Leo Kern as Rumpole of the Bailey , with “she who must be obeyed” etc and it certainly helps gettin g the job done. So take tonight. I have been out all day, and it has been lovely and sunny , more like May than January. Could hardly walk today, in a lot of pain. No good staying in the flat as I would not be able to do any gardening, nor could I try and sort out drawers and cupboards so better to go out rather than sit here getting more miserable and frustrated and hearing endless rubbish from the buffoon boorish Boris, which makes me want to throw something at him! Better to make something of my day. So took me a very long time to get showered dressed and the box and stuff put in the car but I did it. I put the washing in at 5am today as I was wide awake and so as soon as it was light enough to see got it out on the line and a good breeze going. I feel even if it got rained on, it would still smell a lot nicer etc. ( and so far they have not found a way of taxing fresh air) So it took me until 10.40 to be ready to leave, rather frustrated at how slow I was and how I was dropping things and couldnt pick them up. Anyway no matter. I had looked at the programme for today and there were 2 concerts I wanted to listen to, and then Micheal Rosen was on radio 4 and I like his poetry and his talk on language etc. I always carry in the car , two fine white china mugs, cafetiere, coffee fresh milk sweeteners and two thermos flasks with NOT boiling water etc etc so that I can please myself where and when I stop .I called in Tesco at Thirsk as they have a meal deal for £3 for which you get a freshly made sandwich, some fruit and a smoothy drink. so with my fresh prawn sandwich in wholemeal bread I was able to go where I wanted. Not a lot of traffic around so I went up to the top of Sutton Bank and stopped there for some coffee and of course the wonderful view from there . Drove on to Malton, sat in a disabled car space to hear the end of a programme and then treated myself to a very good coffee with comfortable seats that i can enjoy. Onward then to Bridlington, listening to radio 3 and with the windows open driving over the wolds. Marvellous, got there and parked up and was only able to hobble so couldnt go down on the sand but was able to take my binoculars and look out over the harbour. Then drove a different way home when |I was ready. So for me it has been a lovely day. I coped with the pain as best as I could but wasnt sitting at home feeling frustrated because I couldnt bend or do anything. it has been a great joy to find that after all the covid situation and my cancer treatment I can still make my own decisions and run my own life. It hasnt cost me a lot of money and the memory of today will cheer me up on other dark days. I dont know if you ever saw a programme called Waiting for God, where the lovely Stephanie Cole plays the woman who has physical problems and cannot live alone but mentally she is just as feisty as always and used to be a war correspondent. some of it can be rubbishy but the overall sense is there. She wont be talked down to or asked “how are we today” to which she replies ” I dont know how you are but I feel —” well i reckon the script writer has been following me around and taking my ideas.! I will never willingly be in any care home. Rather be cold and hungry but have Bach B Minor to listen to in total silence! (f anyone rattles papers or sweets or lets their bloody phone go off during a concert, I will make them very aware of my displeasure). ! having been a teacher I can do that long teachers look, that says nothing but your toes will curl!! I respect other peoples choice as to how they want to live but dont think I am going to be talked down to and taken to horrible motorway service areas!! No way. I have worked and voluteered over many years for the national trust and when I go a long distance I plan my stops to visit houses I have not had chance to visit before or go and picnic up on the moors with my own far superior food at much cheaper prices and I dont have to queue! I know realistically that I have to cope with a lot of different treatments for various things and if I dont push myself to do what I can I will end up somewhere I dont want to be, or being stuck in a room with people who want to play bingo and watch coronation street or whatever, and turn the lovely cheerful Carol Klein on gardeners world off! I am aware that i am getting less mobile and that it is often a struggle against pain and lack of sleep to keep going and it can be very depressing when you cannot see a decent solution to my difficulties but this is my choice. Tonight I have come back here and everything is in a mess, My washing is dry and smells lovely , hurray, but stuck in the ironing basket and cant even manage to put stuff away. Somehow I managed to drop 3 forks tonight when I was cooking and they will be staying on the floor until the morning , just done enough for now. But it has been MY choice and MY day and I am beholden to no one, and am very happy and cheered by the fact that I have still got what it takes!! another great joy is that the programme for the Swaledale festival is on line now and I shall be like a child in a sweety shop, choosing what things I will go to and looking forward to the rich mix of marvellous music and poetry and walks . so last week in may first week in June. This is our 50th year and a great list of marvellous people to see. Look on line at swalefest and it will lead you to the right thing. My goodness we have Kathyrine Tickell , marvellous folk music, Jenifer Kanne Mason playing piano and her mother giving a talk about the musical family. 8 Cellos from the Halle orchestra, poetry session, guided walks of all different lengths and all held then as our wonderful hay meadows are just fantastic, You walk through marvellous wild flowers and grasses and down to the river swale, lie back and listen to the sound of the beck and hear the bees and the sheep Never fails to calm the nerves and be glad that you are a small part of this wonderful place and whatever happens no one can take that from you. well I have waffled on and it is nearly midnight, and the forecast is good for tomorrow so fingers crossed I am picking up a friend and we may go to Malton or along the wolds for a bit. we used to walk together but I cant really do much of that now but I drop her off and we choose a meeting place. then I take myself up on the moors or to a wood and sit and read and enjoy all the things to see with my little binoculars. we shall come home very content and happy to have had a lovely couple of hours. No doubt there will be bad weather and snow before we have finished with winter but hey cheers we have got past the end of january and the days are slowly getting lighter. a cheering thought to go to bed on! Oh and of course I am going to bed with the most lovely funny man that I really enjoy (Oh sorry, sadly not a live chap but the next best thing. I have Billy connolly s Tall tales and wee words I think it is called. Absolutely Billy to the T and I have followed him for many years. I first heard about him when a group that used to go ice skating once a week in Nottingham and we used to watch torvill and dean practising just before the public session. One of the group said Oh they would not be there next week as they were going to see Billy connolly and about half of the rest of them said the same. At that time I hadnt heard of him but thought well if these keen skaters were prepared to miss their session he must be very good. so we must be talking about 1967 time. Not that long ago I even went on my own little pilgrimage up to Glasgow and did a couple of night b and b so that I could go and see his portraits They were marvellous, and pained on the ends of a house etc. do look it up on goog or whatever. I am on the Billy Connolly site and usually watch a bit of an interview – he is great with Micheal Parkinson and his wonderful banana boots etc. If you are having a bad day you will go to bed laughing I promise you . According to Billy the crucifiction was in Gallaglee in Glasgow and they got it wrong! if you are not yet a fan you will have a lovely time seeing all his programmes. Judy Dench played queen victoria and Billy was John Brown in Mrs Brown. they were both very good in it , but theywere saying on , I think Parkys show, that they got told off for being unprofessional and laughing and giggling because as they were going along Judy riding this pony and Billy leading it , they were meant to be speaking their lines but the pony kept farting and that set them off. He is a lovely man for me and has a lovely offset mind that comes up with wonderful ideas and he goes on about the Beige People who always wear Beige clothes and eat beige food etc. well here I am still going on. hope you have a good nights sleep and remember we should think of others and sometimes put them first, but that does not mean we should not do the same for ourselves sometimes. You find there are people who will always take and take but give nothing, well your are definitely entitlled to look after yourself and so long as you do no harm to others youdont have to go Baa Baa and follow the crowd. as the poem says Take the road less used! when you can no longer physically go wherever you will have all these experiences in your heat to enjoy at no cost but lack of sleep! Good night

    • madeleine45 30th January 2022 at 6:44 pm

      So I am back. shattered as I expected to be, with my back complaining bitterly and not sure I shall be able to continue but will give it ago. When I lived in Richmond it was about 10 miles to rehearsal and now I am in Northallerton is is about 26 miles.Of course that means leaving home earlier and driving tc. doesnt worry me am used to driving wherever , but it is twice the distance and I am already in a lot of pain. But I was desperate to get back to the choir, and was glad I went . I told the chairwoman that I would just get up and leave if I couldnt cope any more and it would just be my back and no one needs to come after me to check on me. . Then I stay as long as I can cope but dont disturb the practise. I usually sit at one end and then just stand up quietly and stand upright against the wall until I feel a bit better then can sit down and carry on. So Swale Singers have been going for about 30 years and we sing all sorts of things at different occasions. If you dont know about our wonderful Swaledale Festival do have a look on line. There is another swale singing group but that is down the south somewhere. It was started by a lovely person called shelagh Thomlinson, whose idea was that it would be a welcome community choir, without auditions and provided a choir up the top of the dale that people could join in. So then the choir was used to raise money for many charities over the years and we have done a lot of different things. The Swaledale Festival is always held last week in may first week in June. There are a huge variety of things you can come and enjoy. It is held at this time because we have our wonderful hay meadows, where you can walk through (keep to the paths please it is a crop) and if you are old enough to remember wonderful meadows you can walk along and see the most wonderful variety of wild flowers and there are butterflies , moths and many insects you can enjoy. There are differing path ways so you could come to Gunnerside and then take the path through the wall and follow it down to the river swale and thenwalk along by the river and up to the stile at the top so a sort of triangular walk I used to bring my lovely friend Marjorie – a dyed in the wool Lancastrian – 84 years old and we would park up and go down to the river side and sit and enjoy the wonderful views. we would have water and a sandwich and a mac in a rucksack so we were ok for whatever.and sit by the river . Once my lovely husband Brian walked along and we all sat down and he said to Marjorie “what sort of sherry would you like dry or sweet” She laughed and thought it was a joke but no, when we had not been watching he had put two bottles and 3 glasses and we sat with our sherry amongst the grasses with the wonderful sound of the river. An occasion I remember to this day! So I digress. Back to the festival. It lasts 2 weeks and we have an amazing selection of things to go to. For example I once went to a small methodist church to hear a lovely recital in the afternoon, had something to eat and then went to listen to Muker silver band (quite a rivalry between Muker and Reeth bands) We have things in lots of small places but can also have a large orchestral concert at Tennants in Leyburn or a great choir or quartet in Grinton church . There is also things for children, guided walks of differnt lengths, poetry aftenoon where you can take your poetry and share and listen to others. The breadth is all up and down swaledale, wensleydale and up to Barnard Castle (not to see if you can drive!!) and in Richmond where we have the Georgian theatre . This has been going on for 30 years at least, and we have world renowned artists and local people. It is always a joy , and I have what I call my Festival Friends. Neednt even know their names but there is the japanese couple who come for a week and a danish lady I see quite often etc.take a tip from me, go onto the festival website and see what is on offer.You need to book as soon as the bookings are open because if you leave it , for even a week , lots of it will be totally booked up. It is also a crafty way to meet up the family. Because I have been abroad a lot and the family want to see you , you dont want to upset someone by missing them but you only have 3 weeks to see everyone, do business things and try and have a few days actual holiday and people are spread out all over the country. So we have done this. When I was younger, and was the eldest , would organise it . So my parents needed a comfortable bed and breakfast. I wanted a cheap way to come as I was like a child in a sweet shop and wanted to go to so many different things that I couldnt afford to stay anywhere expensive. My next sister could only come in the last week, and my brother had a mixed amount of commitments too. So I would work our the core bit so perhaps the middle weekend and the following monday and tguesday we could all be around. We would camp up near Reeth Then what I like is that they do guided walks of different lengths and quoits and kite making etc . So we would work out the “not to be missed” concert each and booked those for whoever wanted to go. Then it was a great chance for i adult , say my brother to take my son and his daughter on the short walk and I could go to the poetry workshop or folk singing or whatever. Then I would take them to something else. Result we all get a chance to do something we enjoyed, the cousins were able to actually get to know each other in real life. Mum and Dad took them to the garden and a teaparty etc and we all booked a special meal from one of the many good pub food places. They are all switched on for the festival , so for example the Bridge Inn across the road from the Grinton church, You can book and pay for your drinks so that they have them all lined up when it is the interval. They get the trade, if it is lovely you can wander about looking at the bats over the river and chatting and then back to the concert. (seasoned visitors always bring their own cushions !) So there is much to enjoy and even if there is something you didnt enjoy you can make a note for next time. However the extra brilliance is this (ssh dont tell anyone I have told you this) So you have done your family duty. Everyone coming to the festival means that you have seen everyone you need to see, encouraged the children to have a relationship with other cousins which matter a lot in years to come. Does your brother in law drive you mad with his boasting, or is y our mum so slow eating you are worrying you will be late for the performance? With a bit of clever organising you can arrange to go on a guided walk with the brother in law and others but as you normally walk much faster than him, he will be at the back and y ou will be near the front so you dont have to even talk to him much. Do you hardly get a chance to speak to your sister on your own because family takes over?, Well go to an art workshop that the others dont want to do. Ways and means, ways and means! Everyone goes home , having enjoyed some lovely concerts and occasions, and are convinced that you spent a lot of time together, In the future you will meet at christmas and reminisce about what you did and didnt do. And for us at the time we lived abroad a precious week was carved out for us to have a little time on our own, yet no hurt comments about not seeing someone. So go through the listings, work out what is vital . for me A wonderful Bach violin concerto in a small church is the pinnacle, Anything else must be fitted round that. So you can work out the 2 or 3 days that have the things you want to see. Quickly book the tickets and then get on to b and b and hotels etc etc .Those of us who have done it for years are waiting to pounce on the bookings asap. Then you also get other lovely little things so go to a concert in Grinton church and then afterwards there are usually players jamming and having a drink in the pub afterwards.. Well I sing in the choir in the festival, and am a volunteer with the organistion of the festival, and do a lot of collectiong artist and can speak various languages so it is fine to pick someone up from the station or the airport and bring them to the hotel. Sadly of course with covid there was not a lot we could do last year , but we did get children to make kites and fly them . Another time we were celebrating I think it was 40 years of swale singers, so we actually started up at Tan Hill and sang down the dale, stopping in village squares and singing as we went. Hope that something of this is appealing for you and that you might think about doing something similar in your own area. So who knows I might meet some of you at the festival. Oh you can also book to stay in a yurt, and you can go to Saltburn in the coast for a day and they have a great funicular that you can go from the top of the cliff to the beach on it. Great for children to try. Or go to Scarborough where they still have these great ship battles on Peasholme park lake where they have people inside the boats and they have battles etc . Another bit that is wonderful to me is to go to Thirsk and then up sutton bank and across through the wolds to Bridlington. I can be the only person on these lovely wolds roads and the radio is talking of queues on the a64! Sorry I had better stop or you will think I am a one woman tourist advert. Well it may take you half the night to read through this but I would be happy to answer anything I can do . Oh bliss to think of sitting in a hay meadow looking at great flowers and smelling that wonderfulperfume of sunshine and grass and hay , and be able to lie back and hear the bees and the river in the background! So tonight when you go to bed just shut your eyes and find yourself in that haymeadow, with the sun beating down and the wonderful perfume that i would buy ” Eau de grass” I must take my own advice tonight. Hope this gives you something good to think of and lets hope that things improve and we are able to have the festval and enjoy it.

      • Maryanne 2nd February 2022 at 3:13 pm

        Thank you for sharing with me l just find you amazing, l just learned to read and write two years ago thou l am still learning to spell l am now trying to organise my life after a 30 year’s relationship end and with reading these comments l can find inspiration to get myself out about and get my life on track.

    • madeleine45 2nd February 2022 at 10:25 pm

      well done you for learning to read and write. All your hard work will pay off , now even with the electricty costs and things you can join the library and you will have a whole world that you can choose from. It will mean you can read your own letters and nt have to trust that someone is telling the truth. You will find an author you enjoy and read all their works , The library always has all the addresses of societies. So whatever you are interested in , whether it is singing in a choir, joining a netball club, or volunteering in some way you will always find all the information you need at the library. Whenever I have moved one of my first thins to do in the first week is to go to the library, find the nearest group in whatever i wnt to join and you will get al the help you need and will be able to make new friendships . always remember it is worth having a goat something, if you dont enjoy it or are struggling after some weeks you can try anything and when something seems difficult just think back to your great achievement of being able to read and write. Congratulations on your good effort. When you feel good about things just write a couple of sentences on a note saying I have read …( put your favourite book name) Then put a sentence saying my life my choice now or something like that so that on a bad day you can look at that piece of paper and remind yoursel of how well you have done. Remember Life is not a Rehearsal. It is very hard I know it is hard not to think of the past but you cant go back only forward. Believe that you are entitled to enjoy things and treat yourself well. I dont mean chocolates etc but if you have always wanted to travel on the train up to Mallaig, find out the cost, save up and go. If it is lovely that is a bonus and you will be very happy with it. If it wasnt as good as you expected, put it down to experience and cross another thing you wanted to try off your list. If you are on your own and with no childen you ae entitled to choose how you spend your money. So I am prepared to have second hand clothes so long as I can wash fhem and I save my money for the chance to travel and meet people. If I had bought a new dress by now it would be old and out of fashion, but all the memories of places and people I met and sights I have seen are still in my mind for the rest of my life. Good luck and let me know what ever you plan to do nedxt.

    • Maryanne 6th February 2022 at 5:21 pm

      I am going to join a local walking group maybe find a good man some one how shear the same interested in walks, woodcarving and visit castles.

    • Denise61 6th February 2022 at 9:03 pm

      Hi, I have just joined today. I work full time and live in Billingham

      • Always 6th February 2022 at 9:05 pm

        Hi Denise welcome to rest less feel free to join in with any of the threads or start your own! Shout up if there is anything I can help with

      • Maryanne 8th February 2022 at 1:48 pm

        Hi am maryanne if you like talking about any thing you like this site l was asking anybody done daft things l was surprised at the response got a lot.

    • Denise61 6th February 2022 at 9:14 pm

      Thank you for making me so welcome

    • Jsk 10th February 2022 at 4:12 pm

      Hi, well have been a member for a few months, never conversed with anyone tend to read through the posts and juggle with the decision should I comment or not.
      I live in Shropshire have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren still feel in my 30’s still work part time
      I like to go out for a few cocktails not that I have done much of that lately
      I tend to see the funny side of most things and refuse to grow old gracefully

    • madeleine45 11th February 2022 at 8:28 am

      Hallo denise in Billingham, i live in northallerton so quite close to you. Have only recently come to live here, previously in richmond, but know the area well as did 10 years hospital car service and have brought many patients to James cook over the years. Hope you enjoy joining in and if you were interested we could perhaps meet for a coffee somewhere . It is always good to put a face to a name isnt it? Best wishes